Azumi's 4th Birthday

I was browsing at Azumi's tumblog and I realized that I actually have so many things to blog about. I felt a bit guilty for not being able to update this precious blog. As much as I miss blogging, I miss my blogger friends as well. I believe I still have followers here, if not, well for posterity sake (lol) I will try to post more.

It has been four months since Azumi's birthday. We celebrated it 3 times. First, the actual birthday which we celebrated with family. Second was at her school with her classmates and teachers. Third was with her close friends.

Here are some photos of her first part of her 4th Birthday celebration at our home sweet.

Azumi's Birthday Cake

Cake Topping

Azumi's sipping the spagetti

The second part of her 4th birthday celebration at school.

Birthday Party at Tokyo West International School
Azumi with her dear classmates

Azumi with her dear classmates

Azumi with her dear classmates

Azumi with her teachers

And the third part of celebration, with her pretty and adorable girl friends.

Azumi with her best friends

Azumi with her best friends

Azumi's mommy and friends' mommies

Azumi's birthday party at Bora bora


Azumi's 4th birthday celebrations were indeed memorable and fun filled parties with family and friends.

Birthdays should always be celebrated. No matter how simple may it be, what matters is you take time to be with loved ones, friends, or any someone special and have a good time.

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