It's pretty much Spring already and yet we still couldn't enjoy the weather because of rainshowers, if not, the clouds keep covering Mr. Sun ..

Looking forward for Mr. Sun to come shine down on us, and Miss Spring Breeze to blow us while walking on a balanced weather. PERFECT!... (i miss wearing sandals...)

Photo/Video Sharing Time AF5.gif image by kawaii-bebe

Day 80 of 2010's (sunday, mar 21)

Taking advantage of the fine weather ...

AT our front yard...
Anzy's new shoes | amused by the mellow yellow flower

At the Park....
katakot to bulilit na to, umaakyat na talaga sa slide at gusto magswing mag-isa

Anzu's Meals...
breakfast, lunch, and dinner

And lastly, showing one of Anzy's latest addictions --phones

ano tawa yan? lol

Thanks for watching



What's up with our lil ANZU these days? She's been really talking alot. I guess she realized it's cool and pretty much has never stopped lol. I don't know exactly when she bagan to repeat words we say but she could really pronounce some words well, such as

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 le go = let's go 
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 kampai (cheers)
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 apple = she always says A-ah-apple!
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 ba-bye =bye
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 ber = bird
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 banana
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 no / na ah =means no
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 dog
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 cat
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 fish
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 prish = please
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 papa
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 hello
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 hi
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 mama
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 okaeri (welcome home)

We're having so much fun. She can really communicate so well. I could even make "utos" sometimes lol (more time to improve pa with that).

I'M glad she enjoys her class (which is every tuesday). The teacher seems to have become fond of her coz she listens and talks to her after class.. she's just so sweet even to her classmates. I feel so proud

Here watch and enjoy the music vid I created. I was in the mood, so it's a video blog for today

Day 75 of 2010's (tuesday, mar 16)

This is what i love about toddlerness or being a kid ---they seem to thoroughly enjoy every minute of life... worry and stress free

Have a nice and enjoyable weekend


I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that next month, my lil kawaii prinsesa is going to be a year and a half old. That really seems like big kid status to me... and sure she earned that title because of with busy month we just have . There are all kinds of learning going on and so many new adventures .

There were ---

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704a lil snow filled experience, but we weren't able to play with it because it wasn't that huge and it melted so fast lol..
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704meeting new friends at her class,
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704playmates every tuesday after class,
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704letting her walk by herself (and its really tiring for me lol)
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704and a lot more

Our lil kawaii Anzy just got way too much energy to just sit still and hibernate the winter and now, the spring months away. I guess this past few weeks (or months) were a slow blogging for me, but not because we weren’t up to all kinds of fun but because we were having so much fun. I was just trying to keep up!

Anywhoo, in case you haven't noticed, I just started posting a new label, The Highlights 2010 , here I'm going to share some random happenings of each days of her life --so expect more photos and video clips..

Day 67 of 2010's (monday, mar 8)

It was a busy day -- went out with Okasan (anzu's great granny) in the morning and Anzu's Grandparents with Maru Chan visited us in the late afternoon...


It was Anzu's 17 month Day by the way... so here's another funny video of anzy..

Hope you enjoyed =)

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Remember Maru Chan? She's the little cutie and well loved toy poodle of Anzu's Granny Baba who's just a day older than her. I remember the first time we introduced them to each other, it was an instant love for lil Anz. Maru Chan was kinda aloof at that time, hmmm maybe she was shy (or scared). She's not a jealous dog. You rarely hear her barks.. We are so careful to keep a close eye on the two of them when they are together but Maru Chan has never even flinched when Anzu gets too excited and tries to grab her face (ears, eyes, tail, etc.). However, we always let the dog know she's being a good girl and also teach Anzu to be more caress when grabbing her.

The positive reinforcement is always great for dogs -- and for kids as well.

Here's one of the many video clips of them taken last month (february 2010)....

Enjoy watching =)