Too Soon?

This week opened a door of new big decision ( and hopefully a good adventure ) for our little kawaii princess. While we were on our usual mommy bonding one time last week, someone gave us a brochures on our way to the Baby room.

I kinda got excited and yet unsure if its too soon to send our lil girl to a pre-school. Although we've already thought about enrolling her to a school when she turns 2 even when I was still pregnant (lol).

I'm thinking It might be best for her to play and socialize with other kids. Something she would look forward every week. The activities and curriculum are quite tempting because moms would be also participating in the first few months until kids are ready to seperate from their parents for awhile. The class will start on the first week of March and I just made a reservation on the last day, feb 8... ( i still have few days to confirm or cancell -feb 15 )

I'm a stay at home mom and we don't have much kids at her age in our neighborhood. Although we let her mingle with the kids at my japanese grandma's school sometimes, but I just can't take her there everytime even if Okasan says ok. It would be unfair right coz she's not really attending on that school.

Oh well bottomline is... I'M 20% CONFUSE... Her DAD says ok though.... I want to send her to a pre-school but I'm thinking which pre-school? I have to research and find other options aside from Miki House Kids Pal

am i confuse or in denial ? I feel crappy right now, mixed emotions... excited, confuse, happy, and sad..

Help Suggestions / advices are very much appreciate


  1. I'd say pag two years old na lang, kasi she's too young pa naman, enjoy mo na muna yung bonding nyong dalawa. I did not let my kids go to nursery kasi dami kong fears eh, ako yanta yung may separation anxiety lol..

  2. sis napatakbo ako dito upon reading your catchy title..akala ko may kapatid na si Anzu..LOL!

    sis, si Hyzyd din ipapreschool ko at age 2 dito sa school namin...yon din ang concern ko sa kanya, ala syang kalaro sa bahay kaya when we got home from school, binuhos namin lahat attention sa kanya...I think it's too early for Anzu sis but you know what's best for your pretty girl. Just follow your heart and motherly instinct:)

  3. I'm all for sending her to a pre-school. In my son's school, they're accepting toddlers, 1.5 to 2.5 years old, and it's mostly just play. It's also a good way of exposing her to other kids her age.

  4. Hi, Bambie. I know you'll go with the best option for your baby and whatever it is will feel right. Btw, I have an award for you over at my blog. :)

  5. pangbata talaga..malapit na siyang mag aral..

  6. Maybe you're in denial or having separation anxiety. My daughter went to pre-school at an early age, 2&1/2 yrs old and she enjoyed it very much. I was worried at first but when I saw those smiles on her face, I knew I made the right decision. Pre-school for Anzu's age are mostly plays and socialization. It will be good for her to be exposed to other kids her age.

  7. Hi Mommy! My son started schooling at 2.5 years (Pre-Nursery) here in the Philippines and I got flacked left and right. They say its too soon and maybe he can't handle it. Socialization was my main reason because he has helpers left with him (while I work). Check your daughter on her readiness and I'm sure, eventually, you will feel and know the right thing to do.

    First day of school, I was the one who cried, not Aori hehe.. Good luck! :) I'm excited to know what will happen next.

  8. hi bambie♥ wow miki house kids pal. sa loob ba ng mall? cguro masyado pa atang maaga for Azumi.. diba toddler palang sya♥ pero maganda rin yng makipag laro sya sa ibang kids.. maganda ata jan sa miki house kids pal, once a week lang ata?, enjoy mo muna yng pagsasama nyo :) ksi pag pumasok na sya preschool sunod sunod na yon.. parang feeling ko palayo sila ng palayo. kaya enjoy mo muna ng todo (^з^) hehe.. my opinion lang naman pero kahit ano naman decision mo para naman sa anak mo yun♥

  9. @ Ate ROSE
    thanks =) parang big step na talaga pag regular school na..

    @ Genejosh
    funny.. ill let you know pag naka-decide na ko...

    @ Tetcha
    Thanks.. im encouraged.. same program, playing and interacting with other kids, plus they'll teach them how to organize their toys, participating pa kami,

    @ spinning lovely days
    thanks dear... ill visit you

  10. @ Rossel
    Im thinking about also separation anxiety and exposure with other kids. The program is tempting kasi playin while learning at the same time, plus kasama pa mga moms.. Thanks for your advice

    @ Judys
    Im encouraged.. socialization is also my main concern. I think she's ready kasi nakikipaglaro sya sa teacher nung nagpa-reserve kami, ayaw na nya umalis. I'll let you know... ako din na-sasad but i want the best for her. Thanks for sharing

    @ JAYS
    yup yung sa mall, shodo-teki, na-excite ako sa program nila.. iniisip ko nga kung super aga pa or hindi. Nakakalilito pero nagsusurvey pa ko.. ang maganda dun once a week at pwedi mag-cancel.. ill let you know =) thanks ganda

  11. i think it is a good idea to enrol her to a school.. we are also thinking of letting andrea be in preschool perhaps twice a week so that she will learn to mingle with kids her age

  12. Why don't you try it out first and see if she likes it. I'm sure she will enjoy mingling with kids her own age and I'm also sure the kids are safe in those schools. She can have a headstart when she finally enrolls on a regular nursery or kindergarten school because she has already familiarize with school activities. Of course, the decision will still be yours. Baka pwedeng trial period muna na walang bayad. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. agree ako kay manang rose mami dear....just wait nalang when dolly turns 2....enjoy each other's company lang muna...super young pa kasi to put her in a nursery....

    salamat sa dalaw at comment..ingat!

  14. It really helps them mami bamz to socialize, kasi si jake ko mahiyain kasi kulang sa exposure. Buti kung may makalaro siya kahit isang bata lng. hala goodluck sa mga disisyones mo mother dear.

  15. hi bambie, how about mag daycare nalang muna si baby anzu? that would much appropriate for her age. si freya balak namin ipasok sa pre-school pag nag 3 na sya. pagnakakasulat na sya.

    o sya Bam. nawala yung mahaba kung comment kasi bigla nawala internet connection namin. kainis! take care and kisses to your cutie anzu ^_^x

  16. It is like what my Haruka is doing at kohitsuji no kai,twice a week program naman yung sa kanya with some of other toddlers and moms din--must be a great experience for lil Anzu and for you. The thing is we didn't push our kids to start early coz I'm not working and we decided that it's best for them to stay with me muna and let them stay 2 years lang sa yochien.I guess if you have read some of the activities that Haruka spent at early yochien,mae-enjoy ka sigurado.So goodluck whatever your decision is,I'm sure it's the best for her!^_^

  17. Hello Bambie, Glad to know you here. That's good for your baby, mag enjoy din sya, at mag enjoy ka na rin looking at her as she learns pero kailangan lang best school for preschoolers. Sa atin ang dami eh di ba?

    Anyway, thank you Bambie for the help, it means a lot to me. I just opened my mails today and I saw it. Thanks a lot.
    God bless you more and praying for all of you too.

  18. Thanks to all of you... lahat ng advice nyo ay kino-consider ko... tama lahat kayo, we just want the best for our child and syempre tayo magdedecide in the end coz we know best..

    i think i have decided... hay time flies talaga kainis.. kung pwedi i-rewind ang oras no..

  19. hello sis, i have a tag for you, take care


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