Our baby Azumi has just turned 1 month two weeks ago, November 8... Of course, the three of us celebrated it. Her hello kitty dress was given by her grandma... she looks like a cat right? hihi

The next day was her ceremony, OMIYAMAIRI in japanese.
In Japan, they usually bring their baby to a Shinto shrine on the 31st day after the birth a baby boy, and 32nd day for a baby girl for introduction and first contact with the gods. A Shinto priest performs this ceremony to ward off evil and give blessings of good health. A baby is dressed in kimono or a white gown. Our baby wore a white gown bought by her grandma.
Good thing about being HALF is you learn, practice and enjoy two different culture. We`ll be visiting again the temple where she had her first and have the ritual ceremony called OKUIZUME which literally means "start eating". When she turns 3, she`ll gonna wear a kimono and will have a ceremony again in the same temple where she had during her 31st day and 100th day.

However, We`re planning to have her Christening in the Philippines next year or year 2010. I`m excited. I`ll see to it that all her pretty ninangs and goodlooking ninongs will be present on that day. It would also be her first time to meet our huge and yet happy family. It would be fun for sure, kids will be all over our place again, like when I was still a kid, this time, it`s her generation.



I can proudly say, I LOVE BEING A MOM.

My baby is so behave. She only cries when she`s hungry. Everybody was asking me kung napupuyat ba kami. Yes she wakes up around between 2 to 4 am, but she sleeps right away when I feed her. Her first two weeks was so busy. She always has visitors, almost everyday. Dami na nya na-receive na OIWAI =) In Japan, there`s a certain envelope for every occassions like weddings, funerals, etc. Meron din for new born babies. Of course, moolah ang laman nito =) Galante yata talaga mga Japanese... every visitor ni Azumi, meron presents and envelope hihi...

What I love about Azumi, parang she loves people. Lagi sya gising pag may tao, and as if she can see and hear na. She stares at you when you look at her. Even when she was newly born, tinitigan na nya ko pati dad nya. She doesn`t cry kahit lagay mo lang sya sa crib... sana lagi sya ganyan....

Although of course, may time na she cries lalo na lately, marunong na sya magpapansin =) kasi wala naman luha lumalabas, and she warns us muna bago sya tuluyan umiyak, like "ahhhh-----" ... "ah---", parang she`s calling our attention.

On her first week, she can handle her neck na which is rare daw for newly borns... kakatakot pag bigla sya gagalaw... she kicks so hard, parang soccer player.. she smiles alot when she`s sleeping... she can stretch both hands and feet...

All we do is stare at her when she sleeps... play with her when she`s awake... our life has change eversince she came. During her first few weeks, we`re witnessing her "first" things.

My say, one of the essence of a human being is to be a parent, if not, to raise a child with dedication.