Good Morning.

I thought I`ll gonna give birth this September, like what I always wish and pray for =(

NO SIGNS at all...Not even a twinge, although there`s always slight contractions which last for seconds only....

My tummy is so huge, she doesn`t have the space to dance around anymore, but she`s still squirming every now and then.

2 weeks ago, Dr. Fugawa told me to walk atleast 30 mins a day... If only i followed him.... Kakatamad kasi and I was confident that this will gonna be a September Baby, atleast according to my baby calendar widget.

I already finished a book, SHopaholic & Baby which I was originally planning to read when I get admitted in the hospital... Kaso ang tagal nga, and it`s really hilarious. Well, my very best gurlfriend Lhei actually influenced me to read books, it could be addictive daw. And she recommended Sophie Kinsella`s Shopaholic for a start... Ganda promise, hilarious and i think some of you girls makaka-relate kayo, especially those gurls na shopaholic dyan hehe... I already finished the last book kainis...

In the last book, I learned about Nesting Instinct in pregnant woman. Have you already heard that? It`s a sudden urge for a pregnant women to do something weird in the house like totally cleaning all day, etc... It`s called nesting instinct daw... It occurs pag malapit ka na manganak?????

Oh well I didn`t have anything like "sudden urge" to do something in the past 3 days. I just did what I usually do like doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, napping, internet.... Honey did the baby crib last Friday. Di pa namin naaayos ang room ni baby. We`re planning to use this entertainment room where I am right now, kasi mas malaki itong room na to kesa sa bedroom namin. Paglilipat lang namin mga gamit dito like computers, tv, etc dun sa kabila... kaso wala pa kasi URGE eh. LAzy din si honey, na-addict na naman kay hitman =(

Obviously, the room is so messy. I`m planning to clean and do the laundry today although I feel so tamad talaga... Lamig na kasi... it`s already AUTUMN na yata... wala pang sun, medyo cloudy ngayon dito.

I have to do something hard today... but for now, lunch muna... =)


My 38h week Check Up


We had our weekly check up awhile ago. Dami patients kahit na naka-schedule ako ng 10am. I waited for about an hour.

This time, it was Dr. Kaku =( Ok naman sya compare to Dr. Tanaka, kaso lately he looks so boring. Unlike the first few times he checked me during my first trimester, super explaine din sya and may drawings pa for me to understand, and he was so jolly, lagi nakatawa. But now and the other time, after Ultrasound, wala masyado chit chats... Ok lang, no further eplanations. He didn`t even bother to show Azumi`s face =(

I guess nagsasawa na sya sa profession nya, that`s what I think ha... Family of OB GYN kasi sila, they own the hospital, and everyday, super dami patients, siguro sawa na sya kaya he`s not as jolly as before, parang pilit na yung tawa nya =( Or maybe, nahihiya sya sa kin hehe... I wasn`t wid honey kasi.

AFter US, he checked my u know... Mataas pa daw kaya I think di pa sya labas this September huhuhu....

Then I had been monitored in the 2nd floor. I think that was fetal monitor for the baby kung stressed ba sya or something, 20 minutes din ako nakahiga... I had a hard time standing up, sakit ng hips ko grabe... Then wait na naman for the explanation of the result.... He just said na baby is fine, i should be back next week for a check up, that`s all... I was expecting more.

I miss Dr. Yamaguchi and Dr. Fugawa, buti pa sila....

Of course, as usual, after check up, my leisure time na naman, just me kaya it`s ok na hindi ako samahan ni honey pa-check up so I can go shopping or window shop. I have to walk para bumaba na sya and enjoy at the same time =) I call it LEISURE WALK. Ayaw ko kasi sya kasama pag sa shopping, u know guys...

I went to the bank first for my Dad... di nagreply agad si nikka kaya pinagshopping ko na lang yung sobra money, yahoo... =) Lucky me coz may sale sa fave store ko...

