I hope you all are enjoying the season and finding lots of time to slow down and have a good laugh with your loveones.

Let's all be reminded of the many blessings in our life. We have much to be thankful for!

Wishing you a merry and bright Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Takeshita Family :)


Our precious Christmas Tree (2009)

We had a simple and yet fabulous Christmas last year. We had a family dinner on the Christmas Eve. My dear Mom was the Santa Clause in the family because she brought us all presents. That was really unexpected but it made our night lol.

As for our little Azumi who was barely a year younger then (14 months old) definitely had a blast. There were so much for her and Ryukun to look at and put in their mouths. They were on their own world nonstop playing and giggling. What do you expect with toddlers? It felt good though because I have had 2 quiet (and yet romantic) Christmas from the previous years.

On the Christmas day, we went out to see a Christmas Illumination at Tama Center.

Nothing really beats celebrating the holidays in our homeland. I miss celebrating it with my huge number of family in the Philippines.

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It's been awhile since I last blogged and wow, I looked at the date of my last blog post and i can’t believe how long it has been since i last posted an update. Sorry for leaving this blog without a decent post. for being a "missing in action". A lot things have happened, good and some bad.

I miss you all so much. I miss blogging and reading your blogs. I haven't been really on my real geek side eversince we came back home from our beloved country, Philippines. I've been so homesicked and gratefully, it only took me a couple of days to deal with it.

One thing I've learned (to the years of going back and forth ), when you're feeling homesick, sometimes there is really nothing you can do, you just might have to ride through it. There are plenty of things that you can do to make yourself pre-occupied.

Uh yeah speaking of, I've never been busier this couple of months. This makes sense why I couldn't log my mind in to decent updates lol

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 August-September
  • Azumi's party preparations. All were done by online chats, emails, forums, and overseas calls. Thanks to my dear sissy for being a reliable party planner.
  • Summer happenings
  • Itenerary for our homecoming
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 October
  • Azumi's 2nd birthday celebration at home
  • Homecoming :)
  • good times with loveones and friends
  • meeting with some mommy blogger friends
  • Azumi's Strawberry Shortcake Party (look at my photos on my facebook account.. or wait for the official album link for public)
  • get together parties
creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 November
  • back to normal
  • Azumi's pre-school attendance
  • part time job (yes, finally!)
  • House hunting (we're moving this month)
  • family lunches and dinners
Quite an eventful months huh?

Well this month will be the busiest I guess.. BUT I promise to keep you updated.