My 4 months old Baby

OH hisashiburi desu (it's been awhile). I'm really sorry If I couldn't update my baby blog as often as I should be, because Im just too bad with time management. I envy other Mommy bloggers who are much busier than me but still find time to post journals at least 4 times a week .

As usual, it was a busy week for me & my dollier that I couldn't find time to post about my baby's 3 months milestones sooner. She just turned 4 months last week, February 8. There are sooooooooooo much things to share since the last time I updated about her.

Our lil dollie princess could really recognize who's who in her life. Sure she smiles at people whoever plays with her, but definitely later looks at us ( feeling assured that we're there, especially her beautiful mom ).

One of the greatest things she learned so far that excites us most, is she can laugh outloud. Im glad I had captured that first laugh just a couple of weeks ago, when she was 3 months and 1 week. I was the one who first witnessed it. Her dad was at work during that time so I took a clip from my phone and excitingly sent it thru mail . While playing with her, she never stopped laughing until she got tired. I was extremely overjoyed and my heart screamed at the same time. It was one of our happiest bonding time together.

She's such an adorable baby. We love it when she placed on her stomach. She's so cute. She could lift her head up with the support of her hands, and lifts up her legs as if she's on a sky dive . Sometimes she's diving with her dad, i mean Tummy Time =). They're so funny.

Our baby has transformed from a dependent newborn to an active, communicative and responsive baby . Giving up my job with a nice salary to become a full time stay at home m0mma (& a wifey) is all worth it. I wouldn't want to miss anything special from my baby's milestones of development.

Pics and clips taken before she turned 4 months

our baby's some other milestones includes:
Stronger kicks

Began to finger suck =(

She could easily grasp things even for a short time. She could hold her own bottle when feeding ( with a lil support ). She reach any object she sees.

Enjoys tickling... You'll love the way she giggles...

She make noises.. Sometimes she would raise her voice when nobody would pay attention.

She sleeps more than 7 hours straight at night. Sometimes, 6-hour stretch through the afternoon.

Smiles always. Especially when she wakes up in the morning. It's always been a good thing to start a day, i just don't remember when exactly she started doing it, it became already a routine everytime she wakes up in the morning.

She stares an object and follows it when it moves. It's funny when she stares at her Dad practicing golf and follows the golf club when it moves.

Becomes curius about the things around her. She looks at almost everything around the room. This time I also let her look at our reflection infront of the mirror, she looked shocked at first, but now she could laugh at her own reflection.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed watching the music video I made .


  1. wow kabirthday pala siya ni faith? february 8 din kasi bday niya/

  2. i enjoyed it! i admire you for keeping track your baby's milestones so intently. keep it up!

  3. hi!!! tnx for droppng by! yes madami pop up books dito mura lng d bah? rder ka na...colect k for your baby para sa paglaki nya =) 3 years mga nursery rhymes po kme with cd check this out....
    you can YM me if you want to order jganlising is my usernme =)

  4. try visiting mg bags too here nmn -

  5. time passes by so fast! anyway, i have an award for you mommy!

  6. hi got an ward for yah! -

  7. I love to touch infant's little hand & feet. I'm missing those moments from my 2 boys. They are already 3 & 5 years old. So fast.... :):)


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