I wish I could give birth this SEPTEMBER. Please Lord........(crossing fingers)

But it`s ok if it didn`t happen, as long as I would have safe delivery and no complications si Baby.



Our baby is so lucky =) She`s not yet out in the world pero dami ng nagmamahal sa kanya. Kakatuwa... Everybody is so excited to see her aside from my family. Hide`s parents, mom`s inlaws, friends, and even my neighbors... Oldies na kasi mga neighbors namin dito, most of them sabik sa baby or apo lalo na sa girl.

Two days ago, I received fruits naman, gosh I can`t remember her name, bihira ko lang kasi sya makita. She lives next to our house. SHe even offered to teach me about nursing babies kasi midwife daw sya before.

Kaka-pressure naman, dami nagvovolunteer na magturo sa akin... Sana volunteer na lang sila na maglinis ng house or magcook ng foods for us heheh... I could imagine, baka mawalan na kami privacy when she comes out. Lagi nyan kami may visitors. Although of course, I would really really appreciate it. Ngayon pa lang thankful na ko, but u know, I would like to try everything with my honey, all hands kasi first baby namin. Pero ok lang may magturo =)

Yesterday, Mama came here (honey`s mom)... We went baby shopping at Babies` R Us. Galante talaga mga japanese... I was choosing cheaper stuffs kasi nakakahiya, pero mga choices nya yung medyo mahal pero ganda quality. We bought clothes, towels, baby bath, bottles, at mga iba pang important stuff na wala pa si baby. Dami na nya clothes, 1-3 months lang magagamit =( Dami pa mas magandang strollers, hmmm parang nagsisi ako sa binili namin online =( Maganda pero bulky naman.

Kelan ka ba lalabas Azumi? Inip na kami. In fairness, super likot nya and she could hear na talaga coz everytime we talk to her, she responses with her kicks and movements.


My 36th week Check Up


Just had our regular check up again two days ago, 9/16... So glad I was checked by Dr. Fugawa. He`s my other favorite OB GYn (the other is Dr. Yamaguchi). There were lots of patients, and he was the only doctor present =( I waited 1 and half hour, but it was all worth it coz I saw my baby again thru 3d ultrasound... SHe was sleeping =(

But I saw a glimpse of her face coz she`s covering it with her hand. Doc was trying to wake her up though. I also saw her feet, her gender, her heart, and everything... she`s all well... =) Im so happy.

I`m wishing to give birth this week, BUt mada-mada desu, not yet the right time =( He said I should walk atleast 30 mins a day.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was sleeping ( i think my baby was sleeping too... ), I got awaked by a sudden loud bark of my neighbor`s dog, maybe my baby heard it too because she suddenly kicked me, as if she was shocked, then she never stop moving.... I felt wow =) I can`t wait to see her... we really can`t wait... even my neighbors =) Everytime they see me, they always ask how I was, when is my due, if ever I need help I shouldn`t hesitate to ask them, blah blah, sometimes they give me foods (ulam) , veggies, even baby stuffs, etc.. like yesterday, my neighbor at the back of our house gave me fruits =)

They are all so warm to a foreigner like me...

Although I don`t have much friends as same as my age here in my place, I`m just glad that there are so many people here who cares for me aside from my husband of course... my mom is here, my brother, my cousin, my mom`s inlaws, and my husband`s parents.

I miss my loveones in the Philippines though =(


Photobucket Cool Change


I, too, noticed a lot of changes eversince I met my honey, and of course, more changes when we learned I have a life inside me.

