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Anzu was 7 months old when we took her with us in the nearest Amusement Park in our place, Yomiuriland. As expected, we weren't allowed to go on a kiddie rides yet because of the age and height requirement. Kids must be atleast 2 years old and some rides allow the kids with the height of atleast 90cm.

That's why my poor Azumi and her lil cousin Ryukun just enjoyed looking around, eating, and playing "peek a boo" once in awhile to each other on their respective strollers lol.

Some attractions of Yomiuriland.

Check their website HERE (english version available)

Anzu was 12 months old when I took her to Sanrio Puroland because there was a halloween event for the kids. She wore a bumblebee costume. Then again, she wasn't allowed ( yet )to take the rides so we enjoyed ourselves watching musical shows, magic, walking around and taking photos with Sanrio Characters. Too bad, she was scared of them so I didn't have a decent picture with Hello Kitty.

Sanrio Puroland is an indoor amusement park especially designed for toddlers. However, strollers/babycars are not allowed inside.

Check their website HERE (english version available)

Finally, Anzu to experience her first ever ride in an amusement park - Carousel Merry Go Round at Sea Paradise

This is the only decent picture we have lol (ako lang ang naka-pose)

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  1. I knew it Anzu has lots of fun rides kasi lakwatsira ang nanay hehe jok lng sis. gaganda naman ng mga rides sa japan, bongacious.


  2. wow, ang saya saya naman nyo, kakainggit :-), nice photos, Bambie. thanks for sharing.

  3. That place offers a lot of fun for visitors. Enjoy den si Anzy pati si mummee. Hihi.

  4. Ang sarap maki rides with the kids ano? Ang cute naman dyan sa sanrio Puroland. Sana one day makapunta rin kami dyan.

    my mommy moments entry is here

  5. Wow! Nice sa Sanrio Puroland. Cute ng baby mo. =) Happy MM!

  6. hahaha... cute photos though :D

  7. Ang ganda naman nang mga poses nyo, para kayong mga professional models, lol. Maliit pa nga si Anzu diyan dahil naka stroller pa siya. Ang ganda rin nang kuha ninyong magina sa Hello Kitty nang Sanrio. Bagay na bagay sa inyo ang background, lol. At siyemre, mawawala ba ang tsibug pagkatapos nang mga activities? Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  8. wow ang ganda naman sa lugar na yan.

    by the way my entry is here and here
    please also leave your comment here for my son's birthday wish.

  9. Ooh, the Sanrio one looks like an enchanting place! Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. wow! how i wish I can also bring Coi there...


    http: //myprincecoi.blogspot.com
    http: //emotera-momikoito.blogspot.com
    http: //th-techie.blogspot.com

  11. Beautiful bonding, ang liit pa dyan ni Anzy gorgeous hehehe..

  12. Finally, nakatikim din ng ride si Anzu :)

    Okay lang yan Mommy Bambie, nakapost din naman si Anzu, nkaharap nga lang sa kabila :)

  13. wow ang ganda ng lugar parang na sa castle.. yong fairy tale.. at yong mga post nyo mag ina ang sweet :)

  14. Ang saya-saya nyo naman dyan,Bambie!!How envious!!Fave ng mga bata sina Sugarbunnies at Cinnamoroll!Sana makapasyal kami talaga dyan sa inyo--I'm sure we will talaga!

  15. ang cute talaga ni anzu! i just love her out fits! god bless you, sis! mwah!

  16. Gaganda talaga ng mga rides at amusement park sajapan ano, very hightech. Buti pa ang mommy natu daming lakwatsa.

  17. oh those are the days...ang liit pa ni Anzy sa pic...look at her now....so smarty and pretty!

    great pics mami bamz...:)


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