I have baked muffins for the first time in my life for my little Azumi!!!

Sounds silly but I've never baked any cake before. I've been wanting to but I am not good at instructions. I get inspired though whenever I see my mommy friends' cakes and cupcakes photos in their FB wall. Just waiting for my time

And now that Valentine's day is just around the corner which we usually celebrate the other way around, instead of buying chocolates for my dear honeyb, I'm gonna bake cupcakes or muffins for a change...

Since I'm terrible with instructions, I bought baking kits from Plaza instead.

Before the big day comes (which I plan to do on a monday morning), I wanted to try it first.

Petit Muffin kit for my first ever muffins :)

It comes with easy instructions, just mix the flour with unsalted butter and eggs. It's up to you if you want to put choco chips or nuts :) Just be creative. Warm the microwave oven for 2 mins (170 degrees), then put the muffins inside and set it again for 20 mins.


It was so delish!

Could this be the start of my baking career? I guess so but I need more inspirations.. Please share/tag your cake/cupcakes photos to me..

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