Just wanna a share this short clip of Anzu counting in Spanish (english and japanese) but kept on being destructed with the things she sees while we are driving our way home.

Counting In English and Spanish part 1
I didn't mean to teach her spanish language but she learns it from TV, as she enjoys watching Dora The Explorer. I appreciate that Dora is trying to teach kids another language which is good since we want Azumi to be a multi-ligual child.


As of now, we are consistent in raising her to be an English-Japanese bilingual child and eventually teach her Tagalog. My husband likes the idea of learning the english language right along with our little girl. I speak to her only English while Hubby talks to her in Japanese but sometimes switches between the two tongues lol (since he's also learning english).

Right now she is getting a good foundation for English which she will need in communicating with our (my) family who doesn't speak in Japanese. Some of my oldies here are worried that our daughter might have a language confusion.

Hmmm I heard people say that the best time to introduce another language to a child is while they are babies.

What do you think? Thoughts and opinions about raising a bilingual/multilingual child are very much welcome :)


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In Japan, May 5 is holiday dedicated entirely for Children, as they are our most precious treasure and a great source of happiness and pride. Families take the time to celebrate the joys of childhood and family life.

It's also a day to give importance to the boys since we have  "Girl's day" on every 3rd day of March. Families wish for the good health and future success of their sons by hanging up carp streamers and displaying samurai dolls, in which symbolize strength, power and success in life. I might share more about this next year as my nephew Ryukun will be turning 5.

To celebrate the Children's day, we had a BBQ party in the riverside near our place despite of the cold weather we had during that day. It was also an advance celebration for Ryukun's birthday.

The bbq lunch party begins...

BBQ Party | Celebrating Children's day

I love BBQs...


Azumi and I want to greet everybody a....

Cheers to my Mom, my Mother In law, fellow mommies online, and to all the Mothers in the world

Thank You

Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful moms I love and to all of the Moms who are reading this, yes you!

Anzu’s Mum

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~♪~♪ Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Morning Sun,
Please shine down on me ~♪~♪

Mr Sun Breakfast

Another cute and appealing food served to Azumi Patootee I made this sun inspired breakfast because the weather was kinda gloomy just when the time we needed Mr. Sun to be there.

Just what I expected, Anzu sang Mr. Sun when she saw her Mr. Golden Morning Sun Breakfast.

By the way, this cute food is so easy to make. No need for instructions coz what you see is what you get. Try to make one for your little munchkins :)

Thank God it's Friday :) Enjoy your day dearies...

Anzu’s Mum

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I have a budding singer in the house. Please take time to watch my 2 year old dolly Patootee's video clip. This was actually taken a month ago. She was wearing the shirt that was given to her by my friend in Malaysia, Scandy Haizele

Another Kulitan Moment with Azumi... My dolly knows how to smile in front of the camera.

This girl is such a dear wonderful break from the stress that normal life throws. I know your kids do the same for you.

Have a nice week ahead dearies.

Anzu’s Mum

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