My Lil Dolly Princess is now officially a little girl creambunny_note.gif image by bams704. But of course, she'll always be our baby creambunny_star.gif image by bams704.

Thanks to all of you who watched our journey into Parenthood. Most of you has inspired me to become a better Mom to our lil girl.

Your warm messages indeed always bring joy and positive outlook throughout our day.

I also wanna grab this space to Thank our dearest Clarissa of KIZUNA for this surprise gift to lil Anzu on her birthday. It was delivered when we were having a happy hour with our loveones. Just imagine how surprised we were.

Thank you so much dear, our lil princess loves it so much.
You just know what Anzu loves..

THANKS also to my dear pretty ol sisterette Keianne of My Everyday Blog for another surprise gift to our lil Anzu..

THANK YOU so much girl.
I love your taste! Anzu will gonna wear them til next 2 years.

and lastly, I wanna thank the following faboulous Moms online for remembering my lil Anzu's day.

Ate Rose







and to all my readers who regularly visits my precious babyblog. Thank YOu.

15 kawaii thoughts:

Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

You're welcome. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

bambie said... [Reply to comment]

you have a very beautiful baby girl, bambie.=)

anne said... [Reply to comment]

the gift is so nice. I bet Azumi would enjoy that

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Happy happy birthday ulit Anzu! Thanks Bams for your support and votes, hopefully makaboto ka everyday hehehe.. I'll be bugging you, wink...

Seiko said... [Reply to comment]

Ang sweet naman...mukhang talagang nagustuhan ni Anzu chan ang gift sa kanya o..look at her smile on the photo above.:D

Lulu said... [Reply to comment]

ganda ng gift ni Mami Clang para kay baby Anzu!

Mami Clang malapit na birthday ni Andrea... gifts are welcome! joke lang!!!

fedhz said... [Reply to comment]

aww. Otanjoubi Omedetto! nyahehe. tama ba?

KeiAnN said... [Reply to comment]

hello mommy bamz and azumi chan.
Sure happy kayong 2 ni mommy non nag birthday ka.
cute naman bagay na bagay yun gift ni yuina sau.
Buti nagustuhann ni mommy mo yun color.

lagi kayo iingat ni momma mo at wag na gaano lalabas ng bahay kasi malamig na.


Yami said... [Reply to comment]

Uy happy birthday pala ni Anzu. Happy Birthday cutipie. parang ang laki niya for a one-year old baby ano.

Us said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday Baby Anzu, Ahhh welcome to toddler stage cutie girl.

I have an award for you at http://www.jnjmilestones.com/

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday to your Princess,Bambie!!You don't know how much I was surprised when you did that call!!I wanted to surprise you but you surprised me back and you got me!\(^0^)/

ruby said... [Reply to comment]

aw happy bday kay baby anzu!!!

Anne Tayag-Velvez said... [Reply to comment]

Belated happy birthday Anzu! You're growing really fast!

Jac said... [Reply to comment]

Belated happy birthday to Anzu. Stay sweet and beautiful...God bless you :p

Dhadha & Lil Kimy said... [Reply to comment]

Belated happy birthday baby anzu! <3

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