Just wanna a share this short clip of Anzu counting in Spanish (english and japanese) but kept on being destructed with the things she sees while we are driving our way home.

Counting In English and Spanish part 1
I didn't mean to teach her spanish language but she learns it from TV, as she enjoys watching Dora The Explorer. I appreciate that Dora is trying to teach kids another language which is good since we want Azumi to be a multi-ligual child.


As of now, we are consistent in raising her to be an English-Japanese bilingual child and eventually teach her Tagalog. My husband likes the idea of learning the english language right along with our little girl. I speak to her only English while Hubby talks to her in Japanese but sometimes switches between the two tongues lol (since he's also learning english).

Right now she is getting a good foundation for English which she will need in communicating with our (my) family who doesn't speak in Japanese. Some of my oldies here are worried that our daughter might have a language confusion.

Hmmm I heard people say that the best time to introduce another language to a child is while they are babies.

What do you think? Thoughts and opinions about raising a bilingual/multilingual child are very much welcome :)


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Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Babies and youngsters are fast learners. They will not get confused by the different languages they are studying. It's great that Anzu is also learning a little Spanish from Dora. I just hope you will eventually teach her Tagalog. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Gene said... [Reply to comment]

I want Una to be multi-lingual but as of now 2 languages muna, English and Filipino (Tagalog). Kaya lang ako lang kumakausap sa kanya ng English kaya ang dating Tag-lish ang salita ni Una.

kids in doodles:laptop + crayons

Pinx said... [Reply to comment]

my son loves Dora too and has learned to count in Spanish! i think he grew up with Dora! hehe... visiting your KID entry! hope you can visit mine too!

ladyguinevere said... [Reply to comment]

that is so nice, she learned from just watching the program. I hope my son can do the same thing.

anne said... [Reply to comment]

Galing naman ni anzu, way to go anzu!

Canadian Doomer said... [Reply to comment]

I'm raising two bilingual (French/English) children, and I have family members who are raising Mandarin/English children. We use the one parent/one language method, which is really common in bilingual households.

I have one bit of advice - if your husband is learning English, have him practice with you, not with Anzu. His grammar, pronunciation and accent are probably not good (mine are AWFUL in French) and you don't want Anzu mimicking that. Honest - take it from someone who learned the hard way.

It must seem funny when people see our family around - my husband speaks entirely in French, I speak entirely in English, and the kids jump back and forth.

She WILL seem to be confused for a while, and she'll mix up the languages in a way that will make you laugh. However, she'll eventually figure it out AND she'll figure out that she can speak English with Mommy's family and Japanese with Daddy's family. When kids are introduced to languages early enough, and consistently, they can learn several all at once.

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) I really appreciate it. My daughter is 2 years old and Im glad she's slowly can distinguish the two language but I think she prefers english which is good because we figured that she will eventually have Japanese as her main language when she goes to school.

Thank you. I feel relieved :)

rose said... [Reply to comment]

I really like that you are training Anzu to speak english early on Bams. Mine napabayaan ko na yung tagalog lessons nain although marami silang alam na tagalog word but can't say sentences though hehehe.. Keep it up!

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Ang bilis matuto ni Azumi chan!It's good that you teach Azumi chan english too.Tinuruan ko rin ng english si Wakaba at Haruka nung toddler pa lang sila pero parang natatalo ang english language kasi lahat sila hapon ang salita~we live with our in-laws kasi during that time.My kids however understand simple english,medyo bulol nga lang pag nagsalita^_^

Happy KID!

Mama Mia said... [Reply to comment]

I agree! It's best that babies be taught 2 more languages, at most. It'll be good for them in the long run.

My Maia speaks a little English (I say little because she has started to communicate with us only recently). She understands Tagalog (because that is how her yaya talks to her, but she doesn't speak it). She knows basic French (like counting from 1-10 in French, and parts of the body, a few objects, etc.). She watches Dora but still can't seem to grasp the Spanish side of it...at least, that's what I think. ;-)

Keep up the great work Anzu!!!

raya said... [Reply to comment]

aww, cute! i want my kids to be multi lingual too! happy KID.. here is my entry: http://www.ourhomeandhaven.info/moms-day-cards/

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Wow way to go lil Maia :) Normal lang yan, medyo delayed din si Azumi, di ko ma-gets minsan sinasabi lol. But for sure eventually, magiging clear na rin mga words nila diba and mag-increase din mga words and vocabularies. Goodluck to us :)

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Oo nga Ate, buti si Hide consistent din na english muna ang maging main language ni Azumi since Japanese ang main language kapag nagschooling na sya diba. May plano din kasi kami tumira sa Pinas in the future kaya need talaga magka-foundation in english language.