I`m doing things that I never did or didn`t like to do before I met him.
  • I learned how to cook, and still learning thru research and tips from dad, friends, and friends online.
  • I wake up early, atleast 8am, in weekdays to make breakfast.
  • I learned to control my temper.
  • I became selfless... I think of others first before myself (although sometimes I still become selfish)
  • I learned to say sorry (even I still want to argue because I believe I was right)
  • I do the laundry
  • I iron his clothes, boxers, blankets, even towels (although he`s telling me i don`t have too)
  • I go to groceries
  • I religiously clean our room
  • I nap (almost everyday =) )
  • I learned to listen (although ayoko tinuturuan)
  • I read novel / seriesbooks (my good gurlfriend recommended shopaholic)
  • I`m an active forumer
  • I`m now into blogging =) blogging about my pregnancy, daily rants, etc.
  • hmmmm--- what else? ----

Being in a serious relationship, or marriage, you have to compromise. If giving up something will make your relationship better, you should. You don`t have to change the person, or change yourself for the person, but I believe when there is real love, you change when you feel you have to.

I still have a lot of changes to do, but of course, hinay hinay lang. I should be more thrifty... although there`s a time na I`m kuripot, pero once I go out, I can`t help but to spend. I don`t want to go home without bringing something. ATleast, lately I`m trying to buy things that are important talaga...

Last night I received a comment from my very good friend lhei

09/12/2008 11:10 pm

i've seen your site. i envy it! sooo techie naka ngeni, makanyan pala effect na ning preggy neh =) i've read your post din. til now, can't believe parin na finally you've settled down. your post messages says it all... readin them feels creepy, basta unexplainable. i'm happy that you turned out to be that way, akit ko ing contentment keka...super =)

It was funny but I`m touched. I miss them so much as much as I miss my loveones...


check this entry also in my kawaii-bebe cool change


PhotobucketGreat things about being pregnant

Just finished blogging on my personal site.

9/10, we went to Beer Mount at Mt. Takao with my Honey, MOm and Aunt Hisayo. It was an overlooking alfresco eat and drink all you can resto at the top of the mountain. Actually, I insisted to go with them coz I wanted to have a long walk in the mountain ( so i could give birth earlier than expected heheh ) But then, we rode a cable car so I didn`t get to have a long walk =(

Nevertheless, I enjoyed so much the night view of tokyo, and of course, the variety of foods... too bad, I can`t drink any alcoholic drinks coz Im prego... Everybody was drinking. I think japanese loves beer especially during summer, just like everybody does. I miss drinking alcohol though =)

Let me just share you some great things about being pregnant, atleast from my experiences.

1. You're guaranteed to have special treatment especially inside the train (atleast here in Japan).

2. People look at your stomach and can't help smiling, as if the mere thought of your being pregnant has actually made their day a little bit brighter.

- especially the oldies here, alot of times like today, an old woman approached me and asking how I was, what`s the baby`s gender, when is my due, and so whatever.... I just feel so kawaii coz everybody says "kawaii ne..."

3. You can eat a whole pint of chocolate-chunk ice cream and not feel guilty. Every night.

- yeah i can`t help but eat especially sweets, like ice cream, cookies, etc. especially at night. I know it`s bad, but I just can`t help it. Sometimes Honey and I would go driving thrus like Starbucks, MCdo, and Mos Burger in the middle of the night.... The last time was last night and I promised myself that would be the last time ...

4. You can -- no, you must! --take naps. Lots of them.

- you`ll get sleepy in the afternoon especially during 1st and 2nd trimester. YOU SHOULD SLEEP coz when you turn on your 3rd trimester, some find it hard to sleep at night..

5. Getting to name another human being.

- yes, we had lots of scratch papers of our baby names choices...

6. Watching your husband turn into a father when he kisses your belly good night, reads to the baby in utero, or stays up until 3:00 a.m.

- i love it when baby responds to him thru her kicks and movements.

7. Buying a lil sexy clothes.

- It's not about hiding your flaws; it's about flaunting your belly.

8. The amazing anticipation. It's like all your previous birthdays and holidays rolled into one.

9. Imagining the possibilities.

10. More personal space! And you have no qualms about claiming it.

11. You eat healthier, drink more water, and carefully read ingredient labels. Suddenly, it matters more to you what you put in your body.

