I hope you all are enjoying the season and finding lots of time to slow down and have a good laugh with your loveones.

Let's all be reminded of the many blessings in our life. We have much to be thankful for!

Wishing you a merry and bright Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Takeshita Family :)


Our precious Christmas Tree (2009)

We had a simple and yet fabulous Christmas last year. We had a family dinner on the Christmas Eve. My dear Mom was the Santa Clause in the family because she brought us all presents. That was really unexpected but it made our night lol.

As for our little Azumi who was barely a year younger then (14 months old) definitely had a blast. There were so much for her and Ryukun to look at and put in their mouths. They were on their own world nonstop playing and giggling. What do you expect with toddlers? It felt good though because I have had 2 quiet (and yet romantic) Christmas from the previous years.

On the Christmas day, we went out to see a Christmas Illumination at Tama Center.

Nothing really beats celebrating the holidays in our homeland. I miss celebrating it with my huge number of family in the Philippines.

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It's been awhile since I last blogged and wow, I looked at the date of my last blog post and i can’t believe how long it has been since i last posted an update. Sorry for leaving this blog without a decent post. for being a "missing in action". A lot things have happened, good and some bad.

I miss you all so much. I miss blogging and reading your blogs. I haven't been really on my real geek side eversince we came back home from our beloved country, Philippines. I've been so homesicked and gratefully, it only took me a couple of days to deal with it.

One thing I've learned (to the years of going back and forth ), when you're feeling homesick, sometimes there is really nothing you can do, you just might have to ride through it. There are plenty of things that you can do to make yourself pre-occupied.

Uh yeah speaking of, I've never been busier this couple of months. This makes sense why I couldn't log my mind in to decent updates lol

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 August-September
  • Azumi's party preparations. All were done by online chats, emails, forums, and overseas calls. Thanks to my dear sissy for being a reliable party planner.
  • Summer happenings
  • Itenerary for our homecoming
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 October
  • Azumi's 2nd birthday celebration at home
  • Homecoming :)
  • good times with loveones and friends
  • meeting with some mommy blogger friends
  • Azumi's Strawberry Shortcake Party (look at my photos on my facebook account.. or wait for the official album link for public)
  • get together parties
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 November
  • back to normal
  • Azumi's pre-school attendance
  • part time job (yes, finally!)
  • House hunting (we're moving this month)
  • family lunches and dinners
Quite an eventful months huh?

Well this month will be the busiest I guess.. BUT I promise to keep you updated.


and you are cordially invited...

This is what keeping me busy for the past months and it's actually happening. I'm looking forward for this special day with loveones and friends. We'll gonna have balloons, foods, cakes --- we'll definitely have so much fun. I really wish everybody could join us but I understand why some of them can't...

More updates when we get back to Japan... I'm so happy to be with our family here in Philippines. I missed them so much. I get to spend some quality time with my friends also..

Thank you Lord for this happiness...


Last week, our little kawaii princess has turned TWO. We had a simple and yet so much fun celebration with some loveones and friends. It was fun to see her so energetic, showing off her skills and silliness, together with her equally energetic cousin Ryukun. Her BFF Miki Chan came to join too..

Compared to last year's birthday, it wasn't that tiring. Mom and cousin Kristal brought delicious foods and cake. ( Special Thanks to my mom, cousin Kristal and Shacho San :) ).

The best part about this party had to be the anticipation in Anzu's eyes during the long wait of candle blowing and eating because of the endless picture taking lol. Anzu just couldn't wait so she was grabbing the cake to taste while we were busy taking photos..

I love parties.. may it be too simple or simple. What I love most about it is the laugh and chitchats with friends and loveones.

Can't wait for the BIG 2 Day part 2...


I can't believe it's already here... And we all couldn’t be happier and more proud.

Happy happy birthday to our little bundle of joy who is now officially a big girl.

I hope this next year is as full of fun adventures as the last!

Here’s to many more smiles, snuggles, laughs and happy happy adventures!

Definitely this month is going to be ANZU's month.

よるしく お願いします。。。


WOW I glanced upon my archives and I realized I haven't been really posting a decent update (again?) about our little Azumi who's turning 2 next month. Aww we're all excited as we are gearing up for the celebration of this big milestone. This is what keeps me busy (and insane) since August.

So far so good though. I'm always online.. I'm always on chat.. I'm always on the phone.
All these are because of my kiddie party preparations. I can't believe how kiddie parties nowadays have turned into full productions. Oh well, I wish I can have time to rant about that on Anzu's mini blog where I can freely write my thoughts. This blog is GP by the way haha...

Seriously, it will be a (nother) slow blogging for me til next month. I guess I have to break it out --

we're going home to Philippines!!!!

Whew.. I said it.. I've been keeping it to everyone until we're sure.. Well I guess finally we are. I hope and pray that this time, nothing could hinder us from coming home.

So, what have been up aside from my preps?

Sharing some happenings last August...

Day 210 of 2010's

Anzu and her super kulit and yet cutie cousin Ryukun had a private pool party at our house..

Lil Panda and Lil Froggie

Day 222 of 2010's

inside the car, while waiting for Honey...

family picture using the tripod given by my sissy...

Day 223 of 2010's

My pre-birthday surprise to my Honeyb.. too bad, Anzu fell asleep because I had to wait for 12am to blow this surprise..

