10 / 01

6:15 PM
Wow it`s October already... Time is so fast, kelan lang September pa lang. I was so excited then coz I thought we`ll gonna see our lil princess on the last week of September =(

Well it`s ok. Yesterday I had my weekly check up.. mataas pa daw kaya hindi pa time =( She weighs 3,251 grams according to Ultrasound while I`m 62.9 kilos now =) She`s so big. Normally, yan na ang weight ng mga newly born babies. I just hope na di ako ma-CS

Next check up, hopefully may progression... Coz it will be my 40 weeks? Ang gulo nga, i thought this week is my 40 weeks... Magulo din kasi yung last day of my last menstruation coz I was treating my period that time.

I`ll let you know.. Thanks to all those asking me kung nanganak na ko. Hehe, im so touched. Sabi ku kasi September, that`s what I thought also.

Kanina pala, I was watching Jhayelle`s bebe klara`s videos. She`s so cute and my baby was moving constantly, lalu na kapag naririnig nya iyak ni klara hahaha... FUSHIGI da ne... ang galing, it`s like she can hear na talaga. Parang she knows na baby ang umiiyak... (labas kana kasi Azumi)

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