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2:07 AM
Yey I'm excited to make my first entry for Mommy and Me meme. I've been wanting to join since forever..

Finally, I got a time to sit back and focus myself again into blogging. Hoping to stay active and focused. But I guess I have to work on improving my time management skills first so I can spend less time procastinating. I always love to blog, more specifically mommy/baby blogging. It’s always been sort of a therapy for me. And not just about writing but also being able to hop on to other mommy bloggers' blogs that are so worthwhile to read.


here is our first Mommy and Me photo entry taken last month during our first night in our new home :)


When you become a mother, you stop being the picture and start being the frame

(aww it's totally true AF4.gif image by kawaii-bebeAF4.gif image by kawaii-bebeAF4.gif image by kawaii-bebe...)

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  1. Ohhh... very cute mommy and me photos sis. Kakatuwa ang facial expressions ni Anzy. Hihi.

  2. hi mommy! :D anzu is so pretty just like mom! :D

  3. you look like your kid :) i love the quote you placed,,,so true :P

  4. aawwww! so beautiful frame and picture! ;)

  5. awww glad to see you guys again,.. Pinanood ko pala mga vids ni Anzu sa youtube hehehe..

  6. so beautiful! we had funny faces today too! :) cute!

  7. ayyy welcome mommy bamz. good to see pretty and fab mommy here. Buti naman bumalik na energy sa blogging sana tuloy tuloy. laki na ni anzu bamz pwedi na gumawa ng baby girl or boy para may maisulat nanaman na milestones si mommy hehe joke lang

  8. soo pretty mommy and baby,...welcome to mmm

  9. cute naman..manang mana sa mommy..nice entry..

  10. You two are so beautiful together.

  11. So cute...I love the one where she's holding your face.


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