Toddler Language

It's amazing watching this little person in our house learn about language.

Such fascinating development milestones to witness her learn how to express what she wants with different sounds and different emphases... learning ABCs and numbers... understanding what you say... learning few phrases or sentences and then singing.

She turned 21 months old this week. This past 2 months was all about learning and fun. I'm thrilled that she's always willing to learn. She's more like cooperative everytime I put her to nap in the afternoon. I don't know why she's always hyper before sleeping.

I just uploaded these videos recently. All taken at the same day. She was 19 months here. Enjoy watching =) We're always like this (been our routine before sleeping)...

Learning the ABC

Learning the ABC sounds and some words...

Recognizing illustrations

More videos
Baby Sleep Now 1
Baby Sleep Now 2
Anzu Saying I love You
Anzu Saying I love You

Hey Azumi, could you tell us how can we get to the library?

We're actually putting effort of raising her be a bilingual kid (multilingual if possible). I've been speaking to her in english while everybody speaks to her in Nippongo. I hope it will turn out fine coz some people think it will only confuse her, switching language every now and then.. Do you find this a good method or should we try something else? Advices are much appreciated.. Thank you, as always.

Have a nice weekend =)


  1. Wow mommy bamz great job, galing ni anzu ahh. very smart girl. she can recognize letter sounds and illustrations. I like that picture you are holding saan ba yan mabibili hehehe. good job anzu. sampung palakpak for you princess clap10x hehe. nag enjoy ako sa video pati si jake.

  2. We are doing the same thing with Askim, sis. We also want her to be able to use different languages. I speak to her in Tagalog and English. I sometimes even talk to her in my native dialect, then hubby teaches her Turkish. Being a multilingual is always an advantage, right?

  3. You have to keep both languages going. A little story about me. I use to speak french when I was a child. My parents decided we needed to speak English only at all times. I lost the French and here I am not even very good English.

  4. It's really amazing how Anzu has progressed by leaps and bounds. She now can sing the alphabet and soon she will learn her ABC's. She is very intelligent and has shown her great capacity to acquire new skills and knowledge. Thanks for the joyous post. God bless you all always.

  5. She is such a smart kid Bams, continue teaching her bilingual, if possible nga turuan mo din tagalog kasi mas nagagrasp ng maga bata ang language sa ganyANg edad. It's the perfect stage where they learn a lot (until 7 years old) pag lampas na daw 7 you can tell the difference kasi may accent na.. Great job in teaching Anzy Bams. Yan ang advantage ng SAHM, nakafocus taklaga attentin mo sa kanya.. I am so proud of you Anzy. Mwah!

    I love all the vids including the one on the sidebar! She is such a sweet, talented, and smart little girl, keep it up!

  6. I love watching Anzu's videos! I'm a silent visitor kasi d ako lagi nag cocomment but I always check anzu's pix and videos kasi nag eenjoy akong manuod. Haha! Btw, same tayo ng style Ate Bambs kasi I also do the singing of abc and kung ano2x before Kimy goes to sleep. Inaaliw muna bago matulog. Haha. :))

    Anzu is so smart! Way to go Cutie Anzu! Mwah! ^__^

  7. @Mel Alarilla

    Sir Mel, she actually knows ABC already.. like isusulat ko, then she'd tell me what letter is that.. Ill blog about that, medyo busybee kasi lately. Thanks for visiting po =)

  8. @chubskulit

    Oo nga dapat tagalog din.. mahilig na sya ulitin mga sinasabi ko kaya more careful na ko ngayon sa mga words ko. Thanks Te

  9. @Mommy Dhadha

    Hi girl.. kahit di ka magcomment ok lang. I'm not after that.. gusto ko lang i-share ang mga ginagawa ko =) Laki na ng mga dolies natin no.. I miss Kimmy.. buti may update ako sa yo FB.. thanks girl.

  10. Very clever ni Azumi chan!Communicating is important to develop languages and she's learning a lot from you--great teaching job,Bambie!^_^

  11. Nothing's wrong with talking to her in different languages bambs... mas ok nga yun... Alyssa is fluent both in English and Tagalog... Mas advantage nga si Anzu kase she knows Japanese din and youc an even teach her your own dialect... mas madaming language mas ok...

    she's a really smart girl... Alyssa was like that nung ganyang age, always willing to learn, kaso ngayong lumaki na lagi na kame nag aaway pag study time... haha!!! manang mana sakin, tamad...

    Thanks for sharing the videos... I love watching Anzu, she's such a darling...

  12. awwwwwww....sarap pisilin...super brainy ni are doing a great job sis....keep it up! way to go little princess....:)

  13. super smart toddler ni anzu!! cute videos too..


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