It was 3rd week of January when my pregnancy test had finally appeared to have double line... I was stunned, and couldnt believe it. It might be the usual false alarm again =( just like the previous months.

"wow tutu ba ini?", "hontou kana??!!", "is this for real???!!", these were the reactions I had while looking closely the double lines.

After few hours, I tried the remaining PT (1 pack has 2 PT), double line again... Excited yet doubtful. I was thinking if I should tell honey right away, or wait until February 4, our monthsery to surprise him. It could be the greatest news or best gift he would ever received... Ayun, imaginations ko lumalakbay..

But then, I came out from the CR, and saw him at the kitchen... he really knows when I have something to say, kainis... I can`t pretend when it comes to him, masyado ba ako obvious... Just like that, my plan was ruined. I told him and He was soooooooo happy. He wanted to be sure so we went right away to Wellpark and bought 2 different pregancy tests, magsasara na nga yung store eh..


Well it was confirmed, my lady doctor said we were 6 weeks pregnant, and warned us to be extra careful coz there are chances that----u know---..


this was our 2nd check up. Not from the Lady doctor that I love ( malayo kasi ) So we registered again from my previous maternity clinic near our place. But the thing is, mga men ang mga OB dun =(

So, Dr. Tanaka ( who used to treat me when I was suffering from infertility ) was stunned kasi Im pregnant na after half a year or more(?) of treating my cycle during 2007. DUring that time, I changed doctor kasi ala naman nangyayari sa kanila. We went to this lady doctor instead, my honey`s family OB. SHe`s great kaso nga lang, now that Im pregnant, I should register to a clinic near our place. SO we went back to my previous clinic. Infairness, maganda naman dun, hi-tech and accomodating. I just don`t like the other doctor, Dr. Tanaka =<


9 weeks old shot on 3 / 4 / 2008

10 weeks old shot on 3 / 11 / 2008

di pa halata hehe


11 weeks old

the first US pic was taken last 3 / 18 / 2008

2nd US was last 3 / 21 / 2008


During this first few months, I remember having the normal symptoms of early pregnancy, called PAGLILIHI...

  • Tender breasts... My breasts were unusually sensitive and heavier, although at first look, parang Maui Taylor`s boobs, it looks fuller pero masakit =) .
  • Bouts of nausea. I can`t describe the feeling. I hated it and yet loved it. I hate vomitting but knowing that it was part of pregnancy, ok lang. Kaya lang I can`t normally eat. I hate smelly foods and everything. I was so moody.

  • Unusual Fatigue. I easily get tired. I was so lazy, bum... I can`t do my chores. I was always lying in the sofa or bed. I was always sleepy.
  • Frequent Urination... Even in the middle of the night, I woke up para umihi =(

About my emotions, I felt delighted, worried, exhilarated, thrilled,and exhausted. Different emotions, sometimes all at once, positive and negative feelings. Some says it is normal because of the hormonal changes. And having a baby adds emotional stress.

I was always thinking about his/her health. Would he be normal? Would she have abnormalities... something like that... Would I be a good parent? Am I really ready?

Basta a lot negative thoughts popped in, but at the end of the day, Im so thankful... I waited for this for a long time. I shouldn`t be pessimistic about my baby... I know she / he will be a beautiful baby just like US, his / her parents =)




I thought I was going to deliver the other day coz I had blood discharge…. I called everyone and they`re telling me that its time… No its not, i dont want my baby`s bday to be August for some reasons.. I dont want pre-term labor, I still prefer normal so I could have many kids like my dad heheh… Buti na lang, after 3 changes of napkins, it stopped =) ALthough while waiting for honey to come home, I packed all my things, my clothes, towels, etc. di pa pala ako prepared, dami kulang, but of course my baby`s clothes were already prepared…. So glad, False alarm.

Yesterday, I had my regular check up… Nice, one of my fave doctors Fugawa Sensei ( dr. fugawa, yeah men mga doctors ko kainis) ang in-charge on my schedule…. He`s so nice like dr. Yamaguchi. He always makes an effort to explaine to me everything, in english and japanese, I prefer japanese kasi I dont understand his english hehe… He always patiently waits for a good position to print my 3d/4d… unlike Dr. Tanaka, lazy.. he always shoots weird unrecognizable positions =(….

sayang di colored =(

Well anyways, everything was fine but I should take a total rest daw, no long walks, no driving, no heavy chores…. OK! =) BUt before going home to be like a couch potato, I should treat myself first.. kaya i went shopping, not clothes, I finally bought a camera…. and im loving the feature.


Life has started to change when I got pregnant.


We can`t have long drives anymore, especially now Im on my trimester. I easily get tired kaya near places na lang.

