Happiness Award

12:11 AM
I feel guilty for not posting my other pending awards.. I forgot to save the other links for some reasons I can't remember ( im so bad ) Arte ko kasi eh This year I'll try to post whatever tags and awards this precious blog of mine would ever received as soon as I can ..

SO yeah, THANKS to Kaye of WAHMAholic, Melandria of My Journey To Life, and JAC of Mom'S Special Diary for this Happiness Award

So along with the award there are some rules. I have to link her blog to me and I have done that above. Next I am to list 10 things that make me happy.

1. Good Mornings with my love.
2. Playing with my lil dolly.
3. Endless Chats with my friends and loveones around the world.
4. Joyride with honey and dolly anzy
5. Great Movies
6. Sweet Private Messages
7. Seeing someone close to me Happy
8. Dining out once in awhile
9. Shopping
10. Goodtime and partyying with my loveones and friends in the Philippines. I miss them..

Now the hardest part, im passing this to ...


  1. happy nga..kasi happiness award..hehe..

  2. salamat sa award..pilitin ko na ang next post ko ay by request uli at para sa iyo iyon..post ko with your pic..

  3. ngee nakakahiya naman.. bigla tuloy ako nagred dito.. thanks kuya

  4. Thanks for including me in the list sis. new name for anzu huh, anzy na ngayon hehehe. Me too miss hanging out with my friends back home.


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