- I suddenly became concious on what I eat... but on the 2nd trimester, I just cant help but eat sweets, which is not really healthy coz of the high calories... it will just make your baby grow bigger

12. When you`re bored you feel your baby squirming inside you and the sensation takes you away. It's your own secret communication.

13. Getting to hear the swish swish swish of your baby's heartbeat on the Doppler.

-You should have at least good quality doppler to hear it clearly

14. The extra attention you get from everyone -- your husband gives you more foot rubs,

and your friends call / mail to check in more often.

Neighbors offer to help... sometimes they make me foods.

15. The pregnancy beauty package: thick, silky hair; long, strong nails; beautiful skin; big boobs.

16. Shopping for a person you haven't met yet: tiny clothes, all-new furniture, and adorable room decorations.

17. Dreaming about the first time someone calls you "Mommy" and the first time you hear someone call your husband "Daddy."

18. Baby showers! They remind you how special your friends and family think you are.

-had a baby shower on my 25th week in PI.. it was a different fun because most of the important persons to you are there

19. A continuous sense of accomplishment.

- Im not into blogging but im loving it now.. I just love sharing things about being pregnant, and of course about my baby.

20. Spending immeasurable amounts of time hearing classical music, researching about pregnancy over the internet.... etc

21. Knowing that all the bad stuff -- the heartburn, swollen ankles, backaches, and the rest -- doesn't last forever. And that in the end, it's all worth it.


We`ve been researching for a great baby car or stroller online to our princess for few months now. Syempre, we shouldn`t be impulsive buyer when it comes to expensive and very important baby equipments such us strollers... ALthough dami maganda talaga when you visit baby stores like Babies r Us. Just going to train stations, malls, groceries, you would see a lot of Japanese moms with their baby on a nice baby strollers, headturner talaga sa kin mga baby cars ngayon.

Of course we want the best for our first baby, and while she`s still in my tummy, we still have time to do some reasearch coz there are lots lots of famous brands, nice styles, and features available in the market.

Honey considers jogger-type. He likes to have 3 wheeler stroller, and/or bigger tires
para daw when they go to park, ok daw suspension for the head.... Ako naman, i
like something na may baby car seat na para all in one. I didn`t like 3 wheels,
parang kakaiba kc...

In my research, there are lots of things to consider.
  • descriptions of the different types of strollers available
  • advantages and disadvantages of each type
  • available features and accessories
  • price considerations =)
  • summaries of expert and consumer reviews
  • recommendations
  • detailed information about multi-child strollers
  • innovative strollers that are available
  • sources for purchasing strollers and other child carriers

In choosing the right stroller you must be looking for practical features like
safety, ease of use, comfort and durability, but you will also want a stroller
that doesn't cramp your style.

Medyo na-obsess yata ako sa kaka-research. We went to a lot of baby stores. Most available brands are COMBI, APRIKOT, and MACLAREN. They are nice looking and almost have similarities. But then, parang no x-factor heheh...

Your stroller should be one that fits easily into your lifestyle - allowing
you to go where you want to go and do what you want to do

When we went to see a Matsuri (japan fiesta counterpart) last August. There was a cutie baby her nice stroller beside me. It was QUINNY (3 wheeler american or european brand)... I talked to her mom (she`s a russian) and complimented her baby`s stroller =) SHe told me that she never regretted purchasing it eventhough it was expensive. She loves walking so she bought something with bigger tires.... Tama nga si Honey.

SO I decided. Dami ko kasi pinagpipilian... I got 5 choices. Nag-survey pa ako kung ano maganda. In the end I chose this.......

Kolcraft Contours Option 3 wheeler.


I ordered in rakuten online since wala naman available sa stores dito. Orderin pa daw sa US. I thought 5-8 weeks kaya nag-order na ako para saktong October andyan na, but then, nung friday dumating =( 2 weeks lang, nauna pa sya kaysa sa baby bed... Ubos tuloy pera ko kasi ako lang nasa house (so ako magbabayad). Nwei mababawi naman eh lol.

