I have a budding singer in the house. Please take time to watch my 2 year old dolly Patootee's video clip. This was actually taken a month ago. She was wearing the shirt that was given to her by my friend in Malaysia, Scandy Haizele

Another Kulitan Moment with Azumi... My dolly knows how to smile in front of the camera.

This girl is such a dear wonderful break from the stress that normal life throws. I know your kids do the same for you.

Have a nice week ahead dearies.

Anzu’s Mum

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I'd also like to share this to Mommy Willa's new weekly meme dedicated to our adorable KIDs... join and share yours..

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Pepper said... [Reply to comment]

Bambie!!! The package arrived today! am so happy! thank you, thank you, thank you! I love them all...the bag, the card, stationery, stickers, etc. Actually, my daughter grabbed them from me as soon as I opened the stuff. Onga, it must be fate...100th follower na, secret mommy pa. hehe

thanks again. I hope you have a happy mother's day with Azumi! I also hope to meet you in person someday :) Ingat kayo jan. mwah!

Grace said... [Reply to comment]

ohhh... she's so cute...

anne said... [Reply to comment]

They surely can make us weary and most of the times happy hehehe. mine is up please check thanks! Do you mind to visit me at Mary Anne’s Musings Thanks

Mirage said... [Reply to comment]

cutey cutey! hintay mo pa 3 years, lagot ka Charice! ;)

mommy jes said... [Reply to comment]

ahahahah natatawa tlga ko kay anzu dito!! napanood ko to sa FB :)) she's so cute!!! tahnks for visiting mine! :D

zoan said... [Reply to comment]

me and mt son has so many kulitan moments too. when I am stressed I just look at my son, hug and kiss him and it all goes away.

Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Anzu has such a charming smile and a beautiful voice that can charm the most rigid person in the world. Thanks for featuring the videos. God bless you all always.

Mel Cole said... [Reply to comment]

Oh Anzu is getting so big. :) Time flies by so quickly. Hope you can visit my Kids and doodles page too.

Russ said... [Reply to comment]

She is a living Doll. Looks like an actress singer in the making.

Iris by Shengkay said... [Reply to comment]

Visiting from KID..
My KID .Have a nice day!
Shengkay Randomness Journal
Shengkay’s Journal

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you my dear Russ :) I hope she can sing because Im a real frustrated singer hihi

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Hay kahit kalahati lang ng galing ni CHarice ok na.. Mommy G bakit di ko ma-open ang website mo? Siguro may problem sa dns setting mo :(

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

So glad you love them :) til next mwah

arcee said... [Reply to comment]

so A for Adorable! here's mine, 'hope u could visit too:

also an old follower:)

Keanna said... [Reply to comment]

She's like a doll! Adorable!
I joined too but a little late. Here's my KID post . Thank you and see you around!

arvin said... [Reply to comment]

I agree with Mirage..............

Pinx said... [Reply to comment]

wow! so talented! and soooo cute! thanks for the visit!

raya said... [Reply to comment]

wow, she is such a darling.. may pinagmanahan... haha. I would like to see mommy's video next time. Haha! she's got talent, sis! you must be proud of her!

rose said... [Reply to comment]

Hahahaha she look like a pop star na hehehe..

MaiThreeBoyz said... [Reply to comment]

Aww, she's so cute,pwede nang child star. Thanks for dropping by, Bambi!

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