Whatta year it's been.. During this past year Anzu turned from a baby into a kid. Quite a transformation Only last year, she was just on the sidelines watching all the holiday fun.. and now? well...

Anyway, Im such a busy busy busy mom that I had all the time to review our 2009

It's really nice that I have something to read back, and remember the moments and the feelings all over again... I never imagined myself writing a diary or journal like about my life before, but I guess babies can turn you from a happy go lucky girl to a sentimental person

The thing is, I enjoy sharing my baby's life with you...

So here (due to boredom) I thought of compiling them with my chosen quotes from each post ... hope you enjoy my dramas... i actually cant believe i wrote those things ....



creambunny_star.gif image by bams70410-11 weeks
**Before, I couldn't imagine my life with a kid, until we have Her. I had so much dreams for myself. And now I can’t imagine my life without Her. My dreams are not only for myself, but for my family as well. My honey felt the same way...

creambunny_star.gif image by bams704Anzu not feeling well
**Ganun pala feeling being a MOm, konting sakit lang, di na mapakali.. I tend to forget she's sick whenever she smiles, pero back to being worried naman when she coughs.

creambunny_star.gif image by bams704on her 3rd month
**OH MY... it's been 3 months already,?... my baby is growing. She already weighs about 6 kilos =( Im happy but lil sad... I'll surely gonna miss her baby days. Before we know it, she's going to school already huhuh.. lol

Well of course I'm happy. I've seen her grow up this whole 3 months. We're together 24/7 (although sometimes I go out for shopping ). I see the changes that sometimes amaze us. I'm the one who see almost All her "first"..

creambunny_star.gif image by bams704Okuizume
Azumi has just turned 100 days . In Japan, a baby celebrates a ceremony called Okuizume which literally means first meal of one's life.

creambunny_star.gif image by bams7043 months and a week
She really enjoys waving her hands while pumping feet during active hours
Her kicks are getting stronger. Her hands are trying to reach for something, but she still can't......

creambunny_star.gif image by bams7043 months and a week II
Its overwhelming when you see your child doing some new things... It's been a wonderful 3 months and 3 weeks with our baby now.Her smile is always been a good thing to start a wonderful day .

creambunny_star.gif image by bams704Anzu Laughing Outloud
**I just love her laughing like that.. my heart also screams

creambunny_star.gif image by bams704First Smile
**... newborn babies tend to smile alot especially when they are sleeping. Anzu smiles alot even when she was a day old. My camera was always besides me, waiting for her to smile.


creambunny_love.gif image by bams704First Vaccination
This is what I love in Japan. Children ages 0-6 years old have the priveledge of free check ups and vaccinations.

creambunny_love.gif image by bams704Preggy Pics
In my whole life... 00215.gif image by bams704Knowing we were 6 weeks pregnant is the happiest moment... 00215.gif image by bams704Being pregnant to our first baby is the most wonderful part.... 00215.gif image by bams704Giving birth to our lil princess is the sweetest pain I have ever felt.... Our lil Anzu gave meaning to our life....

creambunny_love.gif image by bams704My 4 Months Old Baby
** Giving up my job with a nice salary to become a full time stay at home m0mma (& a wifey) is all worth it. I wouldn't want to miss anything special from my baby's milestones of development.

creambunny_love.gif image by bams704Feeding Time
** When I was still pregnant, I was already determined to breastfeed my baby even though I didn't have the idea of how would I do it. I heard alot of situations that there are many moms who couldn't breastfeed their babies because they just can't...

3 months Milestones and Vids
** My baby has so many pictures... taking photos and videos of her are just one of my obessessions actually =)


nicole2-2.gif image by bams704OHINASAMA
i so much enjoy the Japan's rich culture. Im lucky to be part of it now because I have a Japanese daughter. Im glad to have a husband who whole heartedly shares their culture to me, and willingly like to teach our (future)children not only their culture, but also my culture =) I know, my kids will be happy and proud to be half Filipino and Japanese when they grow up . Coz you know, I know some half filipino kids who don't want to be labeled as filipino

nicole2-2.gif image by bams704Bath Time
One of my favorite routine of the day ( I guess my baby too ) is BABY BATH TIME . Perhaps this is the main part where we can bond with our lil dollie since I couldn't do it all by myself.

nicole2-2.gif image by bams704Toy Hunt: Yellow Toys

nicole2-2.gif image by bams704Jolly Anzu
** Having a happy baby is the best pleasures a mom (& dad) could ever have. I wish she stays that way til she gets old.

nicole2-2.gif image by bams704Happy 5 Months Baby
An open letter for my baby on her 5th month

nicole2-2.gif image by bams704Anzu's First Official Meal

nicole2-2.gif image by bams704My Babe's 5th Month Milestones

nicole2-2.gif image by bams704Anzu rolled Over

It shows that I'm getting serious with my babyblog. I dont even pay much attention to update my own page. m(。−_−。)m スイマセーン I feel a lil bit bad coz Im not inspired to write something about my own personal rants. It's all about my baby =) Im really obsess lol. (# ̄ー ̄#)ニヤ


Goodies from Universal Studios Japan

and it's our first ever ELMO...

I guess I've become an instant Elmo lover as soon as I got these goodies today . These indeed started our day with a biggy smile .

Presents, may it be simple or extravagant, always bring tears of joy especially when you least expect it.

I really want to thank the one who gave these to us.. she's one of the few people that inspires me and I admire so much. Everybody loves her, syempre that also includes me..

本当に 心 から、 ありがとう ございます
はずかしくなった けど。Dolly Anzu loves it especially me
.. it's so sweet and thoughtful of you


After months of waiting and umm, few times of discussion whether to vaccinate or not, finally our lil girl had her aH1N1 Vaccine last Saturday. Actually that was her second shot , the first was taken a week before the second...

I have been so reluctant and on the fence about it at first, because I read alot of opinions which were mostly not in favor. Some were over exaggerating the potential problems with the vaccine. Some even said it has not been properly tested yet, blah blah...

But I guess the media was really scare mongering that overwelmed us to be more extra cautious and wait for the Vaccine to be available in the masses. It's so sad to hear the news about kids have died =( It freaked me out a bit that me and my dolly seldom go out, ride a train and mall hop=(


Our lil Anzu girl's latest addictions.. hmmmm...

Strawberry, Noodles and Bread

Being the strawberry is at peak season in Japan right around now, can't blame my lil girl when she refuses to eat her (former) favorite banana over strawberries which are amazingly sweet and luscious. Recently always served every meal until a new seasonal fruit will be available.

Anzu now chooses breads over cookies. She doesn't like her baby cookies anymore =(

She also loves noodles, such as udon, ramen, soba, or anything long. I guess she finds it amusing when she slurps it. Whenever we dine out, we must order noodles or else, di kami makakain dahil sa kakulitan nya.

Favorite part of the Park (near our house)

this is actually for 3 years old and up..


Maru Chan (her granny's Toy poodle), Nana Chan (our neighbor's.. ), and Haru Chan (Okasan's..)

Anzu really gets excited whenever she sees dogs.
That's why I bought her doggy stuff toy which she loves so much. I named him Billy lol

I could share more about her latest addictions but let me judt share my all time favorite instead...


snuggling my favorite kid in the whole world

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