False Alarm


I thought I was going to deliver the other day coz I had blood discharge…. I called everyone and they`re telling me that its time… No its not, i dont want my baby`s bday to be August for some reasons.. I dont want pre-term labor, I still prefer normal so I could have many kids like my dad heheh… Buti na lang, after 3 changes of napkins, it stopped =) ALthough while waiting for honey to come home, I packed all my things, my clothes, towels, etc. di pa pala ako prepared, dami kulang, but of course my baby`s clothes were already prepared…. So glad, False alarm.

Yesterday, I had my regular check up… Nice, one of my fave doctors Fugawa Sensei ( dr. fugawa, yeah men mga doctors ko kainis) ang in-charge on my schedule…. He`s so nice like dr. Yamaguchi. He always makes an effort to explaine to me everything, in english and japanese, I prefer japanese kasi I dont understand his english hehe… He always patiently waits for a good position to print my 3d/4d… unlike Dr. Tanaka, lazy.. he always shoots weird unrecognizable positions =(….

sayang di colored =(

Well anyways, everything was fine but I should take a total rest daw, no long walks, no driving, no heavy chores…. OK! =) BUt before going home to be like a couch potato, I should treat myself first.. kaya i went shopping, not clothes, I finally bought a camera…. and im loving the feature.

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