Time does Fly

Mothers' cliche, time sure does fly...

This was taken when Azumi was barely 7 weeks old.

Well, it really does seem like just yesterday that me and my cutie girl were hanging out in the bedroom almost the whole day. She was such a different person then. Back in her baby blob stage. She slept and nursed and slept and nursed. Sweet smiles and giggles when awake. I would always think what a cool thing to be her mom.

There were times at night we would wake up because she was crying. But we had some of our best threesome moments together during those nights.

I’m really so much fun being her mom (and so as her dad) -- teaching her about the world while the world is learning from her at the same time lol.

21 blissful months. We made it this far. We’re doing fine. Three more months to go before the big day.

Ohh baby don’t go too fast. I’m still trying to absorb this all in!



  1. Anzy looked so so much like her dad when she was a tiny little baby. That means, super in-love ka daw sa hubby u sis.

    Hi! Just visiting you again here :D

  2. Lapit na maging two ang sweet Anzy, can't wait for her big milestones again. wish we could come there lol.. I always like your chubvaness when taking pics hehehe, so cute. What is Anzy into ba Bams?

  3. parang kailan lang at ito ngayon malaki na siya..

  4. Yes, it's 21 months and time really flies so fast that just recently, Anzu was just a baby and now she is a rapidly growing girl. Those early months were recorded with care by you in her chronicles in your blogs and someday she will be able to see all that you have stored for her. What a wonderful intimate relationship you have between mother and baby. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. wow she would turn two years old very very soon, send my greetings in advance girl

  6. Ang bilis talagang lumaki ni Azumi chan noh?I can still remember nung una akong tumambay sa site mo,di nga lang ako masyadong nagco-comment pa dati. I love watching her grow up^_^

  7. I agree, time sure does fly like jet plane hehehe or that train in japan how do you call that hehehe. haaay bilis talaga. look at you lil girl, she will be soon to be a big girl. mamimiss na natin pagiging baby nila diba.


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