We're such homebodies this month . Im so afraid to catch that Influenza virus which is already in Tokyo grrr. Children are most likely to be infected... I miss bonding with my lil dolly in our favorite place, Tachikawa huhuh... Honey would drive for us anywhere we want to go anytime, but I miss riding a train and have leisure walk with my baby. Besides, I choose not to bring my dolly in a crowded places such as malls =( until she gets her immunization on October...

It's better to prevent than cure right? I hope this epidemic would end sooner... I hate seeing news about influenza blah blah.... I miss going to a crowded places without wearing a mask.

Anyway, Im sharing one of our August Weekend get-away instead. It was my dolly's first time to a Zoo Park. We were supposed to go on a Safari Park, but unluckily it was close 33C.gif image by kawaii-bebe. So we went to a small zoo park instead. It's so small and nothing unusual (atleast for me) but my dolly enjoyed looking and pointing at different animals.

Honey is such a sweet dad. He would patiently teach Anzu everything about nature and seems they understand each other lol. Anzu was just so cute listening to his dad and responding back by her "uh uh"ss, as if she's saying "wow.. really?... look dad!" . Seems to prove that kids are more interested in nature.

It was such a nice and simple weekend with my loves. We had Yakiniku
afterwards and geesh I ate too much... can't help ordering for another 2 extra rice lol.

More weekend bugs here


My favorite baby in the whole world has so many favorites as I assume. These include:

*Favorite chair which is attachable to the dining table. She's comfortable and seems to behave well lol

*Peaches as her favorite fruit. She could eat a whole one and would ask for more...

*Guess who is her favorite playmate (aside from her dad lol)? Her granny's toy poodle, Maru Chan. I'll show some hilarious videos next time

*She has 3 different strollers, the Pink one is her favorite because she could easily fall asleep and seems to be so comfortable too when awake. This is also my favorite.

*Her toys.. she loves pressing buttons and playing with the balls.

Aside from the photos above, she loves watching Brainy Baby Collections, Barneys and NHK (japan's local channel for kids). You would see her so entertained. So cute when she's dancing, giggles, and amused.

More Lovely kids with their favorites here... Share yours too...
mommy moments

Our lil dolly Anzu's latest excitement is climbing up stairs and walking. But let's talk about the latter excitement.

The white pair is actually her first shoes which her granny Baba purchased in babies' r us, along with her new bike (haven't posted it yet). It's still big for Anzu yet so I bought her a new pair of sneakers few days after while we were waiting for her dad. I didn't have intentions of buying her pink shoes but that's the only pair available for her size. It's cute though and its so girly.

It was funny when she was trying on her first shoes. She acted very oddly with them on her feet. She seemed afraid to stand up. But after few minutes, she got used to it. ALthough I had kinda hard time putting them on coz she didn't like it.

Few days after, she's really ready to put them to use. Now she loves taking them on wherever she can go. Yesterday, we had walk in the late afternoon with my mom's MIL, Okasan and her dog Haru Chan... It's been awhile for her to have a good walk eversince she had severe backpains early this year. It's also Anzu's first time to walk with her. Actually, we used to walk together when I was pregnant. She comes by to our house, leaving me no choice but to go with her lol.

Anyway, showing some photos where Anzu was wearing her kawaii shoes. And also my loving friendly neighbors who adore Azumi so much. I love them so much.

Can't believe that shoes are now included in my baby shopping lists. I kinda felt weird at first or it just hit me a bit. I was reminded that big changes has already began. My baby is becoming much less of a baby and getting more like of a kid everyday. She still can't take her few steps without holding onto something but she's getting there. NO need to rush.

Two weeks from now, our lil dolly Anzu will be graduating for toddlerhood. And I still have this smallest bit of denial lol.


This has been long overdue but it's not too late to extend my appreciation to Maritess of charlottev.com and Niko of nikoganda.com. Thank you so much for this award.


The award implies:

Green: symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow : represents the guys who are always active
Blue : symbolizes the bloggers with PR
Platform Red : symbolizes that we are all equal and that we are brothers and sisters


And this Loyal Award and You Cheer Me Up is also given by Niko. Thanks girl babydoll-06.gif image by kawaii-bebe

I'd like to share these lovely awards to lovely mommies online:

(some of you may already received these, but still im giving it again.. you may grab if you have time =) )


I don't exactly remember what was my dolly's reaction here.. She was actually having a good time looking at her own reflection while we were at the Baby Room for feeding. I think I was asking her to go back to her seat and eat while I was capturing her being amused with herself at the same time. Maybe that was why she gave me that kind of irritated face lol..

So yet, this is one completely candid I guess.

Check this out for more


No no.. not yet a halloween photos...


Yet another healthy meal for my lil dolly Anzu ...

A mellow yellowy Pumpkin =)

Im so glad she's not picky when it comes to food, not like her Mum and Dad (ahemm sucks though).. I guess it's important to be opt for organic as early as possible for our babies. I usually serve one kind of fruit for her side dish / dessert, and a vegetable rice porridge as her main dish. Introducing one vegetable at a time is definitely a great idea...


Digging my old photo files made me almost cry... I've got so many treasure photos to share.. Every photos has a story but of course, I couldn't share them as much as I wanted to. Let's just let these chosen photos say it all...


2005 is the year where I had the biggest changes in my life.
Meeting "The One"
Getting To know Each Other

White Christmas
First time I spent Christmas in cold winter of Japan with my "The One" without my loveones in the Philippines.
It was a bit sad but Honey just knew how to fill out the loneliness in me.
He planned a surprise dinner at his pad.
I wonder when would he gonna do that again lol

Just The Two Us
We took our time slowly..
enjoyed being single but attached.
Dining out, out of towns, clubbing, Out of blue Joyrides
We were just having fun even just the two of us.
I love being inlove..

