We went to a big 100 YEN shop ($1 shop) at Tama Center yesterday.. and here are some of the things I bought which is useful for my lil girl


Corner Guard (for pointed corners of the tables)
Outlet Plugs Protection
Mini Mouse Tupperwares (additional storages for Anzu's foods)
Toys and Mini Books

100 yen shops (Japanese: hyaku en shop) sell a wide range of products for 105 yen per item (100 yen plus 5 percent consumption tax). This corresponds to roughly one US dollar per item, making the shops a great source for travelers and residents on a budget.

There are thousands of 100 yen shops across Japan, ranging in size from multi-storey "department stores" to small corners in shopping malls. Market leader Daiso operates over two thousand stores nationwide and pursues an aggressive expansion policy.


I love 100 Yen Shop, especially the Daiso which is the most popular 100yen shops in Japan. The Daiso truly carries everything you can imagine and more, no where else in Japan you can have such things just at the price of 100 yen lol.

This is where I usually buy our kitchen and cleaning tools. My hubby isn't a fan of 100yen shop but I guess, when it comes to the house, I'm the boss lol

It is virtually impossible to give a full recount of everything on offer, but suffice to say that not only will you find what you're looking for, but you're also likely to find a lot more things that you never knew you needed.

For the temporary traveler to Japan, this is also a must to visit. You may acquire alot for yourself, your friends and loveones. From Japanese souvenirs, cute Japanese dishes, limited disney merchandise, the collection of stationary and stationary supplies, crafts supplies and alot more.

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Mrs. Kolca said... [Reply to comment]

i also need outlet plugs.. yay! need to take note of that.. i always forget to buy one kapag nasa store nako ;(

♥ Jaycee ♥ said... [Reply to comment]

genki? gusto ko nyan outlet plugs protection for kids! para safe sila nuh? i love 100yen shop!! kahit na wala sa plano ko pumunta ng daiso, pag napapadaan ako don parang i cant control myself na pumasok sa loob. haha..
musta na pala kaw? parang tagal na kita di nakakausap. nweis.. i remember nung debut party ko, yng mga mini baskets & mga angel figurines sa daiso (cute diba?) ginawa kng giveaway nung debut ko! umorder pa kami ng stocks! nahirapan lng kami ibox lahat :) gaganda naman benta sa 100yen shop nuh? lalo na mga kitchen supplies :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said... [Reply to comment]

magandang mga laruan..tiyak masisiyahan siya..pambata talaga..

nuts said... [Reply to comment]

cute!!! my kids will surely love all these stuffs!

Marice said... [Reply to comment]

wow! those are great finds :)

u may view mine here

kathy said... [Reply to comment]

There's a similar store here Bamz, it's the dollar tree... Lahat ng items $1 lng plus tax... Kaya lng like you said, minsan you buy more than what you really intended to get...

Btw, ang comment mo sa MOM and Warrior blog went through.. It's moderated lng kaya parang hindi lumusot.. Have a wonderful weekend ahead...


chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Madami n=ding ganyan sa Korea Bams, but theirs are 1000 won which is equivalent to a dollar din. Ganda naman nyan.

Birthday Cake for mellow yellow monday!

Mel Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Very practical nga yung 100 Yen shops na umusbong sa Japan . Ang gaganda nang mga nabili mo para kay Baby Azumi. Shoppers Paradise yan para sa mga price conscious na mga buyers. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Jac said... [Reply to comment]

I love 100 shop lucky nga kasi malapit sa house namin type kung bilin dyan yung work sheet para sa elementary students yan binibili ko for Kei..
How are you pretty mom?Take care and thank you for dropping by...Hugs!

fedhz said... [Reply to comment]

uu love ko din ung Daiso. mga 66 pesos to 88 pesos sya dito. favorite shop din namin un ni Yz. hihi.

Seiko said... [Reply to comment]

Malimit din kaming magpunta ng youngest ko sa 100 yen shop bukod sa mura na marami ka ng mabibili sa 1,000 yen bill mo lol! Nice ones. God Bless!

teJan said... [Reply to comment]

so its really true na may store jan na all for 1$..heheh! grattis!...hello cute baby!

shydub said... [Reply to comment]

These are cute stuff pati edging sa tablets.hehe

onlinemommy said... [Reply to comment]

Must visit din lagi namin ang Daiso dito hehehe... pati pag scrap book meron sila minsan for 66 pesos lng. Super sulit :D

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

I'm a great fan of Daiso rin--dun halos ang mga books ni Wakaba at Haruka,yung mukashi no hanashi sa Japan.

LIFE Moto said... [Reply to comment]

those are kind of cute things

Riza said... [Reply to comment]

Ah, sa Daiso rin ako namimili, marami na nyan dito sa Pilipinas. Paborito ko ring shop ng Hello Kitty items yan! Mura nga sya,kase bawat items nag range from PHP66 -88.

Bambie dear ★ said... [Reply to comment]

wow ang bigtime naman ng daiso, meron na pala sa pinas? di ko alam.. thanks for informing me.. i wonder kung same ang tinitinda.... Sa panahon talaga ngayon, dapat yung sa affordable market na tayo mamili.

Nagashiko said... [Reply to comment]

Cute items you got there! I should try visiting that shop when I get there. =D

Nagashiko said... [Reply to comment]

Cute items you got there! I should try visiting that shop when I get there. =D

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