Anzu's First Vaccination

It's been a lil while again. Hope you're all in the midst of good health.

Yesterday, Anzu had her first ever vaccination. In Japan, babies between their 3rd & 4th month are required to have a BCG immunization. Then after four weeks, they will have another series of vaccinations. This is what I love in Japan. Children ages 0-6 years old have the priveledge of free check ups and vaccinations. Just this year, the government implemented a 100% help for those who are giving birth to a japanese citizen of course, in all areas of Japan(I'm talking about hospital bills). Last year, there were just certain areas that give 100% help. In my area, we only received like 70% from our total hospital bills =(.

Oh well, we went to our local health center. It was another great experience for us, as a first time parents. Babies were all over with their mums. I was lucky enough that my hubby was with us ... he should be because I could get nervous, just seeing my baby cry .

Anyhoo, just like the other babies, our lil girl cried but Im glad she calmed right after and fell asleep =) . I may be bad because I asked my honey to take a video clip. He was really hesitant at first but I just want to record our baby's first ever vaccination. I'm just a sentimental kind of mom that I want to capture all our baby's FIRSTs. Maybe because I never had my own video clips when I was a baby. I dont either have much baby pics .

Few days from now, our baby will turn 4 months


  1. wow. she can hold her bottle na... unlike other babies. (u know who i'm pertaining to) hehehehehehehehe..

  2. hi azumi got a tag for you here, tell your mom about it. its here thanks


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