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10:15 PM

Im Bambie, Anzu's mom, 27, a filipino currently living a FAB, happy, and simple life in the fast paced city of Tokyo, Japan.

I stopped working so I kept my self sane by being a sorta kinda lil geek lol.. I started blogging when I was pregnant, August 2008 . pre-occupied myself with pregnancy scrapbooks, social networks, photography and online journals, specifically about my pregnancy. Just wanted to have an online baby book so that my busy friends and family in different parts of the world could have a medium of getting updates about my baby girl (they're all excited to see more of her, not me lol)  but yeah blogging could be really addicting especially when you earned regular readers.

Actually I just think this would gonna be a sort of unconventional baby book for us, especially to my lil princess to look back on someday.

I never imagined myself as being a blogger, it's just wasn't ME, ---sharing my thoughts to the whole wide world?-- But it’s indeed fun and I never thought it
is also possible to make friends online. I already met some good friends here and I’m looking forward to see them in person someday.

I used to be a happy go lucky girl. I was a bad girl but hey, people change! I love how I became from all of my experiences.. I don't have any single regrets. But of course If it's possible for us to have a chance to go back and correct some of our mistakes why not? I admit there are "what could have been" things in my life, but that's just it. I don't wanna be a fool thinking about them when I have a happier and more peaceful life already... 

I may be in a blissful status of my life right now but I still do miss a lot of things too — well sometimes I miss my old life, you know, hanging out with friends anytime, anywhere, staying up until the sun comes up, no responsiblities —oh well I’m a mom now.. devoted mom to my little girl, best and worst partner to my handsome honeyb.

I love what I am right now. I guess I finally found my happiness. BUT of course, I’d be happier if I get to spend at least 3 months/year vacation in Philippines.

Stalk me more on my other pages and social networks… you’d know how GEEK I become eversince I got pregnant (2008)

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