Our lil Azumi's independent spirit is becoming more evident and unexpected nowadays. Atleast most of the time if not often.

She doesn't want to be held longer.. she wants to go upstairs by herself .. she wants to walk without her hands being held.. There's always 2 spoons whenever she eats, one for her and one for me. She won'T eat unless she holds her own spoon and feed herself ( while I feed her at the same time of course.. ).. and many more "i can do it" things lol

I should've posted this a month ago...
Captured In Time...
enjoying eating by herslef lol

ALso watch the Part 2 of this video

It's really fulfilling to see your kids becoming independent. Can't help but become sentimental sometimes coz a year ago, I was just a newbie without experience under my belt - I was freaked out ---she was so little and needy, and I had to quickly learn how to meet her needs...

And now??...oh well I must admit, Im also a little excited and anticipating all the cool things that are in store for her in the coming days, weeks, and months.

I guess I have to tell the news now and further talk about it next time.... --- We have a new pre-schooler next week


mommy moments

Big plans for Valentine’s Day you ask? It's not that big.. Hunny forgot that he had committed to helping out with his cousins because their Grandma is moving to one of their Aunt's unit. Since he had set it up weeks ago, he totally forgot about the fact that it landed on Valentine’s Day. That was ok though, we don't have to celebrate Vday outside. Actually men are not required to plan about dating their ladies.. It's the other way around. IT'S JAPAN..

So me and my little kawaii princess made a plan (actually only me lol, anzu was just an accomplice)..The planned surprise was a lil bit spilled at first --i thought he was coming home when he called at 3:30 so there i was, prepared the whole surprise, didn't know he was coming with cousin to pick up something and go back to their Aunt's--uugghh-- I quickly closed the dining door and told him not to enter coz it was a real mess... The thing was, the door was slightly open (sliding door kasi) so he had a lil glimpse of The SURPRISE, grinned a little with a facial expression of "ooppss sorry" and then they were gone...

Anyway I don't wanna bore you with the details. But Im glad the day went all well. So Im sharing our weekend snapshots with you ( Feb 14, 2010 )

Lil Anzu waiting for her busy dad lol...

7pm, her dad called and said he's 10 mins away...

"so cute mo naman baby.. pero ang tagal ng ama mo ha!"

FINALLY.... 10 mins late!!

Anzu: Dad what took you so long! hay naku...
Dad: Let me explaine...
Anzu: ahh No explanations! (drama)


Happy Valentine's Day =)

Im sure most of you had a wonderful weekend with your loveones, if not, well cheer up. Always enjoy and share the love even if its not Valentine's day.


Anzu's yummy breakfast in the past week

and her favorite (and mine too) .... mango from Philippines.. so sweet


Nothing is more satisfying than feeding your kids with healthy foods..


Someone made our day again. I got a package, actually it's for Azumi, all the way from Chicago US of A.


Thanks to my dear ol friend Scarty who has been my inspiration when it comes to photography. She always says she's just a wannabe but her photos say it all... SHE'S A PROFESSIONAL.. Visit her flickr Photostream and enjoy sneaking her wonderful and amazing shots I swear.. You might be inspired too...


This week opened a door of new big decision ( and hopefully a good adventure ) for our little kawaii princess. While we were on our usual mommy bonding one time last week, someone gave us a brochures on our way to the Baby room.

I kinda got excited and yet unsure if its too soon to send our lil girl to a pre-school. Although we've already thought about enrolling her to a school when she turns 2 even when I was still pregnant (lol).

I'm thinking It might be best for her to play and socialize with other kids. Something she would look forward every week. The activities and curriculum are quite tempting because moms would be also participating in the first few months until kids are ready to seperate from their parents for awhile. The class will start on the first week of March and I just made a reservation on the last day, feb 8... ( i still have few days to confirm or cancell -feb 15 )

I'm a stay at home mom and we don't have much kids at her age in our neighborhood. Although we let her mingle with the kids at my japanese grandma's school sometimes, but I just can't take her there everytime even if Okasan says ok. It would be unfair right coz she's not really attending on that school.

Oh well bottomline is... I'M 20% CONFUSE... Her DAD says ok though.... I want to send her to a pre-school but I'm thinking which pre-school? I have to research and find other options aside from Miki House Kids Pal

am i confuse or in denial ? I feel crappy right now, mixed emotions... excited, confuse, happy, and sad..

Help Suggestions / advices are very much appreciate


I hope you all had a fun weekend. TIME INDEED FLIES SO FAST. I always hear these words from my oldies before so it really sounds like a cliche to me. But now, I find myself saying these over and over and I just realized, am I getting old? I guess I had never been much paying attention before over the time has passed. Is it because of my lil girl?

