The thing is, we don't have any decent family photos. We can't get one but we always try.

Of course I'd like to have a perfect shot but with unsuccessful tries, we always end up just being us, the so-called candid posers.

Photos taken during the holidays, Christmas and New Year's eve

To have a perfect family photo doesn't have to mean hauling everyone off to the photo studios or hire a professional photographer. Digital cameras (SLRs, and point and shoot) have become better and more affordable. Photo editing softwares are now available online. Tripod is ideal whether or not you want to be in the photograph (thanks again technology)

You just have to be creative and feel like a pro.

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Even though we all have moved on already to all things 2011, I thought I'd share with you a little wrap up of how we spent our Christmas last year since I didn't have the chance to blog about it before new year.

I thought we were going to celebrate it in our new home but since our "moving date" got a little delayed, we decided to have our Christmas party at my cousin's house instead.

It was a bit festive because each of us brought a fair share of foods and drinks. My cousin cooked yummy filipino foods. My mom brought roast chicken, filipino delicacies, and 2 bottles of champagne. My uncle also brought roast chicken and snacks. Yours truly planned to cook her specialties but we didn't have time so we ordered foods instead. A friend of ours who didn't make it to the party delighted us with her special "mochi" as one of our desserts.

Now camera rolls on for camera freaks!

I have to Thank technology so much for enabling families and friends who might otherwise be apart, to see and talk to each other especially for special occassions like this. It may be virtual but it feels so good to feel closer to our loveones and friends in other parts of the world. Somehow eases the lonely part of me :)

This may be late but I'd like to thank my friends online for all the holiday greetings via facebook, twitter and comments :)

Thanks to Mrs. Cottrill (lovely Ate Rose) for this wonderful meme that indeed brings nostalgic memoirs.

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Yey I'm excited to make my first entry for Mommy and Me meme. I've been wanting to join since forever..

Finally, I got a time to sit back and focus myself again into blogging. Hoping to stay active and focused. But I guess I have to work on improving my time management skills first so I can spend less time procastinating. I always love to blog, more specifically mommy/baby blogging. It’s always been sort of a therapy for me. And not just about writing but also being able to hop on to other mommy bloggers' blogs that are so worthwhile to read.


here is our first Mommy and Me photo entry taken last month during our first night in our new home :)


When you become a mother, you stop being the picture and start being the frame

(aww it's totally true AF4.gif image by kawaii-bebeAF4.gif image by kawaii-bebeAF4.gif image by kawaii-bebe...)

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Azumi is such an energetic kid. She loves going out. Most of the time, she wants to walk without her hands being held. She runs whenever I try to warn her to stay beside me ---she loves being chase sometimes. SO I wouldn't dream of not bringing her stroller whenever we are out, especially if it's just the two us. It's quite tiring to bring a toddler to a crowded place like malls, amusement parks, parks, etc.

Last week, I bought her a new stroller. I've thought about it hundred times because that would gonna be her 4th. Oh why?

Because the first one was purchased online. It was big and too bulky that I had to look for a lighter substitute after 3 months of using it. The third was a present from my Mom. It was an umbrella type and very useful for walk.

Anyway, I'm glad that the stroller I just purchased was just what I needed. Plus it wasn't that expensive (bought it for ¥7,000 ~).

Katoji New York Baby

Katoji New York BabyLittle Anzy had her first ride and enjoyed it.

I love how lightweight it is and how it easily folds up. The basket is quite huge, very useful for storing our things and shopping bags. I also love the reclining that Anzu slept so well as it it comfortable and stable :)

She is 27 months and I don't find it weird if I still use this kind of baby gear (although some does).



The end of the first 10 days of 2011 is here already. I had to wish a quick “Happy New Year,” as the door for that phrase is quickly closing in.

Happy New Year to all of you reading this.

I hope that this year, 2011 is even more exciting and productive year for everyone.

2010 was indeed a wonderful year for us and I'm very grateful for everything that we have achieved and received.

Yes I know, lately I haven't been really blogging actively. Last quarter of last year was the busiest months for me. I had so many things to share but so little time. I do hope I can find time to make entries of those and share them via Ate Rose's meme called Nostalgia.

Nevertheless, I'm sharing some of our New Year's eve photos

Soba for long life AF5.gif image by kawaii-bebe

Lil Anzu and me eating Soba prepared by HoneyB AF5.gif image by kawaii-bebe

Picture picture few minutes before the countdown AF5.gif image by kawaii-bebe

We had a simple and yet fun celebration in our new home sweet home. During the countdown, I was talking with my family in the Philippines while me and honeyB was having a happy new year kiss lol ( no posting here of course, check my other
blog soon )

Here’s to an extraordinary and inspired year 2011!

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