Gearing up for something

WOW I glanced upon my archives and I realized I haven't been really posting a decent update (again?) about our little Azumi who's turning 2 next month. Aww we're all excited as we are gearing up for the celebration of this big milestone. This is what keeps me busy (and insane) since August.

So far so good though. I'm always online.. I'm always on chat.. I'm always on the phone.
All these are because of my kiddie party preparations. I can't believe how kiddie parties nowadays have turned into full productions. Oh well, I wish I can have time to rant about that on Anzu's mini blog where I can freely write my thoughts. This blog is GP by the way haha...

Seriously, it will be a (nother) slow blogging for me til next month. I guess I have to break it out --

we're going home to Philippines!!!!

Whew.. I said it.. I've been keeping it to everyone until we're sure.. Well I guess finally we are. I hope and pray that this time, nothing could hinder us from coming home.

So, what have been up aside from my preps?

Sharing some happenings last August...

Day 210 of 2010's

Anzu and her super kulit and yet cutie cousin Ryukun had a private pool party at our house..

Lil Panda and Lil Froggie

Day 222 of 2010's

inside the car, while waiting for Honey...

family picture using the tripod given by my sissy...

Day 223 of 2010's

My pre-birthday surprise to my Honeyb.. too bad, Anzu fell asleep because I had to wait for 12am to blow this surprise..

Day 224 of 2010's

Visiting my late stepfather's grave

Another surprise for my Honey... private room dinner :)
Day 234 of 2010's
A day at Sagamiko Lake

I'd like to thank Ate Rose for the advance love present she sent to Azumi a couple of weeks ago...

Thank you much Ate Rose, with so much love from the Takeshita

Thank you all also for your patience. I really hope to be back on my normal blogging routine soon. I'll update you once my project is 80% finished because you're all invited hehe..


  1. Weehhhh!!As in tuloy na tuloy na talaga kayo?!!I'm so happy for you dear!!I bet miss na miss na kayo ng cool Daddy mo.Magkikita na rin sila ng kawaii apo nya^_^Kelan nga pala ang alis nyo?

  2. wow sis uwi kayo? it's azumi's first time, right? I'm sure Azumi's bday will be filled with glee, giggles and joy! I'm so excited for you sis...we'll pray na nothing can hinder your plan..ang saya!!!!

  3. My highschool classmate who also lives there came home. I attended her son's welcome home party in Jollibee..

  4. I knew it. Hahaha. I am excited to see you po esp. Anzy.

    Ohhh.. love the photo story. At least, you were to post an update. Visit my blogs if you have time sis. Muah.

  5. Love the pictures! Anzu is growing so fast!!! Can't wait to see her photos on her big day!

  6. WOW! That is quite a run down. Looks like you have been very busy. I am glad to hear you are going to get back home for a visit. You'll have to tell us all about it.

  7. There are two event that are forthcoming that are major events for your whole family. One is the forthcoming Birthday celebration of Anzu. And the 2nd is your forthcoming trip to the Philippines. Both events will be big milestone to you and Anzu and your hubby too. It will be the first time that both your hubby (?) and Anzu will visit the Philippines. I'm sure your family are very excited to see you and your family. Advance Happy Birthday to Anzu on her forthcoming 2nd birth anniversary. The pictures are all so gorgeous and fantastic. The last picture tops them all because you are so sexy in the picture. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Wow! Anlaki na ni Azumi sis! Habang lumalaki sya, nagiging magkamukha na tlaga kayo... Ganda mommy, ganda baby...


  9. wow! that's great...Anzu is sooo cute!

  10. Wahooooo, sama ako Bams lol.. Okay lang yan, ako din paminsan minsan lang makabloghop but daily pa rin ako nagaupdate hehehe.. Love all the photos lalo na yung kayong dalwa ni Anzy pretty.. Advance hapy bday!

  11. that's great welcome back home

  12. Sama ako sis to pinas, buti pa kayo going home. Anzu's party is gonna be a blast. Laki na ni anzu at nagiging kamuha mo aside sa mata kasi sa daddy talaga hehe.

    sorry now lng nakabalik dito, my virus puter naman, na dido haha.


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