Day 224 of 2010's

Visiting my late stepfather's grave

Another surprise for my Honey... private room dinner :)
Day 234 of 2010's
A day at Sagamiko Lake

I'd like to thank Ate Rose for the advance love present she sent to Azumi a couple of weeks ago...

Thank you much Ate Rose, with so much love from the Takeshita

Thank you all also for your patience. I really hope to be back on my normal blogging routine soon. I'll update you once my project is 80% finished because you're all invited hehe..


IT's been awhile. It's nice to be back on track. I don't wanna make excuses but one thing is for sure, I'm pretty much pre-occupying myself with something very important us --real content about it coming soon.

Anyway, I didn't realized that last week was Grandparent's Day. My bad! I should've planned something for Azumi's grandparents-- well there's always next time. Besides, we always spend some quality time together, no matter how busy our lives may get.

Azumi is truly blessed to have all her grandparents. They are all awesome and they love Azumi so much. Having different personalities, interests, and lifestyles could be actually fun and interesting.

Anzu calls her grandmother "Baba" while she calls her grandfather "Jiji". She gets to hang out with them almost every week. Her Baba always gives something for her --clothes, foods, toys-- generally shop for her. She's a cool grand mom. On the other hand, Jiji plays with her. Sometimes he gives her money. He cooks delicious dishes for us whenever we visit them. He's a retired chef of one of the five star hotels here in Tokyo. Anzu definitely enjoys being with them because she's being spoiled.

Azumi with Jiji and Baba in Umihotaru on our Chiba Getaway

Here's Azumi with my loving mom. She calls her Mamu. We get to see her almost everyday because we are neighbors :) Anzu gets excited whenever Mamu comes to our house. She adores her. I'm thankful because my mom is living nearby. I can call or talk to her anytime. I feel secured.

Anzu is also blessed to have a great grandmother,whom we all call Okasan. She adores Azumi so much eventhough they're not actually related by blood. She's my mom's Mother in Law. There are so much good things to share about her...

I can't wait for next month because Azumi will be going to see her loving, cool, and handsome Lolo for the first time. We're all anticipating for that first meeting. We're all excited. I've been praying for this to finally happen. I'm hopeful.RELOAD.gif image by bams704

Hubby and I are very thankful for how much these people have helped us figure out parenthood. Althou we pretend to have it all figured out lol. Honestly, we are learning so much from them.

Grandparents make life easier.

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This is one of my long overdue posts.

Anzu was 18 months when she can already identify most of the alphabets and can count 1-10. Aside from me and her dad, I think her Brainy Babies DVD set has also helped her to learn.

Aside from ABC, she can also recognize colors, shapes, and illustrations.

Anyway sharing my recent uploads which actually taken 2 months ago

Anzy recognizing her flash cards

Singing ABC

I love to think that she is a child prodigy but it's normal in her age to recognize things such as ABC, colors, number, animal, etc.

All kids are different and will learn at their own rate. Don't worry if your child couldn't sit long enough and doesn't seem to show any interest, that is also normal. Just keep on working on it in a fun way and one day he will just get into. It's not just about learning but spending many loving and happy moments with your child.


Toddlers are indeed spirited folk. They could be like tornados for pulling out things such as toys, play and leave them scattering all over the place. I couldn't care less, as long as the toys stay in there and don't migrate all over the rest of the house. When I clean up, I also make her pick up her toys and put them in the box.

These are some of her toys she usually play in the living room.

Here is her own little space upstairs. Everything else is also there --freedom wall, learning supplies, music toys, tv etc. That cutie house has become her comfort zone --she gets inside whenever nature calls her lol

Among all her lovely toys, these 3 stuff toys are currently her Top 3 favorite. She always want to carry them with her wherever we go --I atleast let her take only 2.

Brutus, Ally Baby Bear, and Billy

She has her own gadgets too.. yeah my old phones. I forgot to take photos though...

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I've been living here for almost like forever but only this summer I've found that there are LOTS of mosquitoes in Japan.

Having lots of greenery and bodies of water here, definitely there would be lots of insects coming out on their search and annoy missions. Well like in most places, mosquitoes come out mostly in the Summer.

We can prevent our kids from getting stung or bitten by these insects with insect repellants.

I'm using a non-chemical repellant and Patch for the bitten skin. I actually have an oinment but I cant seem to find it lol..

Note: that repellents are not recommended for use on babies younger than 2 months

Here are some other ways to prevent from getting bitten by these annoying bugs :

1.Wear light color clothing that covers most of the body, keeping as much skin and hair covered as possible when going outdoor. Avoid bright and floral colors.

2. Avoid fragrances in soaps, shampoos, and lotions.
3. Avoid playing outdoors during the peak biting times in your area
4. Try to stay away from insect hangouts like still water, high grass, open garbage, etc

My poor baby has been getting bitten by this effin mosquitos! and so as me ... Ugghhh... This is the reason why I don't often take her out in the park.

But then yesterday, she was on our genkan (front door) and wearing her shoes (did i tell you she can wear it on her own?)... she said "park park" ---"alrighty!" kawaii, so I gave in even if it was late afternoon, the time when you have to be extremely careful.

Here she is feeling so happy! prisonbreak lol

happy happy...
She met a new friend.. I met a new friend too, his mom and I chatted til mosquitos have come out to annoy us.

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