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AZUMI My Kawaii Princess' Story

Our Princess` name is Angela Azumi Mandani Takeshita, born on Ocotber 8, 2008, at exactly 7:31 in the evening, Tokyo Time, in Kaku Maternity Clinic.

Giving birth to her was the most unforgettable and memorable moment of our lives
. I had 22 hours of labor and I could I honestly say that during those times, I felt like I was dying and promised myself not to have another child again. I almost ask everyone to give birth at the C-section to not prolong the pain, thank God I didn't. Well, that was just a thought of the moment. But you know, as soon as I saw our lil angel, those pains had turned out to be the sweetest pain of my life. I regretted what I said earlier... I would definitely want another child, well atleast two more lovely kids.

Here are Some Facts about Azumi:

We call her Azumi, or Anzu for short =)

Anzu has lots of niknames actually. Sometimes we call her Chibi, Pekpek Chan, or Azumi-Azumi-Chan and you would definitely see her gummy grinny smile, or if she's in the mood, she would laugh outloud.... jolly baby

also know as my "lil dolly princess" and my kawaii princess.. Just a unique endearment instead of sweetheart or baby which i created to name for her, don't be confuse if you'd read these phrases in my posts..

She's a half Filipino and Japanese. Her mom is from the land of beautiful girls Philippines lol... and her goodlooking Dad is a Japanese.

She's the first grandchild of my parents (I'm the eldest in the family that's why...) while she's the second grandchild on her Dad's side.

Enjoys any music kind of music. She actually seems to carry a tune at 7 months old.

We began to co-sleep when she was 4 months old although she still uses her 2 cribs during the day, one at the living room, and the other at our room. The wooden crib was given by her Mamita, while the other one, New York Crib was from my cousin, Kristal.

She also has 3 strollers, the lightweight contours (jogger), the normal stroller, and the umbrella type =) Ok we bought the first stroller online, so when it was delivered, we never expect it to be bulky, about 13 kilos... SO we bought again, the lighter one which we usually bring for shopping, etc. The umbrella type was given by her Mamita. We use the jogger for a walk.

daddy's lil princess

mommy's baby

Lucky Baby Girl
**updates without prior notice**

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