Happy Four Years Old

I can hardly believe my little girl is four years old already. I still miss that baby who needed me for everything. BUT I’m happy and proud to how far Azumi has come from that tiny squishy baby always snuggled in our arms, to an independent, friendly, and cheerful little girl who never ceases to amaze me and makes me smile each day.

We are blessed to have this little girl. She’s a reminder that life is a beautiful struggle – sometimes life may be seem difficult or out of control, there is always beauty all around. There is an instant divine energy supporting you, making you see the good in everything and the things to be forever thankful for. I must say, she is our divine energy.



I love being your mom. It’s one of my greatest joys in life.
You make me smile.
You challenge me each day and just watching you grow and witnessing how you learn from so many things is a great fulfillment and indeed rewarding.

It’s been four wonderful years of being with you.
Here’s to another year of more giggles, fun, and adventures!


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