Last Saturday, our lil girl was invited to watch Undokai (or sports day as we may call it in english) at my mom's MIL's school which is just a block away from our home.

In Japan it seems as if there's a big event for every occasion, and the idea of encouraging a sports-minded culture is not outside the realm of reasons to celebrate. If you're following KIZUNA (my good ol friend ate clang) and Seiko's Diary, you may already have known what Undokai is all about. It's a sports festival which is one of the highlights of the year for many young Japanese students. An all day affair which is attended not only the family members but also oftentimes the extended family and close friends.

Parents also get to participate in the games. My gosh, I feel pressured just thinking about it. I should ready myself in the coming years when my baby will finally be attending her kindergarten. Usually Moms rise early in the morning to prepare obento (lunchboxes) which really add more appeal to that event. Some kids may even show off their Obento with their classmates. Have you seen Ate Clang's Obentos?

ANyway showing off my lil dolly Anzu again. As usual, my camera was with me because it was her first time to watch an UNDOKAI. Of course, I wouldn't want to missed to capture her one of HER First FIRSTS...

We were told to watch from the 2nd floor instead beacause it was crowded on the ground.
Feeling VIP lol..
Anzu kept on cheering the kids by waving and clapping with enthusiasm in her face.. Can't help but to catch some attention because we were the only one watching upstairs that's why I decided to go on the ground and be with the crowd lol It's more fun..

Look at her clapping heheh...
gosh im so fat! i really need to diet haha
So glad we came, she was really having fun.
Lil Anzu with Aunt Hisayo and the head teacher ( i forgot the name).

After a long day,
its time to be a camwhore at our front yard.
I was a bit surprised when my baby knocked our door calling his papa...

Our great weekend didn't end up here... will post about it next time


  1. wow! ang daming pics! Camwhore talaga si baby, hehe! marunong mag pacute. for sure enjoy siya dyan ate! at 1 year old na pala siya? Happy Birthday Anzu! (late greeting)

  2. Thanks for the links,dear--nahihiya ang lola mo.It is fun attending and participating to your kids event at school--you will enjoy,I'm sure!Medyo pagod nga lang ang katawan mo sa paggawa ng obento but it's worth it.You will see Anzu smile looking at your future homemade obento on her special event at school!!^_^
    Looking forward to your next post!!

  3. Ang cute ni Anzu! Naku, gurl..di ka kaya fat,kung fat ka ano pa kaya ako?

  4. Anzu knows how to appreciate events like Undokai. And knows how to behave in front of her mom's camera showing her toothy smile.

    hmmm...i don't think you look fat. :)

  5. very soon, papanoorin mo na rin siya.cute ng kanyang pink outfit, girl na girl! :)

  6. iba talaga ang kagandahan ni baby anzu at ni mami bams pang VIP ...heheh nice pics though

  7. Undokai seemed to be a lot of fun sis.. Great photos you have here. Your Anzu is an enthusiast audience already ha.. She's really cute..

  8. Oh my, lots of adventures for the beautiful princess and queen of Japan hehehe,... Participants ka din pala sa MYM... I love the last picture collage, Anzu is very playful with the camera hehehe.. Join mo sa smile contest si Anzu next month..

  9. waaaaaaa....ang ganda ng dolly....get up na get up....pink na pink...heehhehe....VIP nga naman!

    thanks for sharing mami Bamz.....pretty soon si Anzu na yung participant....hehehhe!

    have a good one!

  10. You're daughter's such a cutie, katukayo.☺ Especially in the pix where she's in pink. She looks like strawberry shortcake.☺

  11. Oh I just can't get enough of your baby Anzu. She's so cute and heavenly. And she's very intelligent too. She can already knock at your door and call on her dad. Ang cute cute niya talaga, ang sarap kurutin ang pisngi. It will not be too far ahead na she will be attending nursery school and you will be preparing her own baon. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  12. Mami bamz ang laki na ng anzu mo, pwedi na sundan heheh biro lng. Ang cute ng outfit nga maliit na dalaga, napakaganda pa ng posing. Yeah shes clapping next time she will be talking and im sure mahihirapan ka kakatranslate ng geberish talk nila.

  13. i love her outfit its so cute. buti hindi nya inaalis ang hat nya? si freya ayaw nya dami ako binili hat pero hanggang sukat tapos wala na. de talaga nagagamit.

  14. Your little girlie is so sweet there :-)

    Btw, I am hosting a giveaway with $200 USD as monthly prizes at http://boeyjoey.blogspot.com/2009/10/im-wishing-for-something-sparkly-for-my.html. Just need to paste a button on your blog, go check it out!

  15. if you are fat then what will I call myself? lol! you're just like clang, sharing nice photos and Japanese traditions. thanks!

  16. Oh she's so cute. I thnk we also have that sports event here for family. Its a great event and b0nding time!

  17. Undokai naku inihahanda ko na rin ang sarili ko jan.
    Nagusap na rin kami ni hubby na siya na alng ang maglalaro.
    Saya naman jan sa tokyo lahat yata nan diyan na.

    pero ingat sa sakit mommy bams.

  18. Kaya be ready Bams dahil sooner or later mismong si Azumi chan na ang papanoorin mo syempre mas excited dahil ang princess mo na ang makikita mong tumatakbo dyan.And one more thing nakakaloka din ang paghahanda ng obentou
    Nani ka wo kikitai koto ga areba,sempai toushite hazukashigarazuni nandemo okiki kudasai.Chu!Jya!

  19. Excess:
    I mean okiki shite kudasai hehe.Have a great weekend!:D


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