It was bigger and bulky than the actual picture but Honey loves it. Spacious pa yung basket sa baba. I`ll write something about it kapag nagamit na ni Azumi. Right now, excited na kami magamit sa outdoor kaso we`ll have to wait for our baby to turn 2 months para malibot =(


PhotobucketMy Bump`s 2nd Trimester =)


The second trimester is I think best part of our pregnancy. There are so many changes happening to our body and the baby. My belly started to show... I begin to feel my baby`s movements! During this time, Doctor could determine already his/her gender thru ultrasound. But Honey and I agreed not to know our baby`s gender until I deliver... (he wishes to be a boy =) while I want a girl )

It was Spring time... A week or 2, of beautiful cherry blossoms. We went picnic to Sagami park and saw a lot of happy families. I felt envy of course, tagal pa lumabas ni baby. Anyway, next year, we`ll surely have lots lots of out of towns with our love.



14 weeks old

This US was shot by Dr. Kaku, i think he`s the son`s owner or the owner of Kaku Sanjifunka where I`m registered. I like him also (aside from dr. Yamaguchi)... He always laugh.. he explaines things to me by his drawings hehe...


After almost 3 weeks of waiting for our next check up


17 weeks

by Dr. Yamaguchi =)

We`ve been thinking about names, and we decided if it`s a girl, it would be Erisha Azumi, and if it`s a boy, it would be Leon something...


5 / 2 / 2008

weight : 52.5 kg

18 weeks old =)

My honey also looks pregnant... I wasn`t really sure how many months or years ehhe...


5 / 9 / 2008

weight: 53 kg.


20 weeks old

5 / 17 / 2008

hmmm my belly`s growing...


21 weeks old

5 / 23 / 2008

This time, we already knew what our baby`s gender is...


Actually we agreed before not to know anything about our baby`s sex, but when the doctor asked us if we wanna know what the gender is, he said YES right away, my reaction was "huh?" (he was the one who said it would be better if surprise because it`s our first baby... )

It was our May 20 check up when we found out. I lost my US picture =(

Honey expected our baby to be a boy. He always dreams about playing baseball with his boy. But the weird thing is, sometimes when he talks to my belly, he says "anji.... anji desuka? "...

I think deep in his heart, he also wanted a girl... kawaii kasi girl diba...

Kaya when the doctor said Girl, he was disappointed at first, but the next day, parang he`s excited na... He always name her "angela... anji... azumi...."

I always correct him, "it`s erisha azumi ok!!!!"


Honey is really so sweet... He always kisses my belly, as in like 100x a day...


22 weeks old

5 / 31 / 2008

I couldn`t ask for anything more to my honey. He`s much more excited than me. Im loving him more everyday =)
Behind that bad boy look, he`s such a caring and loving man.

He keeps on calling our baby Angela and ANji... it should be Erisha or Azumi!!


23 weeks old

6 / 4 / 2008

weight 55kg

Checked and US by Dr. Kaku. I had this check-up because I`ll be flying to Philippines. Thank God, my doctor made a waiver for me. I missed my loveones in PI and they were all excited to see me and my tummy.

Because honey was so kulit, and keeps on naming her anji, I decided to name her



still 23 weeks

shot by Nikka, at my room in Angeles City.

Godd I missed them... I missed everything about Philippines.


6 / 15 / 2008

Honey wasn`t there yet coz he was so busy.

My sisi took this shot again... My gosh, my belly`s really growing so fast. I always eat and eat and eat and shopping.

No more night outs


6 / 21 / 2008

25 weeks

My baby shower.

I can`t elaborate about the party coz I might be homesick again.

But I tell you, it was fun and I love it coz alsmost everybody was there, my loveones and friends... Honey was already there also and they all love him.


almost 26 weeks

6 / 26 / 2008

weight 57.6 kg

checked by Dr. Yamaguchi =)

Back to tokyo =(

Baby is so healthy.