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Ate Rose :) Gusto ko rin sana turuan ng tagalog kaya lang next time na lang para di ma-confuse.

Mel Cole said... [Reply to comment]

Very bright kid. :) Hope to see you in my KD post here.

arvs said... [Reply to comment]

ilang taon na lang at siya ay mag aaral na......makakalamang siya sa ibang mga mag aaral..

Keanna said... [Reply to comment]

I learned counting in Spanish from watching Dora The Explorer. Haha! Good job! Here's my entry. Hope you can visit and if you like, join the fun at Messy Go Round.See You! Thanks a lot!

TracePoo said... [Reply to comment]

Toooo cute!

I was raised as a bilingual child. I'm in Hawaii, so my mom raised me to speak Japanese at home because she knew I would speak English outside of the home... and it ended up working out great because I learned both languages just fine.

Now that I'm raising my son, we're trying to make him learn Japanese terms as well, so he spends lots of time with his obaachan. :-)

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for sharing :) I know there are lots of Japanese who live in Hawaii that's why my husband wants to live there too lol... Good to see you here,

Hajimemashite :) Yorushiku Onegaishimasu

J Allyssa said... [Reply to comment]

LOL I suddenly remember my 2nd cousin with this one. He learned counting in Spanish from watching Dora, too.

rj's mama said... [Reply to comment]

good teacher talaga ng spanish si dora :)

Sis, join ka Mom-ME time. A new meme where you can share the ME-time that you resently had. Fun Meme sya, promise!

Mars @ The Life Encounters said... [Reply to comment]

I'm having a hard time as well because my daughter is going to a Chinese school and she hasn't really learned much Chinese yet (or none). Only my dad and I can speak Chinese but my daughter has been exposed to Tagalog and English so we're actually having a hard time incorporating Chinese... :(

nashmicaell said... [Reply to comment]

Oohhh cuute! I like the part where she got confused with english and spanish. :P haha! You have a smart kid. I'm not a mother yet but I know that it's better to teach kids at an early age. :)

Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

I think that depends on how our parents teach us to speak different languages. Great hah! I got your idea to teach my baby English :D language.

rose said... [Reply to comment]

Love Anzu's new vid hehehe

rose said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Tita, can I invite you to join my meme?

The Color Connection will have it's kick off tomorrow (Saturday, June 4). Please join us, thanks!

The Pepperrific Life said... [Reply to comment]

Kids these days are really amazing! They learn so fast. My daughter counts in Spanish too, also courtesy of Dora the Explorer :)

By the way, I want to get to know you more, so I've tagged you here: http://pepperrific.com/2011/06/what-you-need-to-know-about-pepper/

Cielo of Brown Pinay said... [Reply to comment]

Kids are fast learner, it's nice to know that you are starting her young...little did you know he will be a very fluent multi-lingual baby

Tetcha said... [Reply to comment]

Kids these days are so intelligent. They absorb everything they hear and see. We (their parents) get confused, but they don't! It's good to teach our kids a little bit of everything while they're young. Mommy, please add Pensive Thoughts in your Mommy Blogs. This site is already in my blog list. Thanks!

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks MOmmy Tet :) Naku pasensha na ha.. im soooo busy lang talaga kaya itong mahal kong blog ay hindi pa naa-update :( BUT surely, ill update my links.. ill visit you once in awhile pag may time ha.. mwah


Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Hello Mommy Rose :) Ive been soo busy talaga.. i miss you, your blogs and your kids. Im trying to improve my time management, mukhang di ako marunong. Ill visit once in awhile, medyo binabalik ko na unti unti ang pagiging blogger ko, time lang talaga ang wala ko.


Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Hello there,Bambie chan!Just dropping by to say hi!Ang tagal ko na ring di nakabisita dito.Nakikinood sa video ni Azumi chan^_^

Happy Father's Day to your Dad and to Sir Hide!

arvin said... [Reply to comment]

kumusta ka na..

College Enrollment said... [Reply to comment]

I think it is smart to start as soon as possible. Children learn and develop so much faster than we think, So they are more able to learn when they are young.

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