I can no longer have loooong leisure walk =( I miss shopping, real shopping. Shopping here in tokyo would take a day to find what you really want and get home contented. Once you get to tachikawa station (nearest station from my place ) there are lots of shopping malls. I see to it that I go to these 5-8 malls in a day, sometimes a day is not enough =) . You just can`t just stop at one store and purchase right away. Lots of nice stores kasi, you can`t really choose talaga. You might find more amusing in the next mall, its hard to feel sorry later.... You can always have a cup of starbucks latte, or a cone of ice cream in Coldstone, etc, to rest for awhile.
As they say, walking is an excellent form of exercise since it increases circulation, assists in reducing resting heart rate and increases functions in your daily workday, while all along burning calories. Shopping is absolutely a very good form of walking, a LEISURE WALK.

I just can`t eat junk foods, aLthough sometimes (rare occassions) nakakalusot, but when i think about the baby, taste na lang =( You must have a great sense of self-control. I miss nachos with cheese dip, coke, popcorns, custard cake, country mams, sneakers, meiji, donuts, etc.

Our house is not as organized as before. Here, you do all the chores all by yourself. I hate clutters. I tend to have obssessive compulsive tendencies that is why I always clean the house, every corners. But for now, it just looks clean where it`s not really . Our entertainment room is such a mess.

Im always hungry.
No more goodtimes, alcohol, etc.


Healthy lifestyle. I eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies, fish & meat... although sometimes I can`t resist instant kasi sarap ng spam, pancit canton, ham and sausage =) balanced diet lang talaga, pero mahirap.

My creativeness has improved. Scrapbook for my baby is the one keeping me busy aside from the internet.
I got matured
Nakaka-relate na sa mga friends and relatives ko na may mga kids.
Clean and serious living. Di na kagaya nung single, anytime, anywhere, gudtime.

I got closer to my neighbors and mom`s inlaws. Oldies na kasi mga neighbors ko. neighbor ko din mga inlaws ni mommy. They are all excited for me kasi they don`t have granddaughters, my mom`s inlaws puro lalaki, yung sa harap and side namin, wala pa apo. During my first 5 months,

--they (okasan and tani ai obasan ) always give me japanese healthy foods =)--Ginawan pa ko ng 3 preggy clothes ni tani ai obasan (hobby nya kasi manahi)
--Pinagshopping ako ni Antie Hisayo ng mga preggy underwears
--Nilabas ni okasan from her baul mga mamahalin nyang obi, baby clothes na sana
for her apo na akala nya girl pero boy pala kaya tinago na lang, and gave it to me =) --Ginawan nya ko ng ----ganchilyo ba yun, im not sure what u call it--- basta
handmade pink-yellow combi na blanket para pag winter for my baby... time and
love daw binuhos nya dun sa ganchilyo. Touching =)
--binibigyan ako pera ng mom ni hide everytime she visits us. She also gave me
pocket money when I went to Philippines.

okasan ---> my mom`s mother inlaw

tani ai obasan (lola tani ai)
-----> neighbor sa harap ng house namin
Antie Hisayo -----> my mom`s sister in law

I appreciate my parents more, especially my mom. Totoo pala to, ull never know how hard it is to be a parent once you have your own child. Baka mas lalo ma-appreciate ko sila when the baby gets out of my womb na...

I get special treatment anywhere... Buti pa dito, anywhere basta maternity, special treatment. Sa atin wala paki hehe..

Excuse of being lazy. Although I see to it na I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry every thurs.

Demanding... Since ala ang aking sisi, i always make utos to my honey... paki-kuha yun, paki-abot ito, paki-push ako pataas (stairs) , paki-bili nito, paki-massage naman, paki-kamot etc.

My cooking has improved. My dry adobo is tastier. I can cook chicken afritada, bistek, torta, pinakbet, tinola, chopseuy, pansit bihon, fried chicken ala max, tonkatsu, croquette, and of course yung mga easy fry lang. The greatest is I finally got my dad`s famous CALDERETA.

We rarely eat outside na kasi. Syempre its different na. We have to save. Kakapanghinayang na yung gumastos like eating outside in an ordinary day where you can have nice dinner at home. Of course we treat ourselves naman at least 3-4 times a month, basta 4th and 11th day of the month special day yun.


Oh yeah, we had his pre-birthday party a night before his bday. Simple dinner party na kami-kami lang... my mom, brother, cousin, cousin`s hubby, and my nephew. Di ko na ininvite mga japanese kasi philippine food ang menu. I prepared all by myself. I cook dry adobo, pansit bihon, grill liempo, grill sausage and caldereta. First time ko talaga mag-prepare ng ganun karami. Here is really different. Very tiring talaga maghanda ng party.

I miss my loveones in Philippines. Iba kasi ang party dun, dami peeps, super ingay. BUt we enjoyed naman kahit kami kami lang =)

THAT`S ALL FOR NOW.. More nxt time