7 / 4 / 2008

27 weeks old and

our 36th monthsery... NO MORE ELABORATIONS =)

7 / 9 / 2008

27 weeks and 4 days based on US

I gained a lot of weight... I was 58.4 kg =)


28 weeks

7 /12 / 2008

end of 2nd trimester


Well, the second trimester (13-28 Weeks) is the most physically enjoyable for
most women. It`s like you`re not pregnant at all. But of course, you may feel
your baby`s movements during this time. It really gives you and your partner a
different joy.



this was created by nikka my sisi...


Just made an entry in my personal site... Balak ko sana i-copy paste nalang =) BUt this site is supposed to be only for my baby girl...

I`ll post next time about my 2nd trimester...

The other day I had our regular check up and so glad that it was Dr. Yamaguchi =) yey, it was supposed to be Dr. Tanaka... natupad ang wish ko. As usual, he explained everything in details, he effortly showed me my baby`s parts, including her face na nagtatago... I also had blood test. Kulang daw ako sa iron =( Well anyway, no problem. Doctor said I can do my things na like walking, doing chores, pero syempre moderately... SO after check up, i thought of treating myself again. I went to tachikawa, my favorite place coz there are lots lots of shopping malls... Before window shopping, I had our lunch first, pasta in Wire of Lumine... Grabe 2 floors pa lang nalilibot ko, i was sooo tired already. Kaso tigas ulo ko, gusto ko magtingin ng laptop kaya I went o biccam, dami ganda kainis... Napa-upo ako sa bench kasi bigat na ni baby. So tired, but I dont wanna go home without buying something, kaya I bought foods na lang for dinner in Isetan... And went home by taxi kasi d ko na kaya ang pagod.

Yesterday, I wasnt feeling well. I slept all day. Nasa work si honey... When he got home, I had slight fever pala... Syempre first baby, he panicked.. Pinagalitan pa ko kasi tigas ulo ko. Because of aircon daw. Kasi naman ang init kaya, sya kaya ang magbuntis.... I just kept quiet para walang argue. After his sermons, bumait na ulit sya hehe... He took care of me, parang private nurse. He cancelled his late biz meeting kasi wala ako kasama. I felt guilty kaya from now on, i`ll listen to him until lumabas na si Azumi.. ilang weeks na lang naman eh =)

Right now, I`m feeling good. Thank God I feel so well already.


My gosh... it`s September already. Time is so fast talaga... few weeks from now we`ll gonna see our lil princess face to face. I pray na sana walang complications and maging normal ang delivery. I`m excited and yet scared... Until now, wala pa yung baby crib na inorder ko online thru Rakuten =(

I noticed that Im loving pink... I just noticed it awhile ago, medyo dumami yata ang pinkish clothes ko ngayon, even my site`s theme pink pala. Unintentionally na-influence yata ako ng mga blogmates kasi almost all of their theme is pink.. I have also an online friend na super addict sa Pink din =) Yung mga peeps sa paligid ko when they knew na it`s a girl, i received lots of pinky gifts, kahit nung baby shower ni baby sa PI...>

My real favorite colors are blue, black and white... almost clothes, bags, and accessories ko shades of black, white and blue... Lately its funny, dami ko na rin pinkish stuffs. Actually when I bought my camera`s case, I was looking for pink kaso wala na kaya blue na lang instead... Im luving pink. Before kasi di naman ako pa-girl, kaya i loved strong colors...

That`s all for now... tomorrow I`ll gonna have my regular check up =) we`ll see our baby again thru US... I just hope na hindi si Dr. Tanaka ang magchecheck sa kin, tamad kasi maghanap ng good position ni baby to capture kainis... ang bilis pa, and di man masyado ineexplaine unlike the other doctors.. I wonder kung doctor ba talaga sya, coz he looks so weird, parang maniac heheh, di ko pa maintindihan mga words nya kahit nag-eenglish, parang kinakain nya yung dila.. oh well forget him... I hope it would be Dr. Yamaguchi or Dr. Fugawa (crossing fingers...)

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