How was your christmas with your kids or loveones? Ours was simple, intimate and special... It was our baby's first Christmas...

We were thinking whether we'll going to have a christmas party with some loveones (Mom, brother, cuzin and her family...) or just have it celebrate outside with illuminations around, just the three of us... Since we already had a pre-christmas Sukiyaki lunch with our loveones here last Dec 23, we decided to celebrate Christmas Eve outside, at the Tama Center.

Hopefully, we could celebrate our Christmas in the Philippines next year, with our huge number of family, relatives, and friends...

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Merry Christmas to All of you.

Im sure you're having a great time with your loveones or friends... if not, hmmm cheer Up, there's still so much things ahead for you next year.

My bebe wants to greet you too....


ohhh pretty soon, our lil princess will gonna say her first words, shout, roll, crawl, eat solids, etc.

Will I still be a stay at home mom til next year 2009?

Oh gosh I just can't afford not to witness her 'first' things...

Photos of Azumi dated 11/29 to 12/04 HERE CLICK MEclick mranzu's pics.


Our baby is developing so fast. She's already two months old since December 8.

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704She can now sleep through the night although sometimes she wakes up when she's hungry but fells asleep after 2-5 mins of feeding. There are times when she just want to suck my breast for comfort or security I guess then falls asleep right away. She has her own style of sucking and that makes us laugh sometimes.

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704SHe makes us pretty tired sometimes, with all that crying, changing diaphers, feeding, etc, because baby has bio rythms too, but you know, when you see that little gummy grin makes it all worthwhile. I was the one who saw her first real smile, it was when I was so tired from cleaning the house then she waked up crying maybe because of bad dream, then when she calmed down, she stared at me and suddenly showed that real real real smile... godd, I was so happy and got excited. Since then, she smiles back to us when we look at her... Sometimes it's her smile that I see first when I wake up in the morning, and her daddy when he comes home from his morning job, our bonding time before I make breakfast or brunch. She really makes our day

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704She makes sounds when we talk to her. She can now call our attention when we're doing our thing by that "ahhhhhhhhhhs, ". Sometimes she wakes me up in the morning with her noises... a very good thing to start a wonderful day

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704She kicks and waves her hands when she's happy even when she's just alone in her crib, staring those stuff animals.

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704She's now poopooing regularly, sometimes twice a day. We've discovered a technique for that =) We know when she's finished because she makes noises afterwards.

2heartsicon.gif image by bams704She's becoming heavier. Sakit na nga ng hands ko when I carry her, but i dont care, I love cuddling her especially when she's in the mood.

She's so kawaii...

this was taken on Dec 8.

More pictures HERE, my multiply account.

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Went shopping last Sunday, November 23... We bought her a swing at Babies r Us and so glad she's loving it.


This was taken last 11 / 22. She was 45 days old =) It was almost 1pm. Azumi can now sleep straight for 7-9 hours without waking up in the middle of the night. She usually wakes up around 7-8 am for a lil breastfeeding, then fall asleep again and usually wakes up during lunch time or after lunch.