and you are cordially invited...

This is what keeping me busy for the past months and it's actually happening. I'm looking forward for this special day with loveones and friends. We'll gonna have balloons, foods, cakes --- we'll definitely have so much fun. I really wish everybody could join us but I understand why some of them can't...

More updates when we get back to Japan... I'm so happy to be with our family here in Philippines. I missed them so much. I get to spend some quality time with my friends also..

Thank you Lord for this happiness...

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Genejosh said... [Reply to comment]

wow what a grand celebration! enjoy ur stay in Philippines! we just celebrated Hyzyd's bday yesterday:)

♥peachkins♥ said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Happy Birthday Anzu!!!

Mrs. Kolca said... [Reply to comment]

Please please see us in Manila sis. Been trying to call you and sent you a couple of messages, but I guess you're too busy. Have fun dear. Muah muah to Anzy princess!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday Lil ASnzu, wow big 2....soon to be lady anzu. Bongacious ng celebration sana malapit lng states at pinas ano im sure may dragons would love to meet anzu and celebrate her big day.

Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sure you will have lots of photos and stories to tell when you get back from the Philippines. I am just so sorry that I cannot attend your celebration because I am not feeling very well these days. Thanks for the post and the invitation. God bless you all always.

kim said... [Reply to comment]

wow! happy birthday!

nuts said... [Reply to comment]

spend quality time with your family while still here.. tc dear.. hugs ^-^

imriz said... [Reply to comment]

happy bday to the little princess. when is her bday? mine was 25th, hehe.
followed you here.

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Wish we could attend Bams! Happy happy birthday ulit Anzu!

scart said... [Reply to comment]

wow may 2nd birthday party pala si baby azumi. cant wait for the photos of your strawberry shortcake :)

Have fun there mommy bams!

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Miss ko na pictures ni Anzu Bams hehehe, buti na lang may video hehehe.. Love the waka waka dance lol.. Kelan balik nyo sa japan?

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Welcome back,Bambie!I don't know kung nakapag-comment na akodito but I did dun sa fb mo.Looking forward sa mga photos nyo sa pinas^_^

Kaze hikanai youni neh!Ingat palagi^_^

Gizelle said... [Reply to comment]

it's only now that I learned she has Angela in her name. A real angel! Cutie!

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Nakakamiss kayong magina hehehe

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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auntielicious said... [Reply to comment]

Your blog and little princess are indeed kawaii!!! Totemo kawaii!! Lovely combination of you and your husband. I'm sure she's going to grow up as a bijin.

I love the design and content of your blog too! Really cute!

kathy said... [Reply to comment]

Bongga naman ng birthday ni azumi! Invitation pa lng, pinaghandaan na talaga! hehehe..

Blated happy birthday anzu!


Liezl said... [Reply to comment]

Happy bday anzu!

Sis, ask ko lang, mahirap bang kumuha ng visa for japan? Wana visit sana there. :)


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!

Kathy said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday again anzu!!! Pwede na magbuntis ulit sis.. hehehe


Rossel said... [Reply to comment]

nakita ko sa FB ang bday pictures nya, so cute!!!

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