Sharing Anzu's blue moments in the month of April...

mommy moments

Day 98 of 2010's ( thurs, apr 8)

On her 18th month day...

Day 101 of 2010's ( sun, apr 11)

Anzu's first Bar experience... ooppss, that was a wholesome bar owned by my mom's friend..

Day 107 of 2010's ( sat, apr 17)

With her loving, cutie and equally energetic cousin, Ryu Kun during our family welcome party of my dear lil sis...

Day 110 of 2010's ( tues, apr 20)

With Anzu's friend, Nonoka Chan, and her mom Hitomo San, after our class..

Day 117 of 2010's ( tues apr 21)

First sea viewing experience at Chiba during the last day of our get-away with my inlaws...


I've been wanting to post this since last week but I'm so pre-occupied with other things -- my lil Anzu's Aunt NIX is here in town again for a 6-week vacation. Remember her? She's my dear lil sissy. You'd probably see alot of her photos here at Anzu's blog in the next couple of days.

In the midst of the crazy weather, Spring is pretty much here already but for some natural reasons, it's still cold.

One of the best things I love about Spring is the Cherry Blossoms or the so-called SAKURA. These beautiful trees are planted almost all over the cities and they just give you a magical feeling even when you're just looking at them. Cities were filled with gorgeous cherry blossoms. I wish they could last longer than 2 weeks...


Please take a look at our Cherry Blossoms Adventure... and enjoy its beauty (nevermind our faces lol)..

Day 99 and Day 100 of 2010's ( fri-sat, apr 9-10)

at Tama Center Tokyo and Okutama Tokyo..

I'll be gone for 2 days (April 26-27).. We're going out of town I'll make up to all of you when I get back


mommy moments

Well this week's mommy momenters are full of red... I didn't realized that our Kawaii Prinsesa has lots of Red things to share... so let's start our photobragging lol....

Sweet and Tempting Baby Foods ...

First Bicycle

My Lil Prinsesa's Issho Mochi (another part of japanese culture)

First Birthday Cake

Kawaii Anzy's Ohinasama Dolls

Kawaii Gifts from Ate Seiko, Ate Clang, and Ate Ian

Azumi with her great Granny, Okasan at their school's playfield

and the last but not the least...
Our Lil Kawaii Prinsesa's latest pic (apr 21) ...