Overdue =(

10:33 AM
Good Morning.

I thought I`ll gonna give birth this September, like what I always wish and pray for =(

NO SIGNS at all...Not even a twinge, although there`s always slight contractions which last for seconds only....

My tummy is so huge, she doesn`t have the space to dance around anymore, but she`s still squirming every now and then.

2 weeks ago, Dr. Fugawa told me to walk atleast 30 mins a day... If only i followed him.... Kakatamad kasi and I was confident that this will gonna be a September Baby, atleast according to my baby calendar widget.

I already finished a book, SHopaholic & Baby which I was originally planning to read when I get admitted in the hospital... Kaso ang tagal nga, and it`s really hilarious. Well, my very best gurlfriend Lhei actually influenced me to read books, it could be addictive daw. And she recommended Sophie Kinsella`s Shopaholic for a start... Ganda promise, hilarious and i think some of you girls makaka-relate kayo, especially those gurls na shopaholic dyan hehe... I already finished the last book kainis...

In the last book, I learned about Nesting Instinct in pregnant woman. Have you already heard that? It`s a sudden urge for a pregnant women to do something weird in the house like totally cleaning all day, etc... It`s called nesting instinct daw... It occurs pag malapit ka na manganak?????

Oh well I didn`t have anything like "sudden urge" to do something in the past 3 days. I just did what I usually do like doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, napping, internet.... Honey did the baby crib last Friday. Di pa namin naaayos ang room ni baby. We`re planning to use this entertainment room where I am right now, kasi mas malaki itong room na to kesa sa bedroom namin. Paglilipat lang namin mga gamit dito like computers, tv, etc dun sa kabila... kaso wala pa kasi URGE eh. LAzy din si honey, na-addict na naman kay hitman =(

Obviously, the room is so messy. I`m planning to clean and do the laundry today although I feel so tamad talaga... Lamig na kasi... it`s already AUTUMN na yata... wala pang sun, medyo cloudy ngayon dito.

I have to do something hard today... but for now, lunch muna... =)

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