Happy Together
Time to step into the next level...
Dining out with my family, family trips et al.
The Proposal
The civil marriage

Marriage Life
The Pregnancy
Baby Shower with friends and loveones in PI

You Change My Life In A Moment
The 22 hours of Labor and giving a natural birth without epidural was all worth it!

More Lovely and Treasure Photos here... Share yours too...
mommy moments


My lil dolly has become more of a sweet baby . She hugs you when you ask her. She loves to be cuddled. Such a sweet baby that's why her grannies just can't get enough of her, especially my Mom who prefers to be called as "Mamu"... what's wrong with being called "Lola"? lol.. This is the trend anyway.. i love you mom

Anyway, this may sound cliche but it's really true that we would never know how much we would ever appreciate our parents until we have a kid of our own. Lil Anzu is one lucky to have her generous and loving grandparents on her dad's side within under a half-hour drive from our home, and a cool and hip grandma who lives a few blocks away...

I can't wait for my Dad to see her first and only grandchild this year (hopefully). Still planning how to surprise him and our huge number of family in Philippines =) I know they are all waiting, not for me anymore... You know who



We love peaches, yes we do...

Just one of the days where me and my little kawaii dollie were eating our favorite fruit, peaches. She can even finish 1 in less than 30 mins.. But yeah, i don't let her eat the whole peach, I just unintentionally let her once coz i was also busy eating mine... Thank God she didn't felt anything wrong afterwards, just a satisfied full baby.

I actually have kind of love it only lately... didn't know that it's so gloriously delicious.. It has officially became our favorite summer fruit, effective last August 2009 lol..


Hello dearies

Ive been thinking since July on how can I give thanks to the regular readers of this blog . As much as I wanted to give something to all of you, my budget just couldn't lol. SO now I decided to host my very first give-away as a way of saying THANK YOU for watching my baby grow with us by visiting here. It has been long overdue. It's about time. My blog is a year old and months already, according to the purchased-date of my domain (August 2008) but only became seriously active on January.. Im actually surprised to realized that I have been active for months and posted over 100 posts already. That's indeed a great achievement for me coz I wasn't really into writing, and having a blog where I share some personal happenings in my life wasn't included in my list of interests then. Well everything just fell into place. I was pregnant, bummed, et al..

Anyway, to make my long story of how i started blogging short, blogging has become a part of my daily routine. Specifically, blogging about my little girl. Just can't get enough, I even made a mini-blog for her lol. Well, this is me (as for now). I enjoy documenting our journey together and share them to everyone. I never thought that we can also make real friends online.

Cutting this out, I'll be having Give-Away Contest soon. This is not to celebrate my blogbirth coz it's already late.. Just my way of Thanksgiving.

I am giving away......

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 $25 worth of Gift Certificate for Shutterfly for 2 partcipants since Photobooks are now in. Im so thrilled to give them away. YOu can use it to create your own Photobook or Prints thru Shutterfly. I tell you, Ive already tried creating from them and couldn't be happier with the results. Good quality and the colors are vibrant plus it has a story board which would give you less time in editing.

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The Thanksgiving Giveaways starts on Sept 21.. =) ill be posting the full contest's details.

Generous sponsors may email me labambita@yahoo.com or Contact Me so we can keep in touch easily


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Only those who email me will be considered sponsors. I should know your email of course to keep in touch.

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Summer here in Japan is almost finished .. That's what I think because BER months have just began . I asked hubby if it's already Autumn, but he didn't gave me the exact answer.-- it's like "uhhh not yet... hmm yeah i think so... it's already fall---" .. How come he wasn'T sure?!!! Is he also a foreigner in his homeland? Just kidding...

Blame the global warming. Our world is ahead or behind the weatherly schedule. One day, it's so hot, and suddenly the rain pours .

Anywayz.... Timingly, Ive got loads of photos of my dear dolly wearing HAT which happened to be the assignment for this week's Mommy Moments..

I don't wanna bore you with so many photos, but this would just take not less than a minute of your time

you might have seen these photos though...

Be sure to visit the Host's Page and Add your entry ok
mommy moments


Gosh, my baby has lived almost a whole year. One more month to go before we graduate her from being a baby and enroll in the world of Todlerhood huhuhu... I feel a smallest bit of denial.

Lookie how much she looks like more of kid nowadays, as I distracted her to snap a little bow of her whimsy hair. Her Dad didn't like it although he find her pretty with those horns. He's also in denial lol.

11 months of wonderful life with Baby Anzu. I'm starting to get sentimental about letting her explore more on her own. We may be lucky coz eversince she doesn't want to be always held. She loves the floor more and keeps on moving around the house as she already figured out how to lift that tummy off the ground when crawling. Too mobile that I feel like we're chasing her all the time .

There were so many "firstS" and milestones last month that I had hard time keeping some of them up online. --first real words "papa" "hello" "hi", waving "hi" and "Bye", first pool experience, first matsuri, standing, --- there's basically something new everyday .

Wasn't it just only yesterday when we were a bit scared of putting her delicate body on a bath for the first time? I was really nervous that I might slipped her out on my slippery hand so Honey took the charge of bathing her, and I was just a helper for months then. One year is just around the corner.

If only I could stop my baby from growing I would, but honestly, I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's just that time runs really fast (can't just Mr. Time have a slow walk instead??? lol corny).

You're doing just fine baby... we'll always be here to help you figure out how would you fit in to this world. Love you! HAPPY 11 months old!