Mothers' cliche, time sure does fly...

This was taken when Azumi was barely 7 weeks old.

Well, it really does seem like just yesterday that me and my cutie girl were hanging out in the bedroom almost the whole day. She was such a different person then. Back in her baby blob stage. She slept and nursed and slept and nursed. Sweet smiles and giggles when awake. I would always think what a cool thing to be her mom.

There were times at night we would wake up because she was crying. But we had some of our best threesome moments together during those nights.

I’m really so much fun being her mom (and so as her dad) -- teaching her about the world while the world is learning from her at the same time lol.

21 blissful months. We made it this far. We’re doing fine. Three more months to go before the big day.

Ohh baby don’t go too fast. I’m still trying to absorb this all in!



One of the reasons why I love Japan is the Parks, may it be theme parks and public parks. Every city has a number of public parks, mostly are equipped with washrooms and fresh water even in very remote areas.

Here I'm sharing our latest Park Hopping Photos.

At Showa Kinnen Park (Tachikawa City, Tokyo)

Parks nearby

There are lots of small parks in our neighborhood. The nearest park is just about 20 steps away from our house. Well it's already summer here, I thought we can go out and take a walk more often, but summer in Japan is very hot and humid. As in you rather stay at home play or watch Barneys and Dora with your little kid than take her to the parks. Seriously, nowadays I have to wait for sunset before going out.

Ooopss... our darling taking Haru Chan to the park...

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Anzu was 7 months old when we took her with us in the nearest Amusement Park in our place, Yomiuriland. As expected, we weren't allowed to go on a kiddie rides yet because of the age and height requirement. Kids must be atleast 2 years old and some rides allow the kids with the height of atleast 90cm.

That's why my poor Azumi and her lil cousin Ryukun just enjoyed looking around, eating, and playing "peek a boo" once in awhile to each other on their respective strollers lol.

Some attractions of Yomiuriland.

Check their website HERE (english version available)

Anzu was 12 months old when I took her to Sanrio Puroland because there was a halloween event for the kids. She wore a bumblebee costume. Then again, she wasn't allowed ( yet )to take the rides so we enjoyed ourselves watching musical shows, magic, walking around and taking photos with Sanrio Characters. Too bad, she was scared of them so I didn't have a decent picture with Hello Kitty.

Sanrio Puroland is an indoor amusement park especially designed for toddlers. However, strollers/babycars are not allowed inside.

Check their website HERE (english version available)

Finally, Anzu to experience her first ever ride in an amusement park - Carousel Merry Go Round at Sea Paradise

This is the only decent picture we have lol (ako lang ang naka-pose)

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Carrying a 1.8kg of rice cake is one of the highlights of our lil darling's First Birthday.

This is a traditional gift given by Okasan --my mom's mother in law who loves and adores Azumi so much, treats her like her own great grand daughter.

Well here's another interesting Japanese custom which might sound a bit pitiless to celebrate the child's first birthday in Japan.

The celebrant is asked to carry 1.8 kg worth of rice cake or mochi on their back to wish them a happy and long life.

This special rice cake or mochi is traditionally called Issho Mochi ( 一升餅 ), made to be part of the celebration. It's kinda heavy so babies are usually assisted to be able to walk even just a few steps. This also symbolizes the parents’ hope that the child will never go hungry throughout his or her lifetime.

Azumi successfully carried the mochi for few seconds assisted by us. The mochi is round which symbolizes "no trouble". So we are hoping that this practice brings our love child a long life with no troubles.

Anzu carrying her Issho Mochi



It's amazing watching this little person in our house learn about language.

Such fascinating development milestones to witness her learn how to express what she wants with different sounds and different emphases... learning ABCs and numbers... understanding what you say... learning few phrases or sentences and then singing.

She turned 21 months old this week. This past 2 months was all about learning and fun. I'm thrilled that she's always willing to learn. She's more like cooperative everytime I put her to nap in the afternoon. I don't know why she's always hyper before sleeping.

I just uploaded these videos recently. All taken at the same day. She was 19 months here. Enjoy watching =) We're always like this (been our routine before sleeping)...

Learning the ABC

Learning the ABC sounds and some words...

Recognizing illustrations

More videos
Baby Sleep Now 1
Baby Sleep Now 2
Anzu Saying I love You
Anzu Saying I love You

Hey Azumi, could you tell us how can we get to the library?

We're actually putting effort of raising her be a bilingual kid (multilingual if possible). I've been speaking to her in english while everybody speaks to her in Nippongo. I hope it will turn out fine coz some people think it will only confuse her, switching language every now and then.. Do you find this a good method or should we try something else? Advices are much appreciated.. Thank you, as always.

Have a nice weekend =)


Having a baby in a different culture could be challenging and surprising, and so as being married to a foreigner. You never know how deeply ingrained your culture is until you live in a different country or marry a foreigner. But then all would end up so well when both of you are willing to adapt.

I didn'T have a hard time adjusting since I've been going/living here for quite a long time. When we got pregnant to our little bundle of Joy, surprisingly I discovered that there are still more customs and traditions that are so new to me. One of these customs is gift-giving which seems to be important to Japanese. The gift giving is a major custom and sort of a social duty or obligation with gifts being given on special occasions. The emphasis is not on the gift itself but on the art of gift giving, so nothing to worry about expensive or inexpensive gifts.

When Azumi was born, we received gifts from Hubby's relatives and friends, my mom's inlaws, neighbors, and some friends. Most were given in the form of cash enclosed in a special envelope called Oiwai Bukkuro ( お祝い ).

This gift giving itself called Go-shussan Iwai. (shussan literally means childbirth)

Special envelopes called Oiwai Bukkuro .. Oiwai (iwai) literally means to celebrate or to congratulate.

Go-Shussan Iwai is the gifts for healthy newborns. The gift is usually given a week after the babies birth and is usually things like clothing, toys, memorabilias, and/or cash.

The cash we received is quite surprising for me. If only I could give birth every year I will.. --lol just kidding.



October 8, 2008 at 7:31 pm, our little bundle of joy came out to join us in our world.

I remember how unprepared we were during the day my doctor asked me to stay in the hospital when it was supposed to be one of my regular check up. I spend the night alone because visitors weren't allowed to stay in until 8pm. I thought I was lucky that I won't go through the labor pain because my water bag has already broken during the day and still didn't feel anything. I felt the twinge of pain at exactly 9pm and the contractions continued til the next day. The pain was bearable not until 1pm. Fortunately for us, we have amazing family who jumped in at moment’s notice to cheer me up and give me courage. The abundance of calls, emails, and just general well wishes from my relatives and friends has been overwhelming and truly inspired me.

Here's the greatest thing happened to our lives..

We forgot to bring the videocam, the camera inside the DR. I only have my phone with me which was LOWBAT.. But I'm so glad I got to take a short clip of her first few minutes.
Daddy couldn't take his eyes off of her

Life has indeed changed more than we thought. I became a selfless and a better person. No one in the world could have prepared me for how much love I have for this little person. She's the greatest thing ever happened in our lives.

Those 23 hours of labor pain turned out to be the sweetest pain the moment I laid my eyes on her. Giving birth to her is the most memorable, unforgettable, and wonderful experience I've ever had.