It was only like yesterday when we can hold her to our arms as long as we want. Now, she doesn't want to be held anymore, only when she wants to ( bratty!).

Oh well, I'm starting to get sentimental again because today (feb 8), our little princess has turned 16 months ...

16 Wonderful and Sweet Months of being with AZUMI

Looking forward for our new adventures this month..

Before I end this, let me share some of our weekend snapshots...


Well I think we’ve come a long way since the first day she came out to this world, and US as a parents.  Our goal is always been to raise our little girl thoughtfully and intentionally. We've learned that it's not easy and it takes alot of effort and dedication.

Thanks to Mommy Chris. I've become aware with the basics of Love Languages. So glad that we're doing a good as far as I know.

00215.gif image by bams704 Words of Affirmation.
Honey believes that this is the most essential thing we should teach our (future) kid, COMMUNICATION. We do this as soon as she wakes up. Staying in bed for a little bit, snuggling and talking to your baby (even if she still cant talk) could create a good mood for the whole day .  We're so much extra careful with our words and actions now that Azumi loves mimicking (although sometimes i tend forget but i'm trying not to say bad words in front of her). IT's also important to praise/compliment your child even the simplest or little thing she learns.

00215.gif image by bams704 ON Quality Time.
No questions. I'm with her 24/7. She's my buddy, she's always with me. She's lucky coz we always eat breakfast and dinner together with her Dad. We always take her somewhere she would enjoy, parks, riverside, malls, zoo, groceries, or simple driving around.

00215.gif image by bams704 Physical Touch.
Hugging and snuggling are my two favorite thing .. I think she also loves hugging. When she's on a good mood, you don't have to ask her to kiss you, coz she will.

00215.gif image by bams704 Receiving Gifts
I would like to thank my friends (online and offline) for every lovely gifts they give to Azumi. We really really really appreciate it. We feel so blessed. Thank you so much .
00215.gif image by bams704 Acts of Service
I'm kinda OC when it comes to my lil girl . I wash her clothes separately. I iron them. Change her sheets and towel every 2 days. Alcohol is in every corner of the house. When it comes to food, I want it healthy.
When it comes to chores, I now let her stay beside me ( even if she can be too makulit ) and show what I'm doing. I think she's having more interest in sweeping the floors.

mommy moments


We had the first snow of the season in Tokyo last monday night, February 1, 2010...

Whatta pleasure view from our balcony, seeing Snow falling...

had this clear snow shot during the night, adjusted the ISO to 3200

It's hardly ever snow here in Tokyo.. Usually it's just a day of two in the whole winter season. I haven't experience yet making a Snowman nor snowballs.. I thought I can let my lil dolly have her first snow experience the next morning but geesh, the sun shined so early than the usual, the ice was melting lol..

It was also frustrating to take my dolly's first snow photos ( er maybe I was just lazy to go out coz it was really freaking cold )

Looking forward for our lil Anzu's first real Snow Experience next year... hmmmm

I feel guilty for not posting my other pending awards.. I forgot to save the other links for some reasons I can't remember ( im so bad ) Arte ko kasi eh This year I'll try to post whatever tags and awards this precious blog of mine would ever received as soon as I can ..

SO yeah, THANKS to Kaye of WAHMAholic, Melandria of My Journey To Life, and JAC of Mom'S Special Diary for this Happiness Award

So along with the award there are some rules. I have to link her blog to me and I have done that above. Next I am to list 10 things that make me happy.

1. Good Mornings with my love.
2. Playing with my lil dolly.
3. Endless Chats with my friends and loveones around the world.
4. Joyride with honey and dolly anzy
5. Great Movies
6. Sweet Private Messages
7. Seeing someone close to me Happy
8. Dining out once in awhile
9. Shopping
10. Goodtime and partyying with my loveones and friends in the Philippines. I miss them..

Now the hardest part, im passing this to ...


How's your weekend? Ours was just one of the days where we go out and dine for dinner. This time, we went to something different... we dine out to an Indian Restaurant. It's been awhile...

I am no fan of spicies nor curries, but I think Indian Cuisine is not bad, on the contrary to being mistakenly stereo-typed to cause stomach discomfort... The Indian Waiter was entertaining ANzu during his idle time lol


Anyway, I love the Nan (bread) and the butter chicken curry coz it's not that spicy (i hate spice)

This is US when we got home... just in the mood to be a camera whore freak angels (hehe thanks ate rose)

Ohh look at the little person here... so cute! She's really becoming more a little girl everyday...