Thank God it's friday.

Yesterday's weather was great. We took our usual walking routine, suddenly rode a bus. It was Anzu's first time to ride a bus and she never gave me a hard time. She's behave and looking around the other passenger, even smiling at them. The bus driver was so nice, he carried Anzu's stroller inside and even put a belt in it for security.

SO there, we stopped at a station and had my late lunch... SO yummy and cheap. I spent ¥1000 ($10) for a cake, pasta, and drink.

After a yummy meal, time for a leisure walk. We window shopped and saw a big sale for halloween costumes. SO glad there was still available size.

That's how we spent our friday afternoon.

Happy Halloween


Yosh! Finally, I am gonna announce the three lucky participants who were picked by Random.Org. As much as I want to give something to all of you but the prizes are only for lucky 4 participants with the # 1 , # 27 , and # 40. There were 456 entries in total...

Congrats to Gengen of Rewards Station

She just won the ff:

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Congrats to Redamethyst of Earn Money Online with Red

She just won the ff:

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Congrats to Yami of Mom Writes for a Cause

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Congrats to Melandria of My Journey to Life for winning the Bonus Prize

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Thank you all for joining and supporting my first contest.


I really want to thank you for visiting my precious baby blog. Most of you have inspired me in different aspects. Your warm messages and comments always bring a positive outlook throughout the day and it inspires me to write more lol. I really wasn't into writing and sharing my life publicly, I guess my baby changed me so much, not only my lifestyle but also my hobbies and one of those is blogging.. I never thought that I could also learn so much from others by reading their blogs.



This is what I usually prepare for my lil dolly's morning meal... Yogurt for babies, Juice and fresh cut fruit. Fruits may vary everyday.

Apple flavored water, Yogurt, and Melon

Apple flavored Water, Yogurt, and Mango

Kaki, and Yogurt

Yogurt, Juice, and banana

I love preparing baby foods for my lil girl.. Not only easy but also healthy...


Tantrums tantrums.. Our lil girl is just like the other kids. She's so full of personality which also means she's got CRazy moods. SHe has great moods most of the time, but there are times she suddenly become a downright diva moody lil girl. But me? I'm her mom that's why I love them all... well perhaps most of the time if not all the time lol

Occassionally, she acts like this when she's cranky, tired, sleepy, hungry, bored or whatever.. there are actually times that I don't really understand. But I guess that's just normal for growing babies.

But I'm just thankful (or lucky) because for most part, Our lil girl is just fun to be around. Maybe its because we trained her to be like that.. --not actually "train"-- hmm can't think of the right term at the moment, basta sinanay lang siguro namin sya tumatawa.

When she cries hard, we hug her and let her calm first before we try to talk and entertain her. Eversince her teeth erupted, there were nights na she wakes up crying. Is it really because of the teething or just a bad dream?

It really doesn't matter. Tantrums is perfectly normal for any kids. Instead of stressing myself, I should be glad for it lol. Just think about it like this. Too much of good things do not give you a clear outlook of how the way life really works. WHen my baby is in bad mood, it makes me appreciate those tender and fun moments much more. It also reminds me that Balance makes everything better.

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Last Saturday, our lil girl was invited to watch Undokai (or sports day as we may call it in english) at my mom's MIL's school which is just a block away from our home.

In Japan it seems as if there's a big event for every occasion, and the idea of encouraging a sports-minded culture is not outside the realm of reasons to celebrate. If you're following KIZUNA (my good ol friend ate clang) and Seiko's Diary, you may already have known what Undokai is all about. It's a sports festival which is one of the highlights of the year for many young Japanese students. An all day affair which is attended not only the family members but also oftentimes the extended family and close friends.

Parents also get to participate in the games. My gosh, I feel pressured just thinking about it. I should ready myself in the coming years when my baby will finally be attending her kindergarten. Usually Moms rise early in the morning to prepare obento (lunchboxes) which really add more appeal to that event. Some kids may even show off their Obento with their classmates. Have you seen Ate Clang's Obentos?

ANyway showing off my lil dolly Anzu again. As usual, my camera was with me because it was her first time to watch an UNDOKAI. Of course, I wouldn't want to missed to capture her one of HER First FIRSTS...

We were told to watch from the 2nd floor instead beacause it was crowded on the ground.
Feeling VIP lol..
Anzu kept on cheering the kids by waving and clapping with enthusiasm in her face.. Can't help but to catch some attention because we were the only one watching upstairs that's why I decided to go on the ground and be with the crowd lol It's more fun..

Look at her clapping heheh...
gosh im so fat! i really need to diet haha
So glad we came, she was really having fun.
Lil Anzu with Aunt Hisayo and the head teacher ( i forgot the name).

After a long day,
its time to be a camwhore at our front yard.
I was a bit surprised when my baby knocked our door calling his papa...

Our great weekend didn't end up here... will post about it next time


After my baby's big day last week, I've become so lazy (to blog) and been pre-occupied with other things. I never thought that it is really tiring to prepare a party in a house. Ive never done that by myself before. It's really different when you're living abroad, there's no one to depend on, unlike in our home in Philippines, we may have helpers around.

Here's my lil dolly princess' birthday cake. Don't be deceived, I didn't baked this lol. Wish I could someday (like what Ate Clang does)

My ever favorite Strawberry Short Cake from Fujiya.

Looks Yummy! Well it was... and again--- I forgot my diet. How couldn't I? My FIL prepared almost all these foods (except the caldereta lol). The pasta and those chicken strips are the best! It was like we ate in a five star restaurant.

Actually, my F I L is a retired Chef in one of the famous five star hotel in Japan, The Hotel Otani. Hubby and I actually planned to cook, but when my In-laws came, they took over.

It was a simple and yet so Happy, intimate and an adorable first birthday celebration of our lil girl, only with our loveones. Wish I could have invited more but that would be definitely next time, with a bigger venue. Looking forward to celebrate her next Big day with you, my friends and loveones in the Philippines.

Going to malls is a leisure time for me and my dolly princess. We could spend half a day by window shopping and mall hopping. I take it as the easiest form of my exercise since it takes long hours of walking without even noticing it lol.

Lil Anzu loves being outside. She's always been coopertive and behave. She can be noisy sometimes but it's cute. She loves looking around and enjoys the attention she gets from strangers lol How couldn't they notice her? She smiles and wave her hands to say 'HI' at everyone who looks at her. She has already become the darling of baby Gap staffs. I never really had hard time being with her during shopping. She falls asleep in her stroller and seems so comfortable and peaceful. When it's time for nappy change and feeding, there are Baby Rooms available with complete Baby Facilities. Everything is so convenient.

That's why going to malls has became our official "Leisure time" (without honey lol)

Enjoy my music. Our Malling Photos' Slides

I just hope that my lil girl stays as behave as she is in the coming months... Now that she can walk, you know--- toddlers could be so aggressive and energetic.

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