A Day at Harajuku

12.14.2013 Saturday

Grannyba wants to have a day with us. We were supposed to go in Ginza but she thought it would be more fun for Azumi if we go to Harajuku instead.

So here, Azumi was waiting for Tiya to say goodbye before we go to see her grannyBa.

Here is one of crowdest and most interesting streets in Tokyo, the Takeshita Dori.

It's always full of people especially during weekend.

This street is packed with footwear, clothing and accessories stores, restaurants, dessert shops, coffee shop, and a lot more of goods stores.

Lots of affordable stuffs

I was feeling like a tourist for taking photos but this lady covered her face when she noticed I was about to take a picture of her.

So I stopped. Besides, most stores has "no photos" signs at the entrances. Which I think is not making sense because this street is one the tourist spots of Tokyo.

Anyhow, Azumi was enjoying the leisure walk.

** Line emoji was smitten ^ ^

**at Omotesando

** Nice Illumination at Omotesando Hills B3

** We had lunch at Salvatore Coumo at Omotesando Hills.

** I looked so tired here.. (Coz I really was)

** #azumistyle

** Wow! Christmas Illumination at Omotesando.

** Our last stop was in Kiddyland. Azumi was delighted!

It was fun.
Thank you to Azumi's grandma for shopping presents for her.

Happy weekend ❤️

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