First Movie Theatre Experience

Finally, Azumi had her first movie experience last wednesday. Her Dad was kinda worried at first because she might just run around or get bored in the middle. BUT I'm glad she did well and seems to be enjoying the whole time. It was funny the moment we sat down in our chairs, she was amazed to see how big the screen was. She even said "look mama, HUMONGOUS tv" --- wow! HUMONGOUS?! I don't even use that word.

Well, thanks Sesame Street Podcast where Anzu learns some of her vocabularies. It's a little bargain that is downloadable through Itunes for free. It features Murray and other Sesame Street Muppets with Celebrity guests as they introduce kids to new vocabulary word at the beginning of each episode, focuses on building children's language and vocabulary skills. I must say it works perfectly for Anzu (and for me while I do the chores in the morning)


Because we want her "first movie" experience to be successful, we chose to watch the movie she'll surely love, ANPANMAN at Mycal Warner Cinemas inside the Aeon Mall. It's a 90 minute movie and the main character is the most popular here in Japan

Normally, children age 0-3 years old are free but since it's supposed to be a children's movie, kids are charged ¥900 while ¥1,800 for adults -- kinda expensive huh.

I don't really like Anpanman but it was a fun movie date with my family.

Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing your kid glued on her chair, enjoying the movie.

Looking forward for our next movie date.

Next movie to watch will be the Disney's Cars 2.


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  1. It's surprising how the little ones pick up big words :) I'm looking forward to see the Smurf movie with my little girl.

    Would you mind exchanging links? I've added your badge to my blogroll.

  2. Wow, that's a new milestone in the life of Anzu. I must admit that I have to look for the meaning of humongous, hehehe. Talo pa ako ni Anzu, hindi ko alam ang meaning nang humongous, hehehe. Anyway, I'm sure Anzu enjoyed her very first movie experience. I'm sure she's looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. wow! bonding at the movie theater pala kayo. Good thing Azumi was behave and didn't get bored.

    Anyway, parang ang mahal naman ng sine nyo dyan. hehe

  4. tiyak makikipanood uli iyan,hehe..

  5. Anzu's Mum7/21/2011 08:46:00 AM

    Naku Madear, mahal po talaga kung icoconvert natin sa peso. Nung una nanghihinayang ako eh pero wag na lang magconvert para tuloy ang saya :)

  6. Anzu's Mum7/21/2011 08:57:00 AM

    Hello po Sir Mel. Natutunan lang nya yun sa Sesame Street. Ako nga din po nabibigla sa mga vocabularies nya minsan, lalo na ang tatay nya haha... ironically, may natututunan din sa kakapanood kaya lang kailangan limitahan po diba kasi mas maganda human communication :) God bless Sir Mel... thank you always

  7. Anzu's Mum7/21/2011 09:08:00 AM

    Is there Smurf movie showing? I wanna watch it too..

    I already grabbed your badge :) Thank you.

  8. Anzu's Mum7/21/2011 09:24:00 AM

    hinihintay ko ipalabas yung Cars 2 dito... yun ang next namin papanoorin. Wala sya bayad nun

  9. Awwwww buti pa si Anzu nakapagsine na kami hindi pa lol..

  10. Congrats to another milestone of Azumi chan!Mabait na bata,talagang behave cya hanggang sa matapos ang palabas^_^

    btw, feature sa soundtrack ng Cars 2 ang song ng Perfume ^_^


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