Mommy Moments: Feeding Time

This was the very first time I fed my lil Azumi, it was exactly an hour after I gave birth thru normal delivery. That was the strangest yet the sweetest....---oh well actually there are no words to explaine how I felt during that time. The feeling was automatic, maybe I could describe it as "extreme overjoyed".

When I was still pregnant, I was already determined to to breastfeed my baby even though I didn't have the idea of how would I do it. I heard alot of situations that there are many moms who couldn't breastfeed their babies because they just can't... Thank God, my hospital provides breast massage and seminars about the basic care for the newborns. I learned that breastmilk is like the law of supply & demand lol. Normally, it takes 3 to 7 days (or even 2 weeks ) to have a normal production of breastmilk. Some women are just lucky to begin producing milk during pregnancy.. In my case, it took me 7 days to have that leaking milk like a cow. The breast massage was uber painful especially the first 3 days of 30 min massage every morning during my stay in the hospital... oh well

Until now, I alternately feed my baby with breastmilk and formula milk.

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  1. I'm one of those mom's who's not as lucky with breastfeeding. Just can't produce enough milk for both my baby. I only manage to breastfed them till their 2 months.

  2. my kids tried formula too but they did not like it.. I breastfed my daughter for 18 months and son for over two years.. Its a rewarding feeling and a great bond to your kids..

  3. kudos to you for being a persistent breastfeeding mom! :)

  4. yehey! i really enjoyed breastfeeding too. i breastfed both kids too. one for 11 months the other for 22 months. it wasnt easy at the beginning but it was defnitely worth it!

    thanks for sharing your pics with us at mommy moments :)

  5. You are right there is really no words on how to describe that feeling..
    just dropping by and doing my late rounds of Mommy Moment entries thanks for visiting my entry

    hope you can also visit sweetytots

  6. kudos on being determined to breastfeed your baby! im also breastfeeding my son, hes now 7 mos old. it was difficult at first but the pain has become less and less as months go by. you're a great inspiration to many moms. keep on bfeeding your baby. Good luck!

  7. awww.. sweet moments with ur baby sis.. and cute naman tingnan when u breastfed her..

    There's that kind of bond that we mothers could only feel..

  8. mas maganda kasi if breastfed ang baby, malakas ang immune system nya..

  9. Hi thanks for visiting sweetytots-booksale

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  10. oh, so lovely! yeah, sakin 3 days lang napuno milk ang breasts ko ke bigat grabeh. masakit na masarap mag padede, pero promise ko sa sarili ko sa next baby ko 100% breastfeeding talaga. si nathan mga 2 and a half months lang tumigil, nawalan ako ng gatas pano kasi i stopped eating rice at saka nipple ko ngiging flat sya, sayang nga eh. kaya keep on breastfeeding nakakalose rin ng weight yun, although I don't think you have weight issues pero it's best for the baby :).

  11. You are right on breastfeeding your baby--great for bonding for the moms and the baby.I give ya a salute!\(^0^)/


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