Something Yellow

It's mellow yellow friday with fellow mommy momenters...
Colors surround us every day, and I realized that color yellow is one of the most inseparable part of our everyday lives, from foods we serve to places we go...

WHile digging my lil Anzu's photo files, I realized that we have a lot of photos with yellow stuffs. Some photos were posted here already...

I'm sharing some of her latest Yellow Photos...

Anzu at her cute cousin Ryukun's little playground...

Healthy foods for my lil Anzu

Latest photos taken last Sunday ...

Daddy's Little Bundle of Joy

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  1. I love how you cutely arrange meals for Anzy. Makes me wanna dig in too! :D

  2. Daming yellow dito mommy, parang mangga hehe. I really like the way you organized ang creat your pics in your blog. cute. btw mommy bamz, I added all you 3 blogs pati yung blissful queen sa wp blog ko.

  3. Cuteness! Love that one where she's on the bridge of the swing set! Oishii food din! Ogenki!

  4. aww!!! ang cute cute!!! and well documented.. i like your pics about Anzu's foods ha.. kakatuwa tingnan.. so healthy!!!

    while I'm blog hopping on your sites, I realized I'm missing so much.. waah!!! mapapalampas ko nanaman ang MM at FTF... thanks deary!!!

  5. Awww..I love the photos of father and daughter bonding!So cute tingnan!

    Hello there,Bambie!!Naka-bisita rin sa wakas dito!Attend uli ako ng meeting ngayon,this time at Wakaba's school naman.Nahihilo na ako lol!

    Have a great weekend to you and your family,Bambie!Tenki warui dito,wrong timing namang makapag hanami(T_T)

  6. wow.. how i wish i have the same "drive" to prepare healthy food for my lil boy. kakainngit ka naman. :)

    btw, it's my first time to join this meme. hope u can check out my blog. it's here: Buzzy Mommy

    thanks! :)

  7. Very nice yellow pics, Mommy! I particularly like the one where Anzu's standing on the bridge.

  8. @Chikai

    hi dear chikai (japanese?).. di naman kasi ako masyado busy kaya binubusy ko sarili ko kay lil dolly =) sana na-inspire kita hehe

  9. Awwww sino ba naman di mabibighani sa kacutan ni anzy.. naku kung andyan lang ako amghapon kaming maghlalaro hehehe..

    You may find my Mommy Moments at Nostalgic Marveling, have a happy weekend!

  10. You've got very colorful pictures and I like those yellow healthy foods.

  11. thats a lot of yellow there hehehe. ang sarap lagi ng foods ni baby anzu =)

  12. aw daming yellow color.....:) so cute!

    woi dear, thanks a lot for giving akesha a space here on your blog....salamat sa sweet of you!

  13. wow, everything is yellow. i love the picture of your little baby and your big baby. what a bonding moment!

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  14. Ang cute nga nang mga photos ni Anzu at cousin niya. Napakabilis lumaki nang prinsesa mo. Parang kailan lang ay beybing baby pa siya. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  15. Azumi is getting cuter everyday! Nice outfit in the 2nd pic :)

  16. Anzu is soo cute :) and i admire u for giving her such healthy food :)

    u may view mine here

  17. i though your little dolly has a bf already, cousin pala :D

    grabbed your badge sis

  18. i agree with Mel Avila Alarilla.........mukhang mas mabilis nga lumaki ang little princess mo..

  19. yellow is fun! :D happy mommy moments!


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