Overnight Fun

6:48 AM
6.8.2013 Saturday

It was an exciting weekend for Azumi and me. For the second time, we sleptover to a friend's house and this time it was in Akari Chan's house. They are actually our neighbors, 5 mins away by bicycle.

We had Takoyaki Party.
This was prepared by Saori San. I must say, it was the best takoyaki I ever had. It wasn't that greasy, and it tastes so good! I didn't know you can actually make takoyaki at home.

Yummy foods! We actually brought our share of foods. More like a potluck party but the main course is from the host, Kansai style.

While mommies were busy... Kids were fun eating ice cream bars after they ran up and down the stairs.

So nice to be a kid! It's always about having fun.

Thank you Akari Chan for lending Azumi your Precure pajama.

Mommies had a Saturday blast!

Moms deserve a break

Love love much,
Az' Mum

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