My baby in tantrum

Tantrums tantrums.. Our lil girl is just like the other kids. She's so full of personality which also means she's got CRazy moods. SHe has great moods most of the time, but there are times she suddenly become a downright diva moody lil girl. But me? I'm her mom that's why I love them all... well perhaps most of the time if not all the time lol

Occassionally, she acts like this when she's cranky, tired, sleepy, hungry, bored or whatever.. there are actually times that I don't really understand. But I guess that's just normal for growing babies.

But I'm just thankful (or lucky) because for most part, Our lil girl is just fun to be around. Maybe its because we trained her to be like that.. --not actually "train"-- hmm can't think of the right term at the moment, basta sinanay lang siguro namin sya tumatawa.

When she cries hard, we hug her and let her calm first before we try to talk and entertain her. Eversince her teeth erupted, there were nights na she wakes up crying. Is it really because of the teething or just a bad dream?

It really doesn't matter. Tantrums is perfectly normal for any kids. Instead of stressing myself, I should be glad for it lol. Just think about it like this. Too much of good things do not give you a clear outlook of how the way life really works. WHen my baby is in bad mood, it makes me appreciate those tender and fun moments much more. It also reminds me that Balance makes everything better.

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  1. Nyahahaha si Mommy talaga galit na nga si pretty anzu eh pinipikon pa hahahaha... may pinagmanahan ata yung pagiging dram queen ni anzu hahaha..

    Here's to handling tantrums for my makukulits

  2. Oh I watched the vid with EJ and he said "What's wrong with the Baby Mom?" he is so concerned hehehe.

  3. it's the teething I guess. They are very uncomfortable when teething. she's so cute. pwede rin bang pakipisil sa cheeks nya?

  4. anzu is really a darling even with tantrums.. Ganda talaga ng mga entries mo sis.. enjoy ako panuorin.. hehe, drama queen pala yang angel mo.LOL

  5. ano ba yan bambie, nagtatantrums na si little one cute pa din!☺

    btw dear, i have an award for you over at My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf. hope you can grab it!☺

  6. ang cute namang umiyak si baby super cute

  7. Hi, nice post about Tantrums...since your little girl is still a baby, her means of communication is very limited to crying, and you're doing a good thing by giving her hugs because it comforts her, baby pa eh. She's adorably cute though too :)

  8. she is very expressive indeed!

  9. she's so cute kahit may tantrums na...
    Have a great weekend sis!!!

  10. I think baby's too get bad dreams kasi minsan si andrea nagigising nalang na umiiyak yon sound na parang inaapi talaga...

  11. yup, tantrums are a part of growing up. i guess we should just be consistent when it comes to dealing with them. i just hope that as our lil princesses grow, it won't be as hard to handle them.

    ang cute ni anzu while crying in bed. hehe!

  12. Hahahaha ang cutie pa rin ng baby mo sis kahit umiiyak at nag tantrums. Natawa ako sa video when I watched it last night, na busy ako after kaya hindi na ako naka pag comment.

    Tingnan lng natin kung ano na kaya gagawin ni baby Anzu girl ngayong 1 year old na siya hnmmmm mas maraming tantrums lalo na pagnasa sa Terrible twos hehehe. Thanks for sharing sis.

  13. Naku may sumpong ang bebe Azumi!

  14. Hindi siya nagta tamtrums. She's just plain irritable because of the changes in her body. Dahil siguro naggo grow na yung initial teeth niya. Pero nakatutuwa siya. Maski wala sa mood ay sumusunod pa rin sa ipinapagawa mo. Napakaganda nung statement mo about balance. Words of wisdom yun na natutunan mo from the school of hard knocks. I'm sure mai impart mo kay Anzu lahat ng mga valuable lesons na natutunan mo sa buhay. Mahirap i shield ang mga anak natin sa mga trials. Yun ang paraan ni Lord para tumibay tayo at ma survive natin ang malalakas na hagupit ng panahon. Thanks for the sensible post. God bless you always.

  15. Waaaaaaaaaah! Ang cute cute ni Lil Anzu kapag nagagalit. LOL. Best actress nga talga! Hahaha!

    Btw, alam mo sis. Si Lil Kimy ko kapag d makuha yung gusto nya, like for example ayaw ko bigay yung laruan nya, bigla magagalit (same with anzu) but pinagkaiba nila is iiyak si Kimy + ipipinch nya kamay nya or ihihit nya head nya or tummy nya with her hands. Parang sinasaktan nya sarili nya. Natatakot nga ako eh. Ganun din ba si Lil Anzu? Ewan ko talga bat ganun si Lil Kimy ko. Huhuh! =(

  16. Totally ADORABLE!!
    Here is "My Mommy Moment♥"<--Hope you like it☺
    Have a Great Day!

  17. Tantrums is normal for babies and even with older kids like Wakaba and Haruka.When they're into a feeling of having a bad temper,a hug is an answer like you did.A hug can make her feel more secure and feel needed.

  18. late ata ako dito ah.....nako kahit may tantrum si dolly....super cutie parin...hehehhe!

  19. hahaha hindi ka nagiisa mommy bamz.
    si yuina rin nagaarte na.
    pero db nakakatuwa kasi naglalambing sila.
    Imbes na magalit tayo lumalambot ang puso natin kasi talo tayo ng ngiti nila at yakap.

  20. Hehe trabaho ko din yan minsan kaya nga napapangiti ako dito while watching this vlog.Cute pa rin kahit umiiyak na & bakit ba tayong mga Nanay ganyan ano umiiyak na parang natutuwa pa tayo hehe parang mga sadista eh no?


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