Merry Flashback

Even though we all have moved on already to all things 2011, I thought I'd share with you a little wrap up of how we spent our Christmas last year since I didn't have the chance to blog about it before new year.

I thought we were going to celebrate it in our new home but since our "moving date" got a little delayed, we decided to have our Christmas party at my cousin's house instead.

It was a bit festive because each of us brought a fair share of foods and drinks. My cousin cooked yummy filipino foods. My mom brought roast chicken, filipino delicacies, and 2 bottles of champagne. My uncle also brought roast chicken and snacks. Yours truly planned to cook her specialties but we didn't have time so we ordered foods instead. A friend of ours who didn't make it to the party delighted us with her special "mochi" as one of our desserts.

Now camera rolls on for camera freaks!

I have to Thank technology so much for enabling families and friends who might otherwise be apart, to see and talk to each other especially for special occassions like this. It may be virtual but it feels so good to feel closer to our loveones and friends in other parts of the world. Somehow eases the lonely part of me :)

This may be late but I'd like to thank my friends online for all the holiday greetings via facebook, twitter and comments :)

Thanks to Mrs. Cottrill (lovely Ate Rose) for this wonderful meme that indeed brings nostalgic memoirs.

Join and share yours every thursday.


  1. Aww w ang saya saya naman ng celebrations nyo Bams! Not sure if you ever got the item I sent for Anzu and the Christmas card?

  2. Wow daming food ng Christmas party nyo sis. I did not post our Christmas celebration na din. Nakatamaran ko. Haha.

    BTW, promise pupunta kami sa birthday ni Anzy next time. Kiss and hugs to both of you dear. Muahhugs! :D

  3. so wonderful happy memories.

    nostagia happy si me. =)

  4. Wow!Foodie parade!Ang hirap talaga pag palipat-lipat noh--ang daming dapat ligpitin,pagod ka pa.I guess tapos ka ng mag-arrange dyan sa bagong home nyo.

    Ingat palagi dyan,Bambie!

  5. HI Bam, tagal ko di nagawi rito.. oo nga ano salamat sa online video.. technology fostered reunion..hehehe.. cool...

    mine is here:

  6. wow..yummy! d' best! musta!

  7. Nakakamiss talaga ang pamilya sa pinas, buto kapa bamz you get to be with you fam on xmas, daming masasarap na lutong pinoy dito ahh kakagutom

  8. welcome back, sis! i missed you and your entries =). it's nice to be back here as well.

    those are the wonders of technology and i am thankful of as well.


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