Sweetest Pain

We are greatly as overjoyed as like the other first time parents.

No words could really express how we felt the first time we knew I have life in my tummy, couldn`t wait to tell everybody then...

.... the first time we saw her thru ultrasound, she was like a tiny peanut then

.... the first time we felt her kicks, and her constant moving during my 2nd to 3rd trimester

.... the first time we saw her face thru 4D ultrasound on our 30th week.

.... the first time I felt my water bag has broken... thinking that "this is the beginning of my hardest and yet the sweetest pain of my life". I was in labor for 22 hours.

.... and the first time we heard her cry.

It`s been almost 2 weeks since I gave birth to Azumi, and yet I still get teary eyed whenever I think about the day I was admitted to the hospital until the day she was born. It was definitely the hardest and sweetest pain I have ever experienced, the most unforgettable and memorable moment of our life. Now, I really do believe in miracle, it was an unimaginable scene.

I cannot blog further the things happened during that time FOR NOW =) I`m starting to get emotional again =(..


Right now, my baby and my husband are sleeping. I`m just thankful that my husband is very supportive and responsible. We are a family now and I will do my best to be a good mom and a wife.

I`ll share more next time when I have a chance, coz you know, Im a all hands mom.

I would to thank everybody, my gurl friends, friends, loveones and even my online friends, my blogmates =) Thanks for your warm messages for me and my baby Azumi.

Salamat sa pag-welcome. I`m so touched...

here she is on her 8th day

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  1. awww.. ngayon ko lang ito nabasa bambie. and i feel for you. grabe yung feeling when you see your baby for the first time no? sobrang emotional.

    grabe tagal mo rin pala naglabor. ako sinwerte kasi 4 hours lang ako naglabor, considering it was my first child. pero it's all worth it no? the pain of labor, kapag nakita mo na yung anak mo :)


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