On her 15th month....

15 months of Happy Life with our Baby Girl!

Dear Anzy,

Well Mommy just loves calling you in different names... anzu, az'mi, anz, peko chan, pekpek chan, my baby, anji, and the latest is Anzy lol.. You dont seem to show confusions coz you quickly respond, except when you're watching your favorite shows.

This week you turned 15 months. Geesh, You just keep on growing, changing and --— ok i think i keep on saying it everytime but im just gonna say it again—-- improving all the time .
Each day, You are getting better and better, and we’re having a blast watching you learn about life in toddlerville .

We just know it when you're already tired or sleepy, you're so predictable when it comes to that because of your thumbsucking hehe..

It's really amazing how you show us some things and we just realized that you are indeed remembering already. You keep on making us proud by the details you are keeping and remembering from day to day, not just the illustrations, the signs, the songs, the people, but also the commercials on the tv.

Last month was our busiest month so far.. It's really helpful (for me) when you keep on busying yourself doing your own thing.

Kinda messy and full of clutters most of the time though...

So glad I thought of having you your own Freedom Wall.. Not only helpful for me but also for you, exploring yourself in the world of free art..

WHat makes me more proud of you is You share your things with others. Its so funny how you still try to communicate with your cousin even if he already pushing you away lol I hope you would grow up to be a selfless and generous person. That's important to me..

First Christmas Party With Japanse-Filipino Half Kids

Finally, Maru Chan is not avoiding you anymore...

You two always make your Grannies laugh outloud.. Coz this time, Maru Chan is the one tailing you around, but the good of you, instead of getting rid of her, you play and even feed her. Continue to love each other til you grow up.. There are more fun years to come to both of you.

Your First Christmas Celebration

Actually it was your second but last year was the first time you really enjoyed and felt the spirit of Christmas. We hope to celebrate it in Philippines this year..

The Uncontrollable YOU

You get excited when I put your shoes on your lil feet coz you know we're going outside.. You seem so uncontrollable when I let you walk by yourself.. You already know where to go, PARK near our house..

So many things to share.. so many moments to treasure (but geesh I havent started your baby albums yet... )

We have lots to look forward to this whole new year. I’m so glad you’re with us for the adventure!

Happy 15th Month


  1. the freedom wall is a good idea. it can help to develop your kids artistic side.

  2. awww.. ang cute cute naman ng post na'to sis.. happy 15th month anzy.. cute ng names :D

  3. Happy 15th months Anzu!

    Hyzyd too thumbsuck, naku fingers suck pala pag sleepy na . Excited na sila ngayong magpasyal, when I put on his shoes, he knew where we're heading to- the mall! walking-distance nalang kasi ang mall ngayon....

    You give me idea about freedom wall...thanks for the tips..i'll try it with Hyzyd. I dunno if a crayon for babies are available here:(...Continue your journey with much fun and joy...I love reading your posts:)

    See you around:)

  4. So sweet! anzu is indeed a charmer, just like her mom. naku, 15 months pa lang yan bams... am sure, marami pang adventures as she grows up. take care!

  5. Thanks po =)

    @ Genejosh
    lahat ng walls na madalas nya pagsulatan (living at room namin), tinakpan ko ng malaking papel (parang manila paper) lol .. helpful talaga

  6. happy 15 months to ur baby,, thumbsuck cutie,, hehehe..

  7. i also like the idea of freedom wall :D
    my daughter doesn't have a room yet, but im planning to give her a corner in our new unit.. we are moving before the end of the month kasi.. maganda siguro kung lagyan ko den sya ng freedom wall.. hehe..

    btw sis, i remember you want to get back issues of cosmo.. bigay ko nalang sayo yun akin.. kahit papick-up mo dito samen.. you know my address di ba? bigat kasi bitbitin e..

  8. Hi Bambie Dear!

    I have something for you in my blog


  9. agree ako kay Mrs.kolca........always have a good health..

  10. Darling Anzu keep growing like weeds, ang bilis bilis talagalumaki ng mga baby, 15 months na si baby dolly mo sis, in no time my BF na yan wag naman lol just kidding.

    Look at her, she has her own world, buti hindi nasira yang toy na pinatungan nya while watching TV lol. Mas dadami pa ang clutter mommy bamz wait ka lng lol.

    Nag tathumb suck rin pala ang baby girl mo, si Justine rin nag tathumbsuck , every time makita ni Jake na nag thumbsuck, Jake would pull her hands or thumb our from her mouth.

    Type ko yata ang drawing wall ni baby anzu, very creative mommy hehehe. Enjoy your 15 month old birthday Pretty Azumi, don't grow too fast hehe.

  11. WoW! Lucky anzy. Btw sis, this blog is featured here: Overcashed

  12. Happy 15th month Anzu... grabe, time flies so fast talaga. Parang kelan lang when i first read your posts about your bebe.

    She's looking more and more like you. Pretty like her momma.

    God bless gurl

  13. good Idea and lovely photos with a sweet smiling girl on it....nice!
    thanks for sharing your happy girl to us....

    keep blogging

  14. wow ang cute ni anzu writing on the walls... so far si andrea di pa na discover mag write sa wall gusto nya sa papel which is good...

  15. Happy 15th month Baby Anzu. Magaganda naman yung mga pet names na itinatawag mo kay Baby Azumi huwag lang yung pekpek chan , lol. Hindi magandang pakinggan, lol. Nakakatuwa nga pagmasdan ang mga antics at developments ni Anzu as time goes by. She is growing up to be a wonderful kid able to adjust and communicate with her cousins and peers. And she can enjoy playing with her pet dog too. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  16. Cute-cute ni anzu! She's growing to be a very good individual... Magandang idea ang freedom wall bamz, try ko nga yan kay fifi someday...




  17. Happy 15th Month to your lovely daughter :)

    My daughter also suck her thumb. It is very difficult to stop :(

    Thanks for the freedom wall idea hehehe... my daughter started writing on our floor :( Waaahhhh and it is hard to remove... At least on the freedom wall she can write to her heart's content :)

    Btw, the winners for my thanksgiving contest were already drawn. I'd appreciate if you can give your pledge to the winner :)

    God Bless!

  18. I haven't thought of that freedom wall when Wakaba and Haruka was still a kid--I think it's a good idea.I miss those days,punong puno ng sulat ang dingding ang bahay ng MIL ko lol!Happy 15 months,lil Anzu!!You always make me smile!^_^

  19. Hahaha natawa ako sa pekpek chan wahahaha ang cute. Thank you so much Bams for the beautiful card and calendar. Please allow me to mention it on my post, I can't resist kasi ang cute cute hehehe.. Mwak, luvya Bams. Kisses and hugs to you and Anzu!

  20. Happy 15th month Anzu! You're daughter is very pretty talaga, tukayo. :-)

    Btw, thanks for pledging your support for the contest. You're the 1st cash sponsor. Maraming salamat! It will run, hopefully, in March, in time for my bday and blogversary.

  21. pekpek chan. LOL. mommy ang cute naman niya. super. gusto ko din ng freedom wall. pwedeng pagaya. anong paper yun gamit mo?

    ask ko din po pano mo gawa ung border lines sa images. tska anong cam gamit mo? ang ganda ng kuha lagi. parang naka dim ung bandang gitna.

    kakatuwa naman si anzu. para syang prinsesa talaga. anak ko kase me pagka-rowdy. wahahaha


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