What's Cooking Anz?

Does your kids play pretend? I'm sure they are. Some would pretend to be a dog, cat or a bird. Some would pretend to be having a tea party with their imaginary girl friends lol (I'm looking forward to this lol).

Anzu pretended to be a dog few times. She tried to eat like a dog. She even put her drink on her plate and drank out of it. It was funny and yet I stopped her from doing that... aysus talaga!

Lately, our lil kawaii prinsesa is into cooking. She would take all those bottles (soy sauce, vinegar, etc), and other utensils from the kitchen drawer --oh yeah, I took all the pointed utensils to an unreachable place for Anzu because she gets whatever..

We may have a future chef (but i honestly wish she'd become a Pro-Golfer someday)

Day 86 of 2010's ( saturday, mar 27)

So busy doing her thing lol

with my Tito Chris and Mom....

Watch this short clip of hyper Anzu. She kinda pretended to be a monkey lol...

short clip of hyper Anzu


  1. Nakakatuwa naman si Anzu dun sa video! Muntik pang mahulog sa sobrang likot! Hehe. Cute girl talaga!

  2. ang cuuuteee sa prinsesa! ganyan din si laikka hanggang ngyon..hahahah! just enjoy it:)

    mwaaah to the cutest girl!

  3. Whoa!Nagulat ako dun ah!At meron pa ata cyang bed head lol!Gosh!Ang likot likot na ni Azumi chan!Naalala ko when she tried to mimic obachan-tuwang tuwa ako dun!So kawaii of your lil princess,a cutie chef in the making!

  4. My Ykaie loves to play chef also!

  5. anzy is really funny.. ang gulo pa ng hair pero sige lang.. ligo na anzy..^^

  6. thanks mga sisters.. nakakatuwa, kaso nakakapagod sa sobrang kalikutan.

  7. She could become a gourmet chef in a fancy restaurant. Of course all little one's like to play cooking.

  8. My goodness! You're baby is into action na talaga. Mine's 10 months, doesn't know how to crawl yet...

  9. Oh what can Anzu not do? She can do or pretend to do anything she wants, hehehe, whether a playful monkey, an eating dog or a fashionable Japanese chef, lol. Nakakatuwa nga ang lahat nang antics ni Anzu at siyempre si mommy ang number 1 fan niya, lol. I'm sure Anzu will love to see all the literatures and videos you made of her since the time she was born. Treasured possessions ninyong magina ang mga iyan. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  10. Wow! So cute! Maybe someday she'll become a chef! Haha! My mom and dad also told me that I also play cooking when I was still a baby. I get the utensils in the cabinet and act like I'm cooking. I was playing with my parents at those times. They were pretending like they are eating real foods that I cook. Hehe!

  11. paglaki niyan tiyak magaling magluto..

  12. oh dear...ang kulit!!!!!!!....ehhehehe...super cutie ng little monkey....:)

    nako future chef pala ito....sossy na sossy...naka korona pa eh....lol!

    Akesha loves to pretend too....ganyan ata ang mga bata eh...mahilig mag mimic....:)


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