and you are cordially invited...

This is what keeping me busy for the past months and it's actually happening. I'm looking forward for this special day with loveones and friends. We'll gonna have balloons, foods, cakes --- we'll definitely have so much fun. I really wish everybody could join us but I understand why some of them can't...

More updates when we get back to Japan... I'm so happy to be with our family here in Philippines. I missed them so much. I get to spend some quality time with my friends also..

Thank you Lord for this happiness...


Last week, our little kawaii princess has turned TWO. We had a simple and yet so much fun celebration with some loveones and friends. It was fun to see her so energetic, showing off her skills and silliness, together with her equally energetic cousin Ryukun. Her BFF Miki Chan came to join too..

Compared to last year's birthday, it wasn't that tiring. Mom and cousin Kristal brought delicious foods and cake. ( Special Thanks to my mom, cousin Kristal and Shacho San :) ).

The best part about this party had to be the anticipation in Anzu's eyes during the long wait of candle blowing and eating because of the endless picture taking lol. Anzu just couldn't wait so she was grabbing the cake to taste while we were busy taking photos..

I love parties.. may it be too simple or simple. What I love most about it is the laugh and chitchats with friends and loveones.

Can't wait for the BIG 2 Day part 2...


I can't believe it's already here... And we all couldn’t be happier and more proud.

Happy happy birthday to our little bundle of joy who is now officially a big girl.

I hope this next year is as full of fun adventures as the last!

Here’s to many more smiles, snuggles, laughs and happy happy adventures!

Definitely this month is going to be ANZU's month.

よるしく お願いします。。。