DIY Halloween Costume Inspirations

Halloween events are fast approaching, and so as Azumi's school's Halloween Party.

Having seen a lot of cute diy halloween costumes in Pinterest last year, I'm not so into idea of buying one for Azumi anymore since they are not cheap. You can easily spend ¥3000~ and up on a kids' costume, ¥5000~up if you buy online. The styles are so limited that you end up having the same costume with the schoolmates.

Last year, at Azumi's school, princess costumes were popular for girls. There were Rapunzels, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Snow white, Cinderella... Name it! ^ ^

Since Azumi wanted to have a princess costume as well, I recycled her witch black dress costume worn the previous year (when she was in Pre-B), and unlashed that crafty side of me.

Here is my inspiration from Pinterest.

This is what I came up with 2 sleepless nights ^ ^

DIY Queen of Hearts costume

And here is the Princess of Hearts

I forgot to blog about this costume.

Nevertheless, this year I decided to unleash again the crafty side of me. I think these diy inspirations are cute and easy to make for your little girls. You might get ideas too.

Native American Costume

I love this one. You can use brown tulle, or fabrics, cheap leathers or felt, and feathers.
This is actually my first choice for Azumi.

Peacock Costume

This is so creative! I'm not sure whether those peacock feathers are cheap or not. Too bad it's not available in our craft store, if it is, it's surely expensive ~ knowing Japan lol.

Awww this can be time consuming and needs alot of tulle rolls.

The simpler and more creative version. Cute!

You need royal blue and blue green tulle, green, blue, and brown felt.

Strawberry Costume

The simpler handmade version.

You need red shirt, red tulle, black and green felt. I think you can also use yellow felt for the seeds.

Raining Cats and Dogs costume

This is the easiest and cheapest diy costume you can ever do (that is if you already have dog and cat stuff toys at home)

If you are still looking for inspiration or want to see what other people have put together, head on to Pinterest which has a chuck full of DIY goodness.


Much love,
Az' Mum.

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